30 May 2012

~ My new darker hair ~

Sorry for the lack of regular posts for the past few weeks, but it was because i was very busy for my final year exams and i have been so stressed out from all the revision and information cramming. However, it is great say that i have finally finished them all and i have more time to relax and also blog on a more regular basis. One of the major changes i have decided to do was to alter my hair colour to a much more darker brown. It is my graduation soon and my parents have been wanting me to go back to a darker shade of hair colour so i look more mature and sophisticated as opposed to my 'straw like' damaged hair like they referred it to. As usual, i used the Clairol nice n easy foaming hair-dye which i believe i have done a review on a while back when i dyed it to a lighter shade (Review here). 
I chose the shade '5 Medium brown' but i think the actual colour came out a bit darker than i wanted it to. My hair took forever to wash out where it took longer than usual for the colour to run clear when i was rinsing it out. I looked in the mirror and was so shocked since i wasn't used to seeing my hair so dark. I must admit that i do miss my milky light brown hair, but i like this darker colour too because it's a bit different and i think suits my age a little bit more. The darker hair also seem to make my skin look alot brighter and fairer too. Overall this is a big change for me as i have not had such dark hair for a long time now and it will take some time to get used to.

What do you think of my hair? Do you prefer the colour before or after?

27 May 2012

~ Nails inc: instyle bluebell ~

- (One coat of polish) -
Following up from the nails inc nail polish i received as a complementary gift, i finally had the time to use it on my nails when i took a break from revising for exams. I've never really tried Nails inc polishes properly before apart from the odd one i got from the Gossip girl limited edition (Review here), so i was excited to try this one out! The consistency was very creamy and i one coat was enough to create a nice opaque layer which saves so much hassle seeing as i hate waiting for my nails to dry in order to proceed with the second coat. I am delighted with this colour and i think that not only is it a colour that i don't usually sport, but it really brightens up my skin-tone and a really fun colour to have for the summer. It is simple and cute which goes with quite alot of outfits because it's neither too eye-catching or too dull and boring. The brush i wouldn't say it made the application any easier since it wasn't my usual preferred wide brush; it was a thin flimsy one which took a few more strokes to cover my nail. Nonetheless, the application process was very successful with minimal mistakes and the polish dried relatively quickly.
After my experience with nails inc polishes, i am pleased to say that i am happy with the formulation and the rapid drying of these, therefore i look forward to purchasing more nails inc polishes in due course.

Thanks for reading and i hope you have a great day!
- What do you think of nails inc polishes? and can you recommend me any nice shades? -

26 May 2012

~ NARS cactus flower ~

Yes i finally gave in and purchased another NARS blush even though i really didn't need it. I have come to realise that i may have too many cheek products already and i wanted to take a little break from buying more and invest in other products instead. But no, i was naughty a while back when i realised that asos had 20% off everything and i cheekily bought this cream blush which i shouldn't have. However, as NARS hardly ever do discounts on their items, i was really tempted and clicked confirm order online. I received the package knowing what was inside and i was really excited..as with most products that i receive through the post :) The box looked like the usual sleek black packaging which i slowly unboxed and slid the brand new product out. It was so nice feeling a brand new NARS product since most of you would be familiar with how dirty and grimy the packaging can get eventually due to its rubbery texture. 
I opened the lid on it and the colour was just so pretty. I don't own too many cream blushers so it was great to try something new for this summer because i heard that cream formulation blushes would give a more natural finish compared with a powdery one. The consistency of this is kind of oily to touch as opposed to creamy, but i'm not sure whether its just because it brand new or not. Regardless, the colour comes off quite sheer like a gel, but it was really buildable upon a few layers. What makes this product really pretty and appealing to me is its tiny flexes of gold shimmer which i think would look amazing when it catches the sun during the warm weather and i look forward to using it to give me a nice flush of colour when i go out. I'm so glad that i bought this for the discounted price and it was so worth it because i love NARS products and my collection of their products are slowly building up since their products are all great quality and i adore their packaging!

Do you own any NARS blushers? and which is your favourite shade?

25 May 2012

~ Models Own x HedKandi ~

  -  Beach party //  Balearic cool //  Hedonist  //  Disco heaven  //  Ibiza mix  // Clear 3 in 1  -
Hedkandi has teamed up with models Own to create a set of nail polishes. This set has been out for a while now but i only just discovered it! This set will allow you to achieve the 'ultimate party nails' and at £20 for 6 nail polishes, i think it's a really good deal considering each polish itself is £5. I also purchased 'indian ocean' from their beetle juice collection too. (review and swatch here)
So i purchased this set because i was drawn to their neon colours and also their glittery ones. I am in love with the bright blue because not only am i obsessed with blue nail polishes, but this shade i actually do not own in my collection. The packaging was so so when it came through the door and the sides of the box was a little tattered and squashed which i wasn't that pleased about at all, since the shipping wasn't free of charge. Even though i've never been too keen with model's own nail polishes and their formulation, i must admit that the colours that this set offers is really good and i cannot help by being tempted with this and i know that i would get some usage out of them, especially the neon orange which would look really good once i start tanning up in the sunshine :) Cannot wait to use these and post swatches up on here. 

Do you like models own polishes? and what is your favourite shade?

20 May 2012

~ YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick Collection/Review ~

"An object of desire, this award-winning lipstick is wrapped in a romantic, elegant gold case that exudes luxury. Each signature shade saturates lips in captivating color that’s intensely pigmented, and imparts an irresistible glossy shine. The long-lasting, comforting formula is highlighted with a unique Color-shine Complex that leaves lips visibly smoother, plumper and more radiant. Light, silky texture smoothes on a veil of satiny, sensual color that’s altogether alluring. SPF 15."
- ( 02 Sensual Silk  // 13 Peach passion //  01 Nude Beige ) -
(swatch of lipsticks swiped once only)
When these lip products by YSL were first hyped about across blogs and magazines, i ordered a few online despite alot of places being sold out on many of the shades especially the pretty popular ones. In hind sight, i don't even know why i was so desperate to get my hands on them...maybe it was the beautiful packaging that i was drawn to and alot of great reviews on them talking about how great quality the product is. Unpacking my parcel from Selfridges, i unboxed each lipstick in amazement with the sturdy luxurious packaging and the nicely embossed YSL design on the side. The lipsticks felt really heavy, high quality and it also had a cute little mirror at the top of the tube too (which is quite pathetic really, but can be useful in desperate times i guess).
Uncapping the lipstick, there was a strong scent of 'melon' that emerged and it was much like the scent of maybelline lipsticks if i haven't remembered wrongly, one of the drugstore lipsticks so correct me if i'm wrong. The colours look stunning in the tube as i twisted it up and the colours were quite true to the online swatches i saw so i was pleased. I swatched them on the back of my hand first and they were extremely creamy and pigmented, which i haven't experienced much before as most of my lipsticks are glossy or matte finish so this was quite a strange sensation to me. 
However much i want to love this product because of the high price and elegant packaging, i just can't love it as much as i expected because of it's formulation, it just isn't quite right on me. It was too creamy and it tended to slide around on my lips alot or transfer onto my teeth. This lipstick is really high maintenance too because of its rich pigmentation. It works for some people who like this kind of feel to their lipsticks, but i think i am more comfortable with other formula's of lipsticks. I now occasionally pick these up to use when i feel like using something different cause im in one of those 'ooooh il use that' kind of mood. I really regret buying these because i now realise that i really prefer the rouge pur lipsticks that they have, and i have my eyes on a few of their shades. So YSL rouge volupte wasn't my cup of tea at all, and it has to be the most expensive product that i regret buying.

Have you tried the YSL rouge Volupte lipsticks? If yes, what did you think of them?

19 May 2012

~ Out with the old and In with the new ~

So for the past few years i have been through around 10 tubes of my holy grail lip-balm and i am not even exaggerating there seeing one gets used up quite quickly with my frequent usage. I have always had dry lips and a good lip-balm is always essential for me; i will take it wherever i go. The nivea essential has been my swear by product and i have been introducing and recommending it to many people. Its in a twist up stick form so its both convenient and hygienic and it's affordable too :)! BUT, casually shopping at my local supermarket, there was a 3 for 2 offer on all skincare and toiletries so i scanned the shelves where the lip-balms were. I knew i needed lip-balms because my nivea essentials was nearly finished again. I was going to buy the nivea essential again but next to it was this mint coloured tube that states 'soothe and protect'. I was up for trying something a little bit lighter because sometimes the nivea essential care can be a bit too rich and waxy and i do feel that it doesn't really nourish or treat my dry lips, but it does lock a layer of moisture on top. I think the 'Soothe and protect' is a litter bit more expensive, but the difference if not massive so it's still affordable. This one also has an SPF15 which is a little bonus and its kind of the perfect consistency, not too waxy and not too light. I was gutted that i didn't discover this sooner because it was a little bit better than my essential care one and because its less waxy or rich, the product takes a little longer to be worn down. I am a lip-balm addict and i am really picky with formulas, so i usually stick the ones that i know works for me and its not a common scenario where i find a new balm that i love and swear by.

What are the lip balms that you love and use all the time? 

17 May 2012

~ Maybelline Color Sensational: The Popsticks ~

"Now Shine With A Hint Of Popsicle Tint
Fruit Kissed Colour Meets Just Liked Shine… So Sensational"

-  030 pink lollipop //  060 citrus slice //  080 cherry pop  -

Shopping around today, i popped into Superdrug for their 3 for 2 offers across all their cosmetics and i discovered these beauties on the Maybelline shelves. To be honest, i was originally going to purchase some L'Oreal caresse lipsticks, but i was so drawn to these that i forgot about them! These remind me of a lip product that i bought from Topshop a couple of months ago (Review HERE). These only had 5 shades to choose from and i chose these three shown in the pictures, which i thought was a nice range even though it is sold as a tinting product therefore pigmentation is not too strong.
Not only does the product look really pretty all crystallised and transparent, it is also very moisturising and hydrating on the lips adding a little hint of tint. However, these swatches above are 'heavily' swatches to get the colour pigmentation shown here and it is quite funny that the 'cherry pop' cherry actually comes out like a coral orangey shade and the 'citrus slice' which i was expecting to be a bit more tangerine came out as a baby pink? A bit confusing but i think these products would be perfect to slap on your lips during the summer since they are effortless to apply and the packaging is very sturdy. These retails for £7.19 but with the 3 for 2 offer at superdrug its a really good deal. Ohh, i also forgot to mention, that it smells gorgeous. Very fruity and sweet, kind of lick candy. These are delightful to use and i recommend these to most of you girlies out there who likes pretty product that smell nice too.

What do you think of these? Will you try them?

16 May 2012

~ My Current Skincare 2012 ~

So my skincare routine changes according to my skin's requirements and also because i always enjoy trying out new products, and returning eventually back to my holy grail products if they do not work well with my skin. It is recommended that you change your skincare products throughout the seasons, as it is quite obvious that during the cold winter months, you would need more moisturising products to compensate for the dry and dehydrated skin due to the cold weather as opposed to during the summer, where more emphasis would be placed on sun protection. So this post is to share the products that i am using and the routine that i adopt right now.
So for starters, i do own a Clarisonic Pro and even if it can be used for daily skincare routine, i choose to use it only twice a week, due to the fact that i feel that it is a little too abrasive for my sensitive skin and i like my skin to take a break from the harsh exfoliating from the vibrating brush. If you have normal skin, i am sure that the clarisonic may be used daily because not only does it make your skin feel so deeply cleansed and leave it soft to touch, i feel that it also makes products absorb into the skin a lot better or quicker than usual.

The cleanser that i am currently using at the moment is:
ORIGINS - A perfect world: Antioxidant cleanser with White Tea  (£17 for 150ml)
"This perfect foaming face wash is formulated with nature's antioxidant White Tea. In a pre-emptive sweep, dirt-grabbing minerals combined with the gentle, skin-compatible cleansing action reach deep to help detoxify and free skin of harmful impurities. Skin is perfectly clean, smoothed and refreshed"
I first tried this as a travel sized product i received complementary to my toner that i bought online from them. At first i was a bit skeptical because i always have a fear of face washes breaking me out or clogging up my pores. However, not only does this product smell amazing and fresh, it actually cleansed my face very well without leaving it all dry and stiff like most face washes does. The texture of this is kind of creamy like a lotion, but a little definitely goes a long way. I wet my face and slowly lather around a 5p sized product onto my face and it does foam a little but not too much that it's overwhelming. I would recommend this to people who have skin similar to mine, or is quite sensitive, because this face wash is very gentle, cleans without dehydrating and most importantly, leave your face feeling soft and supple ready for absorbing your serums and moisturisers. I use this face wash for both day and night.

The Toner that i use for daytime only is also from the Origins brand:
ORIGINS- Zero oil: Pore purifying toner with Saw Palmetto & Mint £16 for 150ml
• Pores appear tightened and refined
• Promotes a matte appearance
• Leaves skin comfortable and refreshed"
This is the second bottle that i repurchased because i loved it so much. I use it as part of my morning cleansing routine because i feel that it can be quite drying and mattifying which i don't think i really need throughout the night. This product has a strong mint scent and leaves my skin tingly and clean. I think that this product does play a part in reducing the oils produced by my face throughout the day and my make-up seems to stay put a little bit better. Not sure if it is placebo, but this product does what it claims and amazing to use. I think that only oily-combination skin should use this product, because it may be a little bit too drying for normal or dry skin. The solution is quite strong, but it didn't irritate my sensitive skin and it wasn't too harsh so it's tolerable. I am not sure if i will be purchasing another bottle of this, since i would like to try out other products, which may be a little less drying and gentler on the skin.

The moisturiser that i use is:
NIVEA visage daily essentials - oil free moisturising day cream SPF8 - 50ml for £6
"Moisturises and regulates shine for a fresh skin feeling, suitable for oily and combination skin"
I don't tend to spend too much on moisturising creams due to the fact that my skin already has enough moisture from my oily-ness and i find that many products just makes me even more shinier and i realised that it was better to skip the moisturiser step. However, some days my skin is a bit drier due to the windy and rainy weather so i may need a little help and i have found this moisturiser which is very light and perfect for that lightweight moisture that doesn't feel too heavy that it clogs up your pores! The price of this was quite affordable too and it is readily available at most drugstores. It gets absorbed in no time and has a light refreshing scent to it which is a pleasure to apply on the face. I recommend this to people who has oily skin like me and want to find a moisturiser which is not too heavy or rich.

The extra treats that i use as part of my skincare are:
1. ESTEE LAUDER idealist pore minimizing skin refinisher - 50ml for £52
"This fast-acting serum delivers our most dramatic skin resurfacing benefits-more efficiently than ever before. With Idealist, your skin looks and feels like your ideal skin: Virtually pore-less, unbelievable soft and smooth and incredibly clear and even toned."
I bought this product due to the hype and so much positive reviews there were on it. As an individual with oily skin for the past 10 years or so, i've always suffered from enlarged pores which i'm so unhappy about so when this was raved about, i was determined to try it. To be honest still, apart from it being a primer, i really haven't noticed anything different in the appearance of my pores. I kind of regret buying this product as it doesn't do anything greater than a regular silicone based primer and i sometimes feel that it is way too rich for my skin and wonder if it would 'clog up' my pores rather than minimizing them. I must say that it does refine the skin and make it look like it is in better condition, but thats all i can say about it. If you have the extra money to spend, by all means try it out since you do get an awful lot of product/primer for the price.

2. ESTEE LAUDER advance night repair - 50ml for £54
"Woman & Home: Best Beauty Icon - Turn Back the Clock 2011
InStyle Award Winner 2011, She Magazine 2011: Best Night Cream, Stylist Skincare Awards 2011 Winner, Evening Herald Beauty Awards 2011: Best Night Serum, Top Sante Glow Awards Winner 2011. 30 years of innovation. Inspired by groundbreaking DNA research.Use it every day for a significant reduction in the appearance of major signs of visible ageing. Skin looks smoother, younger, more radiant and healthy."
Another highly advertised product and won many awards etc etc. I do believe this product is worth its expensive price. It has absolutley changed the texture and feel to my skin. When i apply it at night, it is easily absorbed and doesn't leave that greasy feel like other serums. In the morning when i feel my skin, it feels like it's in so much better condition and so soft to touch as if its been rejuvenated. I am not even exaggerating, this product is amazing what it does to your skin. Not sure if it's a bit heavy for my skin type because sometimes i do tend to get a few pimples on my forehead, so i may have to limit my use on it. This also helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. I am 21 right now, so i think it is a great time to start preventing the signs of ageing! This is a luxurious product and definitely a massive treat for the skin.

Have you used any of these products? And what is your swear-by skincare product?

14 May 2012

~ Models Own: Indian ocean ~

I have a totally love hate relationship with models own nail polishes. They do the most gorgeous shades i've seen around in the market, but i just truly hate their formulas and consistency so much. I thought it was just the pastel shades that i bought in the past which had a problem, but to my disappointment this product was not any better. I decided to purchase this colour because i was blown away by the colour, it was like another one of those 'duo-chrome' nail polishes which i adore the looks off such as my all time fave Chanel peridot. Personally, when i ordered this, i did consider the possibility that despite the amazing colour, the formula would be a massive drawback. When i received the package through the post and the shipping was very swift, with the whole process only taking a few days in total. (I also bought the Hedkandi nail polish set too, will review later in an upcoming post) The packaging i would say it was poorly packed and my nail polish set came in a box which was a little bit crumpled at the bottle which i wasn't a happy bunny about because i think that the presentation and packaging of the product is very important! 
Back on the topic of this Indian ocean shade...It looked stunning in the pot and i just cannot wait to use it on my nails. I opened the bottle and oh dear, the smell was really strong. I can describe it as smelling like the paints you use to paint the walls! Surely this cannot be good for nails right? I'm not sure whether this is just a problem that is with me...but none of my other nail polishes smells this strong. Oh well, despite the smell being horrific and possibly harmful, the formula was very sheer and it took me 3 coats to ge the finish i wanted. It wasn't exactly bad to apply, but i wouldn't say it was very good neither. Overall, love the colour and effect it gives, but hating the actual nail polish itself.

Do you like models own nail polishes? and do u have a problem with the strong smell? x

9 May 2012


YSL: Dessin Du Regard Waterproof - Long Wear Eye Pencil in 'Black ink' - £19
Browsing around aimlessly around make-up counters hoping to find an eyeliner to replace my finished Urban decay 24/7 liner, i stumbled across this gem! I was just picking up random eye-liner pencils from different brands and swatching it on the back of my hand. Although many were very good quality, they were not as creamy as i would like so i tried a lot, yet put back a lot on the shelves. I am extremely picky with my eyeliners where they have to be creamy, yet waterproof! I finally reached the YSL counter and picked up this one to try out. I was so amazed by how pigmented and creamy it was, and it also consists of a waterproof formula which was great and ticked all the boxes for me. The make-up artist there was kind enough to try it on me there, and i was immediately sold. I must admit the price is quite high, but the liner stayed put all throughout my day until i removed it at night!

When i went home to open up my product, just as i nearly threw away the packaging, i realised that there was something else inside. It was a sharpener which i thought was so cute and also very useful. The eyeliner itself feels very luxurious and sleek to touch along with a nice rose gold cap. I am impressed by the simplistic yet classy design. One of the reason that i was finding an alternative to the Urban decay 24/7 liner, was that i was aware that the brand does not produce products that are paraben free which i am a bit iffy about. I am glad that i have found a similar product that works 10 times better in my opinion. Since buying this, my gel-liners have been shoved back into my make-up drawer because this eyeliner is so much more convenient to just draw on in the morning and go without using a brush etc etc. 
I have been using this for well over a week now, and i have been in the rain with it, been in bed with it on and been stressed over exams with it, and i can proudly say, that the product did not budge at all and stayed put on my eyes without making me look like an awful panda like some eyeliners do. I have extremely oily eyelids, so this is quite impressive in my opinion. The price is really worth the great quality product and i believe that this will make it into my holy grail products in due course and i will definitely want to re-purchase it once it is all used up.

One downside to this product is that, due to the nature of it being so soft and creamy, the product gets used up very rapidly and it doesn't stay sharp for very long. A lot of sharpening to maintain the point is required which can be a little bit annoying, but i guess its tolerable and can be forgiven since the product is good. Also, it is inevitable that the price is also another downside because priced at £19 for an eyeliner sounds just too ridiculous. I look forward to trying out other amazing products from YSL.

What do you think about YSL products? and what is your favourite product from this brand?

8 May 2012

~ InStyle magazine FREE nails inc polish ~

This month, when u purchase the 'InStyle' magazine, you will recieve a complementary Nails inc polish too. I must admit that i dont usually buy or read this magazine because i prefer Glamour and Cosmpolitan which i buy and read religiously every month. The nail polish attracted me to it and i thought that i would give this magazine a little read aswell to see if i liked it. The magazine was actually alright, but alot of the products featured were very high-end and luxurious which made me feel upset because there were alot of amazing products which i loved in there, but they costed way out of my price range. Despite the dissapointing magazine, where i would have probably prefered to pick up my usual magazine, the nail polish colour that i selected was gorgeous. There were three colours to choose from, a kind of nude colour, a light sea-shell pink colour, and a pebble blue. I selected the pebble blue one, because i found the colour to be the most unique and its a shade that i do not own at the moment in my nail polish collection.

I think the shade is called: Instyle bluebell, as it is stated on the label below the polish. This shade is very unique because the colour i find really difficult to define. Its not lilac, its not light blue and its not grey. It sort of looks a different colour in different lightings and the cool undertones i am loving too. Such a pretty pastel colour and i cannot wait to use it soon and i am sure it will go so well with alot of my outfits.
I apologize for the poor quality photo. I forgot my DSLR at my uni flat, so i guess my iphone would have to do for now. The colour of the nail polish is relatively true to real life. 

Hope you guys go grab yourself one soon~ x

7 May 2012

~ Haul #4 ~

Another shopping day out means only one thing...another splurge on beauty products, even though i did try hard to refrain myself from buying things that i don't actually need and keep it to a limit. It was difficult as my student loan just came into my bank account and there were so many amazing products at the make-up counters to tempt me. I did however pick up three things in total which set me back some money. I just couldn't resist them, but to be fair the eyeliner and the eyeshadow primer i needed since my urban decay ones have finished for some time now and i have been meaning to buy new ones.

- [ NARS: Night Flight (Black with cobalt blue pearls) from the Night Series Nail Polishes. - £14 ] -
This caught my eyes straight away from their new night series nail polishes and i really wanted to buy all the different shades that were there. I attempted to paint my friends nails and it was a dream to work with. The colour was quite sheer so two coats were needed to get a full opaque coverage. The longevity of the polish is really good, with no signs of chipping up to a week. The price is really good for the amount of product you receive. 

- [ YSL: Dessin Du Regard Waterproof - Long Wear Eye Pencil in 'Black ink' - £19 ] -
I finished my Urban decay 247 liner in Zero and i have been meaning to repurchase it because it was so good and amazing to use. For the meanwhile i have been using gel liner with a brush, but i miss using a creamy eye pencil which will take less time, so i checked out the YSL counter and their waterproof eyeliner which came with a sharpener too! It was so pigmented and creamy which glided on my waterline like a dream. I honestly cannot believe i didn't discover this product sooner. I know that the price is very high for this product, but it can be justified by its quality and longevity of the product.

- [ NARS:  smudge proof eyeshadow base - £18 ] -
I have been wanting to try out this product for a long long time, and now that i have finished up my UDPP, i can try this one out which has had many hypes and good reviews on. I love the simple packaging and i can honestly say that, this product works and helps greatly with my eyeshadow lasting throughout the day on my extremely oily eyelids. Recommend it to any girl who has annoyingly excessive oily lids where eyeshadows just crease or slides off during the day! The product is also fragrance free and colourless which is a bonus :)

Thanks for reading and have you tried any of these three products that i purchased?

~ Product Hype #1 ~

After my disappointment with the expensive DIOR eyelash curlers (Read my review here), i decided to search for an alternative product that actually works. The first place that popped to my head was eBay where it is usually very easy to find cheap beauty products online, especially beauty tools. I searched for heated eyelash curlers and this product was one of the first ones that popped up. They were mostly from hong kong or china so i was kinda concerned with the quality of these, but i really wanted to try them out since learning that expensive products does not always guarantee that they will work efficiently...I ended up buying them for just £2.59 including shipping, which was crazy and just sounds too good to be true right? Well, it came to me quite quickly and the packaging although looks pretty flimsy and cheap, it had clear instructions on how to use it and look afte the product which i'm content with, seeing as it was only £2.59.
So the design was just a normal plasticky eyelash curler, but the pad can be heated up. The pad is heat sensitive, therefore when it is heated up properly and ready to use, it changes from a red colour to a clear colour, which i thought was very useful indeed. The simple mechanism was so easy to understand and all that was needed in a heated eyelash curler. I used it, and guess what? It worked like a dream! and i am not even exaggerating if i say that a few crimps, my short straight asian lashes immediately looked curled and viewable. It was so easy for me to achieve nice long lashes that can be seen after i applied a few coats of my mascara and i am definitely happy with this product. Perfect for short and sparse lashes, as well as stubborn straight lashes that are difficult to curl! Five Star product for a bargain. I purchased my eyelash curlers from HERE for £2.59~ check it out, and i think there are alternative colours to choose from too

What eyelash curlers are you currently using and will you be considering these to try?

5 May 2012

Full Metal Jacket X Peridot

-   [ Chanel: Peridot ;;  NARS: Full Metal Jacket]    -

I know that this season is all about the colourful pastels and the nice pretty florals to welcome spring, but i think that it is nice to have a balance with something more metallic and toned down. I have had a few compliments on my nails already saying that they somewhat resemble the 'minx nails' but i had to explain to them that it is just nail polish that i painted on. I think these two colours complement each other and gives it a bit of a edgy feel with the metallic silver on the ring finger. I would go as far as adding a black manicure on each one, but i thought that if i did that, it would be a bit OTT and ruin the whole look. Hope you guys enjoyed this nail design. Both the nail polishes was amaze to work with and i definitely recommend even though they are a bit on the pricier side.

What do you think about this nail design? and do u think that wearing gold and silver together looks a bit too much?


4 May 2012

~ Save your M.A.C paintpots ~

Due to my M.A.C paint-pot being dried out and become very difficult to use, i have neglected it for the past months and have seriously contemplated on getting another one. I thought that it was the end of it's life and got disappointed that it lasted for such a short period of time. However, i discovered that the problem was the way that i was storing the product. I realised that the product dried out due to the fact that the oils have seeped to the bottom of the pot, leaving the upper layers of the product becoming dry. I decided to flip my paint-pot upside down to store for a couple of days and i was amazed to see great results. I wouldn't say that it recovered it to the original creaminess, but it has definatley improved in the consistency and was much more easier to use. I am back in love with my M.A.C paint-pot in 'bare study' and glad that i didn't have to repurchase~

Thanks for reading and i hope this has helped you out~ x

3 May 2012

~ FOTD #3 : Tempting

- (Face) -
- Chanel Perfection Lumiere 20Beige
-NARS bronzer Laguna
-MAC MSF natural
Benefit Porefessional Primer

- (Eyes) -
-E.L.F eyebrow kit Medium
- M.A.C Paint-pot: Bare study
- M.A.C tempting eyeshadow quad (Next to nothing, Tempting, Sharp, Dark Edge)
- Maybelline false lash effect waterproof

- (Lips) -
-Chanel rouge coco shine: Evasion

1 May 2012

~ HAUL #3 ~

Went shopping the other day to take a break from my revision for my exams. I was initially planning to buy some clothes to add to my wardrobe, but like usual, i ended up splurging out on unnecessary products which i have impulse bought. So here are the products which i picked up, hope you enjoy :) and hopefully when i have used the products for a little while i can do a review on it~

Estee Lauder Advance repair night serum
Hollister body mist: Salona Beach x3
Diesal Loverdose 50ml eau de parfum
H&M Bangles: Gold/Silver
Diorshow heat curl (for review, click Here)
~ x ~
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