28 August 2013


This product was on offer in boots therefore i picked it up after reading so many great things about this BB cream. I have always been a big fan of the Asian BB creams from brands such as Lioele, Skinfood or Missha but they can be a bit difficult to get hold of in the UK unless i get it shipped over or purchase from eBay which takes ages for delivery.

What attracted me most about this BB cream is the fact that it is oil-free which is very appealing to me seeing that alot of BB creams on the market is quite sheer and too oily for my combination-oily skintype. This BB cream has a very faint medicinal scent and it looks very much like foundation. The consistency is quite thick but blends very easily to a semi-matte finish. As you can see from the image above, it brightens the skintone and evens out imperfections and redness which i always have after washing my face in the morning! I find that a little bit of this product goes a very long way given the thick consistency of it so it's good to know that one tube of this will last me quite a while. 

I purchased this specifically because the weather was getting very hot and humid and i find that my Lancome teint idole ultra is a little bit too heavy for my liking in the summer and i wanted a more light-weight coverage with a higher SPF to protect my skin, so this was perfect and it was on offer too. This BB cream is relatively long lasting, it was around 4-5 hours until i felt like i needed to blot and powder my face. It felt very comfortable and i really enjoyed wearing this on a day to day basis because it was so light and gave a healthy glow to the skin. If you have oily-combination skin, then i think this BB cream is suitable for you because it is oil-free and provides a semi-matte finish giving a much more healthy radiant glow to the skin!

Have you tried any BB creams?
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27 August 2013


Just casually browsing around boots 'again' and i saw this on the revlon stands. The nail swatch that it had underneath this product really drawn me towards it. I like the packaging of it because it was nicely designed and looked nice and sleek. It retails for £7.99 in boots stores which is quite reasonable seeing that you get 2 nail polishes in 1 tube. One side was a deep ink blue colour and the other side was a pretty aqua colour with iridescent flecks of foils inside. I have used nail polishes like this before a couple years ago when Nails inc collaborated with Gossip girl (Reviewed here) and i loved the finish that it gave. 

The blue nail polish was so pigmented and opaque and i was so surprised. It was probably one of the most pigmented nail polish i have used before which deserved a thumbs up. The formulation was very good, neither too gloopy or too runny. It easily gave me a nice even layer which dried alot faster than i expected! Next, i went to apply the amazing coat when the blue was dried. It was actually harder than expected to get the foil to evenly coat the nail rather than just chunks of the foil on one particular part of the nail~ but it's good that it generates a spontaneous look, making it more magical and amazing to look at. 

The only downside to this nail polish is that the flecks of foil particles sometime sticks out and gets caught on things. I have applied a layer of clear nail polish to try and seal it, but it didn't really help that much. It didn't happen with my old Nails inc version i wasn't sure whether it was just this Revlon's version or my way of applying it. Regardless, it is an amazing polish to own and i am looking into purchasing more of these but in different colour. I've had alot of compliments on them already and they just add that extra sparkle to any outfit hehe <3

Whats your favourite nail polish shade?
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21 August 2013


I've been pondering for quite a while whether to make an order on LoveMakeup.com or not. I first saw these Zoeva brushes used by youtube gurus such as GossMakeup and TanyaBurr and i did a little research after. I technically do not need any more brushes because i have quite a bunch already including ones from Sigma, MAC and Real techniques. However, one night i caved in a clicked away on some of the brushes from the collection that i really wanted to try out and it was quite difficult because there was such an array of different shapes and designs from the range. In the end, i picked 5.


The order arrived in one day! i was quite amazed by that and i was impressed by their hasty service. I opened the package and i saw these gorgeous brushes almost too beautiful to open and use. I just remember unwrapping each one and stroking them because they were so soft to touch and felt like they were very sturdy and well mad.

I have used all the brushes and they are all of high quality and the price is very reasonable for them compared with many other brushes from high-end lines. When i spot cleaned them with my MAC brush cleanser, the colour came out very easily and they didn't shed any hairs at all. They also retain their shape nicely. It was lovely for Zoeva to provide you with these really nice sleeves too for you to put your make-up brushes in to prevent them from damage or getting other things in your make-up bag dirty~ Perfect if you travel quite often like me!

All brushes available at www.love-makeup.co.uk

What are your favourite make-up brushes?
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19 August 2013


As far as i know, this mascara is not available in the UK yet but i picked this up when i was in Hong Kong earlier this year because it was heavily promoted in stores there. Firstly, it was the lovely hot pink packaging which drew me to it and i love how the design of it resembles a stiletto heel; very classy and sophisticated. The typography is very edgy and eye catching too on the sturdy yet light packaging.

This mascara contains little fibers as you can see in the image above and they are very flexible and soft. The formulation is very light and it glides onto the lashes and coats them very well. However, i do find that the formula is a bit wet and much care needs to be taken when applying or else it transfers to the skin. It lengthens beautifully and it is very buildable layer by layer to generate endless length like it states on it's tagline on its packaging! My lashes instantly looks longer and seperated after a couple of coats and no signs of spidery legs look. 

The only downside to this mascara is that it isn't waterproof. From an oily eyelid and watery contact lens wearer's perspective, a waterproof mascara is a must to avoid racoon eyes. However, this mascara has very good longevity and doesn't seem to smudge much compared with other non-waterproof mascaras but i find that some of the fibres slowly comes off during the day and ends up on my face sometimes as little dots or flakes. Due to it's non waterproof formula, it has a tendency to drop my nicely curled top lashes but works perfectly with my bottom lashes! Amazing mascara and i definitley recommend it to girls who wants perfect lengths for their lashes although i am not sure where you can purchase this apart from Asia~ such a shame.

What is your favourite mascara?
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16 August 2013

- Mini Clothing Haul in August -

Vest Top (Primark) // Skirt & Belt £12.99 (New Look)
Heart Boyfriend Tee (Primark) // Necklace (Mango Sale)
Simple Black Dress £9.99 (Newlook)
Three pack skinny bow belts £4.99 (Newlook)
I haven't been purchasing much clothes recently because there has been so many new summer make-up launches so i have been solely focusing on the make-up aspects rather than clothing since there is not many items that have caught my eyes. I prefer simple clothing that is also comfortable to wear and effortless to pair with anything to form an outfit. I have provided a few links to the items that i have purchased, but some of them i can't find on the website so i just stated which store i got it from so you can go check it out if you are interested! Hope you guys have a good day~ <3

What is your favourite clothing store?
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14 August 2013

FOTD - August '13

Laura Mercier foundation primer
Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation
Benefit Hoola
NARS albatross
Benefit highbeam
Maybelline superstay 24 concealer

Urban decay naked palette: Virgin, Half-baked, dark-horse
MAC omega eyeshadow
L'oreal superliner precision

MAC speed dial

What's your favourite face product?
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5 August 2013


I picked this up a while ago, but never had the chance to properly go a review for you guys until now because i have been so busy with my studies and placement. I've always wanted to buy the Dior Lipglow but i am aware that i have too many lip products and maybe too many lipbalms, therefore i gave the Lipglow a miss but picked up the nail glow instead. The Nail polish retails for £18 which is quite steep for a nail polish in my opinion and equivalent to the Chanel nail polishes.

This polish promises to reveal the natural beauty of your nail whilst acting as a nail treatment to brighten your nails and whiten tips. As you can see from the photo above, it does give the nail a nice healthy glow when compared with the standard clear nail polishes. In addition, the brush is very wide so application was very easy and quick which is what i love about Dior nail polishes in general. The formulation is quite thin therefore dries very quickly!

I definitely recommend this product is you have the extra cash to spend because it is quite a cool product to have if you prefer the natural look on the nails. I am so happy that i purchased this and i know that i would use this quite often when i want to give my nails a break from all the bold colours i tend to use throughout the summer!

Whats your favourite nail polish for this summer?
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4 August 2013


001 || Liz Earle cleanse and polish
002 || MAC lipstick (Patisserie)
003 || Nails inc (Royal Botanical Gardens)
004 || Lancome Vissionaire serum
005 || Louis Vuitton Zippy coin purse
006 || NARS duo blush/Contour (Oasis | Laguna)

What is on your wishlist at the moment~?
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