8 January 2013

Goodbye High-end...Hello Drugstore!

My holy grail pencil eyeliner has always been the Urban decay 24/7 liner in Zero ever since trying it out when i received it with my naked palette which drove me to buy the full sized version of it. Next, i fell in love with the YSL waterproof eyeliner (Review here) which worked in a similar fashion but a little bit more elegant packaging and a bigger price tag. 

What i loved about them was how creamy they were in consistency and it was very pigmented when applying to the eyes, especially along the waterline. It can be smudged easily to create a smokey eye, or left to dry swiftly for a long lasting eyeliner which lasts for the whole day. Both these products i cannot fault for what they do so therefore the last couple of years, i always thought that they were the best invention ever and i wouldn't know what to do without them! However, the beauty of the product does come with a hefty price tag which although i am happily willing to pay, i would like to find something similar but for a smaller price tag. 

Running low on my pencil(s) i headed into boots to find a waterproof eyeliner pencil because it was essential for my watery eyes. I picked up the 'Rimmel Scandaleyes waterproof Kohl Kajal eyeliner' because it was probably the only one that promised to be waterproof that i can find and rimmel was a brand that i had faith in. The price was reasonable and i was just excited that i managed to buy a 'make-do' eyeliner for the time being because i needed one so badly, as using a tiny little pencil was so difficult and made me spend more time doing my make-up. 

When i used it, i was amazed and shocked at the same time! The formulation was just as creamy and pigmented as the YSL and UD one. At this point, i realised i have truly found something amazing in the drugstore and i know that it will be my new holy grail product in my make-up collection. If you are a fan of the creamy eyeliners, i urge you to try this one out and i know that i will be heading back to Rimmel stands to purchase more colours soon. 

7 January 2013

L'Oréal ELVIVE: Extraordinary OIL || REVIEW

I didn't necessarily need another hair oil as I have recently purchased the tresemme liquid gold, but I couldn't resist a tempting offer once again. This L'oreal extraordinary hair oil was 1/3 off the original price which made it only 6 pounds something which was a bargain considering how much product you get. I expected the bottle to be plastic, but it was glass which wasn't the most ideal as I do alot of travelling and it wouldn't stand a chance along with all my other products I pack because I'm scared it would smash and cause a mess. Apart from the glass packaging that i dislike, I quite like the colours of the bottle as I haven't seen a hair product in a orangey red colour which made it very easily distinguishable.

I have been using this for nearly 2 weeks now and I believe that I have tired it enough to give a reliable and honest review. The product smells lovely and clean so it was enjoyable to apply onto my hair every morning after shower! However, the consistency of the oil was very liquidy and I feel that I have to use more product to get the benefits that I wanted compared the much thicker hair oils that I have tried like the tresemme and vo5 one.

I usually apply on only the ends of my hair as i find that they are the driest and my hair goes greasy pretty quickly so none is added to the top of my hair! I can honestly tell you that the price drop was definitely for a good reason.....the hair oil does absolutely nothing to my hair. I thought initially that it gave long term results rather than instant as I do not feel that the product improved the condition of my hair in any way, nor did it make my hair feel softer.

The oil just made my hair feel clumpy at the ends when I dry my hair after and even using a smaller amount, it still did the same thing. I can even say that this product made the ends of my hair more knotty compared with not using it and I cannot understand why this product is such a fail because I love some of the L'oreal hair products like their shampoos and conditioners.

What is your favourite hair oil?
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3 January 2013

~ Christmas Goodies | 2012 ~

Lancome Douceur cleansing duo (Clenaser & Toner) 400ml Each - £40 from Debenhams
Origins clear improvement active charcoal mask 100ml - £20 from boots
Lancome juicy tubes ( shade 19) - £7.50 from Debenhams
Laura Mercier mineral powder SPF 15 in Tender Rose - £31 from selfridges
Laura Mercier foundation primer 50ml - £28 from selfridges
Naked urban decay basics - £20 from Debenhams *Gift for a friend*

Kate spade card holder - £39 RRP £69 - westfield white city

Jeffrey Campbell Lita - £62 RRP 129 - Sole

Gucci Premiere 50ml eu de parfum gift set - present from boyfriend

Gucci by gucci perfume purse spray - £49 from Gucci

Thierry Mugler perfume miniature collection 5ml each- £23.60 RRP £32

I hope everybody has had a lovely christmas and i wish you all the best for the year 2013!
What did you purchase this christmas?
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