21 November 2011

~ Chanel 513 Peridot! ~

After many months of wanting this nail polish, i finally have it! It is so expensive, but the Boots store was doing an offer which offered me extra points to go on my beauty rewards card if i purchased enough moneys worth of products. 

So the nail polish itself was £18 and it contains 13ml of product which should last for a very long time indeed. The packaging is very sturdy and very sophisticated like most chanel nail polishes. I only bought this Chanel nail polish since i do not know of any other cheaper alternative to this colour.
The colour is just amazing, it is a green - gold which reflects lights in different angles to give an illusion of a multicolour effect, kind of like the petrol oil spill on the ground. The colour looks good in the bottle but when you first apply it - it was quite disappointing as the colour was not as strong as expected, so layer number two is really needed to make it more opaque.
My initial thought of this is that the nail polish although was nicely pigmented, it was very prone to streaking from the brush itself which was annoying as i was expecting a high quality formula and brush considering the amount i paid for it. 

I do not regret buying this product as it seems to be very unique and the nail polish actually lasted me for 1-2 weeks without chipping at all (When one layer of top coat was applied on top). 
However, within a week or so purchasing this, i realised that there WAS a drugstore alternative. It is the new collection by 'ModelsOwn' which is called the 'Beetlejuice collection' which contains many different pearlescent colours just like peridot, including what seems to be exact dupe of it! i do not know the formula or consistency of it yet, but i will definitely purchase a couple to try since the colours are so pretty. Check out the new collection here~

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