27 September 2012

~ Clinique Liquid Facial Soap || REVIEW ~

I don't even remember purchasing this product because it was just laying around my drawer for a while and i decided that i want to give my products drawer a spring clean by trying to use up some of the products that i have forgotten about before purchasing anything new. This Clinique liquid facial soap i think i got from sample set a while back when they were doing bonus time but i am not too sure. Regardless, it is suitable for 'combination oily to oily' skin so i am happy to give it a go and see how it turns out for my skin.

First of all, i really love skincare products that has a airtight pump design because it remains hygienic and highly convenient to dispense the product. I also like the frosted texture of the bottle making it feel more sturdy and easier to handle if using it in the shower. You get so much product in one bottle so this will last you for a while. For your information, i have used up just over half the bottle and it has been around a few months now since one pump is enough for each wash. Like most other Clinique products, the scent is very discrete and nothing too heavy which is great if you have sensitive skin or just personally dislike fragranced products for the face.

The consistency of this is a thick gel formulation that can be easily applied all over the face. With the addition of a little water, it turns into a nice gentle lather that is both pleasant feeling and removes make-up. It doesn't dry out my skin like some soaps do, and it leaves the skin feeling soft and supple to the touch. For me, Clinique always wins my heart when it comes to some of their skincare products. They are so simplistic and gives a very clean feeling. Their products are also marginally affordable compared with many other high end brands and they keep their promises in being 100% fragrance and allergy free. If you are looking for a new face wash to try and you have similar skin-type to me, then i would recommend this one. 

What Is Your Favourite Face Wash?
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22 September 2012

~ A Bunch of Empties ~

Sorry for my irregular postings on here for the past couple of months, i've been busy on enjoying my summer holiday and now i am settling into my postgraduate course. Nonetheless, i have continued trying out new skincare and make-up products ready to write reviews on. Over the past month i have used up a fair few products and i enjoyed using some of these but not so much others, although i didn't want to waste the remainder of the products so i felt obliged to finish it up. So this post i will just summarise briefly what products i have used up and my opinions on them.

ORIGINS A perfect world Antioxident cleanser with white tea: This took me ages to use up (Approximately half a year if i remember correctly) seeing that you get so much product in this and a little goes a long way. I really love the smell of this as it is very refreshing and leaves your skin feeling soft without stripping away all the moisture. Repurchase? No

NIVEA daily essentials oil free moisturising day cream: Lasted quite a while (Approx. 2 months) and its a pleasant consistency to work with in the morning. Non-greasy which i am happy about and absorbed into the skin effortlessly. However, i do feel that it makes me more shiny throughout the day probably due to the extra moisture and my natural oils seeping through. Lovely light moisturiser, but i prefer moisturisers with more of a mattifying component. Repurchase? No

Liz Earle instant boost skin tonic: Received this in a set i bought from Liz earle as a starter package for oily-combination skin. Just your ordinary toner and i didn't find it to be anything amazing. The bottle/container was quite a hassle to get the product out of because the lid was small and fiddly which lead to spilling the product easily when accidentally knocked. Didn't feel gentle enough for my liking and i am not too keen on the smell. Repurchase? No

Yankee Candle Jar - Christmas cookie: This candle has been lying about since christmas and i loved this so much that i have repurchased a large jar to burn over the upcoming months. I think i prefer this tumbler form because i find that it burns nicely and doesn't leave any horrible residue on the sides. Cannot wait until christmas so i can use this and get myself into the festive mood. Repurchase? Yes

MAC gentle eye and lip make-up remover: When i initially purchased this, i thought it was amazing and a must have for anybody. It removed all my waterproof eye make up wonderfully and it was gentle enough for my sensitive skin. However, i discovered a much cheaper alternative which is the Garnier 2in1 make-up remover so this was put aside for a while until last month when i finally finished the product so i can get a 'back to mac' lipstick sooner. Repurchase: No

Garnier soothing eye make-up remover: This is such a gentle eye make up remover and does its job very well for when i decide i want a natural eye make up look and give waterproof mascara a miss. I really like the size of this because its really easy to take it with me while travelling and it is very easy to dispense the product onto cotton pads. Repurchase? No

The Body shop Vitamin E facial wash: I really loved this cleanser and i find that it has improved the condition of my skin. It is very affordable and i enjoy the consistency of this aswell as the scent. Further Review here Repurchase? Yes

The Body shop seaweed pore-cleansing facial exfoliator: A very gentle exfoliator and i love how lightweight it is and not too abrasive for the skin. Left my skin feeling very refreshed and soft. I definitely recommend this to people with sensitive and dull skin.  Further Review here Repurchase? Yes

What products have you finished using up this month?

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11 September 2012

~ How I Get Volume in My Fine Hair ~

Usually on normal days, i don't really care about my hair being a bit flat and limp. However, on special occasions or when i am on a night out i prefer to sport a more voluminous hair-do. I do believe that i spend alot of time and effort to achieve such effect because not only do i have really fine hair, i also have very little of it and it is very hard to get the look i want. I have found that excessive backcombing and hairspray does help, but the effect is not as long lasting as i want and sometimes it cane leave it looking like a bit of a greasy mess to be honest.

After experimenting with numerous hair products, filtering out the ones that weighed my hair down or simply does not work at all, i have found the ultimate duo that works best to allow me to achieve a more textured voluminous look to my hair. At first i didn't think much of the Tresemme volumising mousse when i bought it because at a reasonable pricing and not a product that has been raved about much. The LUSH big shampoo however, i have heard alot about from magasines and bloggers so i kind of had the idea that it worked when i purchased it.

So for starters, lets talk about the LUSH big shampoo, it has a salt/gel consistency which is very strange given the fact that it's not the same as your conventional shampoos that feel much more on the creamier side. It smells lovely and refreshing which is very good as i prefer my products to smell good rather than scentless. I use one generous scoop and i use water to lather it up before applying onto my scalp. I emphasise on the roots of my hair rather than all my hair because i know that this is quite drying and can't be good for the hair. Results can be seen when the hair is dried and it instantly feels more texturised and i love it as i have always had very fine hair which looks limp and lifeless all the time. I finally have textured and much more thicker looking hair.

The Mousse really makes the effect more noticeable and i use this in conjunction with the big shampoo when i have a special occasion to go to and i want the best of my hair, or i use it when i just use a normal shampoo to achieve a good blow-dry that provides some lift and volume. Either way, this mousse is simple to use, just apply onto damp hair and after drying your hair, you can feel your hair more thicker and voluminous.

I really recommend these two products for those girls out there with very fine and limp hair because i can honestly say that these really helped me with styling my hair and adding more life into my hair. However, i really dont advise you to use these everyday because i do feel that they have a tendency to strip your hair of natural oils and can be quite drying for your hair therefore try to limit these products to certain days when needed, especially when using the LUSH big shampoo. 

What is your holy grail hair product?
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