19 February 2014


Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser lightweight primer 

This is definitely one of my favourite purchases i have made in the previous months when this product came out into stores. I was really excited about this because i have read reviews saying that it is a great alternative to the famous Benefit Porefessional primer which i absolutely loved using and finished a while back. Firstly, i really like the packaging of this because it is a perfect size and the tube can be easily wiped and cleaned therefore less prone to grubbiness which i found was a problem with the Porefessional.


I like the nozzle of this because it means you can accurately dispense the desired amount of product everytime and no wasting unessary product. A little goes a long way with this silicone-textured product and i just love how it makes my skin feels after. I have to admit that it does have some slippy and slidey feel to it initially but i usually let it sit for a minute or so before i apply my usual foundation. It makes my skin appear smoother and the appearance of my pores are reduced. Sometimes i use this for when i go to the gym when i want my skin to look a little bit better compared with no make-up kind of look as this helps my skintone look a little bit more even and kind of 'soft focuses' the look of my skin. 


I think it does make my make-up stay a little bit longer compared to usual and my oils seem to be controlled too. This product deserves a big thumbs up from Maybelline and i am absolutely loving their 'baby' range so far. Need to get more of their baby lips soon while there is a 3for2 offer in boots. I recommend this to everyone regardless of your age as i think this product is very universal and versatile. 


What is your favourite primer?

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10 February 2014



This is by far the worst experience i have had with a liquid eyeliner for many years. I understand that this is a very inexpensive product and i should have had my doubts about it in the first place, but i really hoped that it would have worked out a little bit better than it did really. Firstly, the brush was very hard, much like the BarryM liquid liner which i used to own therefore it was quite uncomfortable to use and it made application quite difficult. Next, i thought the product wasn't pigmented even after shaking the product before use to ensure that it is properly mixed and ready to use which was also very dissapointing. As you can probably see from the picture above, it started peeling instantly after application and it was awful and messy to use! Definitely not a great purchase from Collection eventhough i have many praises to give for their lasting perfection concealer which is amazing quality and i use it on a daily basis.

I don't even think i can use this eyeliner at all because it just honestly doesn't work. I have even tried using a black eyeshadow to set this product but it didn't really do much to help make it stay. This is a very cheap product and i urge you girlies out there who wants a nice cheap daily liquid eyeliner to stay away from this Collection one. I swatched the tester of this and thought that it seemed to be quite good and i wanted a new every day eyeliner which is inexpensive and i can use regularly but i regret picking this up. I am so glad that it is really inexpensive, but i do still feel a little bit disappointing in general and i think i should stick with their concealer from now on.

Have you tried any products from Collection?
Have a great day Girlies :)
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5 February 2014



I love the whole chubby stick / lip crayon craze therefore I just couldn't resist these new matte balms from Revlon. Revlon has the best selection of lip products in terms of the range of formulations and colours - I am a huge fan of their lip butters which i have bought a fair few so far. Anyway, there were so many matte colours to choose from and i was spoilt for choice but i ended up settling for these 2 because they are just so pretty and i know i would wear them more often than the other colours available in the range.

205 elusive is a nice cool toned pink which i think gives a really sweet, innocent look and i'm sure that it will be easy to wear on an everyday basis with any outfit. 240 Striking is a nice cherry red colour which can add drama and intensity to an everyday make-up look and i find that it also compliment my skin-tone really well making it appear much more brighter and healthy. The formulation of these does not feel as matte as they look. They are quite velvety and creamy in consistency and dries to a powdery finish which i find feels kind of strange and i haven't experienced a lip product like this. The matte finish looks and feels lovely on the lips although your lips would have to be nicely moisturized and exfoliated prior to application or else it does cling onto the dry patches which isn't a great look at all. 


Another flaw i find with this product is that it is quite difficult to get a precise application especially with the darker colour. The more balmy consistency balm sticks are much more easier to get a even finish because of their glossiness, but with a matte-velvet consistency, you really should have a nice clean edge or else it just looks messy. To combat this, i ended up using a lip brush to apply this on the lips which i think defeats the purpose of having it in a stick form. All in all, I do think the formulation of these lipsticks are very unique and the finish it gives is lovely too, but i find that it is quite a hassle to get a good even application and the colour doesn't last as long as i would like it to.

Have you tried any lip products from Revlon?
Have a great day Girlies :)
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