26 May 2012

~ NARS cactus flower ~

Yes i finally gave in and purchased another NARS blush even though i really didn't need it. I have come to realise that i may have too many cheek products already and i wanted to take a little break from buying more and invest in other products instead. But no, i was naughty a while back when i realised that asos had 20% off everything and i cheekily bought this cream blush which i shouldn't have. However, as NARS hardly ever do discounts on their items, i was really tempted and clicked confirm order online. I received the package knowing what was inside and i was really excited..as with most products that i receive through the post :) The box looked like the usual sleek black packaging which i slowly unboxed and slid the brand new product out. It was so nice feeling a brand new NARS product since most of you would be familiar with how dirty and grimy the packaging can get eventually due to its rubbery texture. 
I opened the lid on it and the colour was just so pretty. I don't own too many cream blushers so it was great to try something new for this summer because i heard that cream formulation blushes would give a more natural finish compared with a powdery one. The consistency of this is kind of oily to touch as opposed to creamy, but i'm not sure whether its just because it brand new or not. Regardless, the colour comes off quite sheer like a gel, but it was really buildable upon a few layers. What makes this product really pretty and appealing to me is its tiny flexes of gold shimmer which i think would look amazing when it catches the sun during the warm weather and i look forward to using it to give me a nice flush of colour when i go out. I'm so glad that i bought this for the discounted price and it was so worth it because i love NARS products and my collection of their products are slowly building up since their products are all great quality and i adore their packaging!

Do you own any NARS blushers? and which is your favourite shade?


  1. I need a new blush!
    I am one of your followers, I hope you visit my blog sometime.

  2. This color is sooo pretty!

  3. This is gorgeous! I'm still yet to buy a NARS product, but I've been eyeing up the blushers for so long now!

    Amy x

  4. great photos great review lovelllllly color. i love nars myself as well. i use one of their duo eyeshadow colors actually as a contour palette!

    xx rae

    pop by and follow if you like what you see! <3


  5. Suchh a gorgeous colour! x

  6. This looks so pretty! I love cream blushes and definitely need some more x


  7. thats such a lovely colour

  8. The colour is gorgeous, it really looks like Orgasm <-- Which I really want!!!

  9. I'm yet to buy a NARS blush, but this colour looks gorgeous so I may be tempted.


  10. Such a lovely colour. I don't own any NARS products yet, but I am sure I will get one of their blushers soon.

  11. you should do a face look with this blush. It has been on my wish list forever but I don't really know how to wear it!

  12. I'm loving Orgasm at the moment but I also have Sin, Torrid, Penny Lane and the bronzer Casino so I don't really need anymore but they are just so good! lol



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