25 May 2012

~ Models Own x HedKandi ~

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Hedkandi has teamed up with models Own to create a set of nail polishes. This set has been out for a while now but i only just discovered it! This set will allow you to achieve the 'ultimate party nails' and at £20 for 6 nail polishes, i think it's a really good deal considering each polish itself is £5. I also purchased 'indian ocean' from their beetle juice collection too. (review and swatch here)
So i purchased this set because i was drawn to their neon colours and also their glittery ones. I am in love with the bright blue because not only am i obsessed with blue nail polishes, but this shade i actually do not own in my collection. The packaging was so so when it came through the door and the sides of the box was a little tattered and squashed which i wasn't that pleased about at all, since the shipping wasn't free of charge. Even though i've never been too keen with model's own nail polishes and their formulation, i must admit that the colours that this set offers is really good and i cannot help by being tempted with this and i know that i would get some usage out of them, especially the neon orange which would look really good once i start tanning up in the sunshine :) Cannot wait to use these and post swatches up on here. 

Do you like models own polishes? and what is your favourite shade?


  1. it seems like a lot of people are talking about the Models Own nail polishes! I haven't tried it yet, but I must agree the orange shade is gorgeous! Can't wait to see some swatches from you :)


  2. This collection looks so good, I love the colors!


  3. Hy doll! lovely post! what do u say about following each other?:X


  4. I've never tried Model's Own polishes, but this collection I really like :)) I'd love to see some swatches and/or nail looks :))

  5. The neon orange will look amazing with a tan! :) x

  6. these are so pretty! You have the best taste in beauty products. I'm so jealous! :P

    Love your blog!!

  7. I must get my hands on this!! I hope you can check my page out & if you like follow eachother?


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