25 July 2014


Sometimes, The Body Shop does a 40% all products promotion which does entice me into checking their products out even though I may not need anything. Well, I have been good and only picked up a few of their products in the store. Firstly, they have recently released a new line of 'sorbet' products which has a very unique formulation which I do find it quite difficult to describe as I haven't felt anything like this before. I have used these products for a few weeks now so I thought I would summarise my thoughts so far for these products.


BODY SORBET (Moringa & Strawberry)

This products is definitely really light and fast absorbing compared with any other moisturisers I have been using. The formulation is much like sorbet as suggested by the name, but as you rub the product in, it melts effortlessy onto the skin giving a kind of matte yet hydrated finish. Really difficult to describe the feeling for this, therefore I urge you to go into the body shop and feel it for yourself. This non-sticky formula and easy application has made me grab this on a more regular basis. It smells great and moisturises well, a summer must have in my opinion


Didn't need a new moisturiser to be very honest but I was obsessed with the texture of the sorbet range. It was so light to apply which I really loved since I have combination to oily skin therefore alot of heavy products are avoided. It melts into the skin giving the most lovely moisturised feeling. For me, I feel that it decreased my dry patches when i apply my foundation and my skin is much more plump and hydrated. For your reference, the cream i was using peviously was the L'oreal perfection day moisturiser for the day and Boots botanics night cream at night. This sorbet moisturiser has replaced both and have noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin overall.



I am primer obsessed when it comes to make-up. Due to my combination oily skin, I strive to find the perfect base that make my make-up more long lasting. Not only does this product promise to mattify and minimise the pores, it also contains tea tree extract which helps combat blemishes which is just what I need for this summer. I have used it for a few weeks now and i have been loving the smell of the product as it is so refreshing in the morning prior to my makeup application. However, I do feel that it didn't really do much to prolong my foundation because I still need to powder throughout the day like I usually do without using it. It does smooth out the face though and make pores less noticeable which is great for when I want to do a no make-up day when i am off work. Overall a good product, but I wouldn't say that it is the best primer though.

Do you have any products you enjoy using from The body shop? 
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8 July 2014


I have been wanting to try out this foundation since forever now and last month i finally got my hands on this. For starters, I really adore the design of the bottle. The foundation is housed in a gorgeous matte glass bottle in a unique oval shape. There is a pump which is great news because I have been put off by purchasing the NARS foundations because they do not include a pump and I just find it quite annoying.

First things first, I have oily-combination skin therefore you can use that as a reference if you have skin similar to mine. My major concerns are my pores and becoming oily looking throughout the day therefore I need a foundation which works with with that. I am aware that Luminous silk is not a mattifying foundation nor is it a heavy coverage foundation, but I do know that it gives the most amazing finish and is buildable. Longevity wise, this wears 3-4 hours and I need to start blotting as this foundation is marketed as a luminous finish therefore mattifying powers are lower compared with my other foundations.

On application, this foundation is easily blended and feels quite lightweight and provides a sheer to medium coverage. I find that it is very similar to the L'oreal true match foundation in texture and coverage. I tend to use one layer for everyday use and build it up to two layers if I desire a more flawless look. The finish it gives really is as it describes - definitely luminous but not over the top shiny. I like using my fingers or my real techniques buffing brush to apply this foundation, both works well in my opinion but using fingers mean less product wastage.

As you may or may not know, this foundation does not contain any SPF. This can be beneficial for when you are on a night out and flash photography is involved as it would not give you the ghostly flashbacks if you were to have applied SPF products on the face. However, the downfall is when you want to wear this foundation during the daytime because no SPF means that your skin would not be protected against the rays of the sun therefore an extra step in the skincare may be needed. 

Overall, I really like this high end foundation and I believe that it is worth the money. However, I do think that alot of drugstore foundations are just as good as this without the heavy price tag. The finish it gives is lovely and it really does deserve a big thumbs up. Perfect for nights out and if you haven't tried it, I urge you to pop to your Giorgio armarni makeup counter and give it a go.

What is your favourite foundation right now?
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