28 January 2014


 The Body Shop Nutriganics : Drops of youth

Being a skincare addict i feel that my vanity had space for a new skincare product which i have been wanting to try out for a while now. This little miracle 30ml glass bottle is well packaged and i find the design of the bottle to be quite simplistic and emphasize the organic attributes of this product. This product is a youth enhancing concentrate with plant stem cells which helps to achieve smoother-looking skin. At the back of the bottle, it claims that 99% of the ingredients are from natural sources and organic farming which is a bonus for me as i like my skincare products to be as natural as possible.

So i use this product after my toner and before my serum. This is an emulsion kind of product that is used to boost the effects of the products that you apply onto the face afterwards. The consistency of this product is a very lightweight and application is so easy as it just melts into the skin and gets absorbed almost instantly. For those of you girlies that have used the infamous 'hydraluron' moisture boosting gel; this drops of youth concentrate leaves a similar feeling onto the skin - kind of like a thin layer on the skin but not in a greasy sort of way. I have read around the internet and alot of people has compared this product to the Lancome Genefique which is really expensive in my opinion therefore i am glad that there is a cheaper alternative to it.


As you can probably have sussed out by now, i do not have fine lines or wrinkles just yet so i cannot comment on whether this has helped with any of those concerns, but i have found that it has made my skin softer to touch and i have had less dry patches overall. I really enjoy adding this product into my skincare routine as it is so lightweight and including this extra step in my routine was definitely easy peasy. One negative thing that i have to say about this is the flawed pipette/pump system which works so poorly and dispensing the correct amount of product is sometimes a mission. The button at the top is very stiff and drawing up the product is quite difficult - thumbs down to the design but i am glad that the product works well for me. 


Have you tried any body shop products yet?
Have a great day Girlies :)
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22 January 2014


I have come to realise that my blog is lacking some fashion posts. Although this is a beauty focused blog, i feel that i want to branch out into posting some lifestyle and fashion blog posts this year. For the weekend, i went out to town for a few drinks with some of my friends and instead of opting for my usual attire which consists of a bodycon dress of some sort and wedged heel~ i chose to go for something a little bit different. I think the yellow top is very pretty and adds a bit of colour as i try to transition from winter to spring time look. 

Yellow Top - Dorothy Perkins
Black Skort - Zara
Navy Blazer - Zara
Watch - Michael Kors
Shoes - Jeffery Cambell Lita
Clutch - Louis Vuitton Eva 

Have a great day Girlies :)
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18 January 2014


Ever since the whole facial oil treatment hype emerged within the beauty world, i was quite interested in them and was determined to start trying them out soon. I originally was planning to purchase one of the Clarins facial oils because they seem to be from a reputable brand and probably would be quite effective but i find that the price tag is a bit too much for my liking therefore i've been putting it off.

A few weeks back, I read a review on 'Peony and peach' blog (Check her out here) about this particular facial oil and she raved about how fantastic it was giving her a nice result that she couldn't wait to share her thoughts on it. She definitely sold it to me and when i was in boots to buy some essentials, this was on offer so i grabbed a couple of these. The packaging is lovely and simple. I like how the glass bottle is matte and frosted which makes it sturdy to hold even if it gets oily on the sides. The pipette works wonderfully and makes using it so easy and fuss free where I can get exactly the right amount i wanted to apply. 

I usually use 3-4 drops of this on my skin post toner. I like to really massage this into my skin and this product not only melts into the skin nicely, but it smells so nice too. I leave it to absorb on my skin for around 5 minutes before applying my usual moisturiser. As of mornings, i tend to skip this oil step and replace by a moisturising serum instead because i find that this product is too rich for my combination oily skin during the day. The product is 100% organic and on the packaging, it also states that it locks in moisture for up to 8 hours which is amazing. 

Verdict: I have used this religiously every night for around 2 weeks now and i can say that my skin is smoother and softer than before. I have also had less pimples or breakouts compared with before therefore i think that it is down to this product which has helped with my skin. Originally, this 25ml bottle is worth £9.99 but with half price you really cannot go wrong with this and i am amazed by this product overall. I urge all you girlies out there to give this a go :)

Have you tried any facial oils before?
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13 January 2014


Bourjois Paris Happy Light foundation - Shade 50 porcelain


My skin has been quite dry during these cold winter months therefore I felt that I ought to use a more hydrating and lighter foundation compared with my usual mattifying ones. I always adore the Bourjois beauty range and i really enjoyed using my Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation therefore i chose to try out this happy light foundation. I think now that i am getting a little bit older, my skin is less oily and a bit dehydrated at times so i knew that this one is great for providing me with the extra moisture and injecting radiance back into it. This product has a light floral scent which is quite refreshing and not too overpowering. It blends out very easily and it is definitely very lightweight and applies seamlessly. I prefer to use my fingers as i find that sometimes using a foundation brush would cause streaking and i may end up applying much more foundation that needed.

This foundation offers a light to medium coverage but i find that it can be easily built up if more coverage is what you need. It doesn't look cakey and it does give you that healthy glow to make you look fresh and awake. Longevity wise, it lasts quite well on my skin without primer and without setting although a bit of shine does appear on my nose and forehead after a few hours due to my natural oily complexion. However, when i choose to use a mattifying primer and set the foundation with powder, it lasts so well throughout the day without me needing to touch up. I work for long shifts, therefore looking oily is the last thing i want and this foundation is great!

I highly recommend this foundation because i really do think that its suitable for all ages and skintype depending on how you apply this. It claims to provides hydration for 8hours and i can agree to that because i didn't have any dry patches when i used this foundation and it doesn't oxidize too like other drugstore foundations tend to do. Lovely foundation and i am so glad i purchased this!

What is your favourite drugstore foundation?
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9 January 2014


Happy new year everybody! Sorry that this post is a little bit delayed due to me stressing over uni things and preparing for the start of term. Anyway, i hope all you guys had a well deserved break and slowly easing back into the normal days now! The year 2013 has been an up and down year for me in general, but i want to promise myself to make 2014 a much better year, Become more organized with things and work much more harder than my previous years. Theres so many resolutions I can think of with regards to general life, but as this is a beauty blog, im going to list 5 things i want to try and stick to.


I have hoards of products stashed up and i think that instead of clogging up my drawers with these items, i should try and use them up to free some new space in order to buy and try new products! I guess that there are many other girlies out there who has the same problem as me!


I must admit, i do get lazy when it comes to washing my make-up brushes and it doesn't look that great when it is in my pot all orange looking and i know that all kinds of dust and bacteria is growing on those damp soggy bristles when unwashed.



Personally, i think that it is a good idea to be spending more money on skincare products rather than make-up products because i think that having good skin is very important. Drugstores do have some good value skincare products, but i find that the higher end ones are much more richer and concentrated therefore do it's job alot better in my opinion. Make-up products, there are numerous Dupes of them on the high streets which gives a similar finish, therefore i find that it's not essential to fork out alot of money just for a highend brand sometimes.



I have been sticking to safe colours such as earth tones and purples, but this year i would like to try out more vibrant colours to create much more make-up looks to expand my creativity and share with your guys. I need to perfect on my blending skills and maybe practice on my cut-crease eye make-up techniques.



This year, i want to try and minimize the amount of make-up i wear. Last year i managed to decrease on the amount of eyeliner i wear and focus on my eyelashes with a good mascara, but i really want to try and use less foundation this year and give my skin a break. Some girls just use concealer with a light dusting of powder which i do want to try sometime for myself when my skin is behaving itself and looking half decent.


So these are my beauty resolutions that i hope to stick to for this year. 
What are some of your new years beauty resolutions or goals?
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6 January 2014


I personally adore products that has that lash enhancing or growing factors therefore i was in a mad rush to make this purchase when i noticed that they do a waterproof formulation. I have to have waterproof mascara because of my short and fine eyelashes as normal formulation doesn't hold the curl as nicely. This mascara claims to volumise and lengthen whilst nourishing the lashes in order to make them grow.

I found that the brush is quite large making it difficult to apply onto my lashes (Maybe girlies out there with longer lashes might find it easier) As you can guess, it was a total nightmare when it came to my bottom lashes. After one coat, my lashes did start to droop a little bit which was quite disappointing really as at this point i still haven't achieve the pretty lashes i had hoped for. Second coat just made it worse like how i expected because my lashes was now heading south - as you can see by the image above. My perky lashes i wished for was non exsistent and i was majorly dissapointed. Not only was the formulation quite heavy and the brush too large for easy application, it was quite clumpy and didn't look that nice overall.


I have only used this once and i haven't used it since because i was so horrified that i returned straight away to my trusty Lancome hypnose wp mascara (my holy grail). I cannot say much about it's lash lengthening effects because i haven't used it long enough to experience that. I think this mascara is more suitable for girls with longer and stronger eyelashes and I do not recommend it to girls with short stubby lashes like mine~ it is a total nightmare to use. However, these are just my opinion on this mascara therefore what doesn't work for me might work for you although this mascara only scored a 2.9/5.0 on makeupalley. This was a waste of my £10, dissapointing product from Revlon my beloved drugstore makeup brand.

What is your favourite drugstore mascara?
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3 January 2014


MAC - Ruby woo (Matte)

Hello everybody! I hope you guys have all had a lovely Christmas and now well rested from the festive break. I personally had a stressful December with study commitments and deadlines therefore my blog has been pretty neglected as a result. I did manage to pick up some lovely new makeup to try out and i finally caved in and bought the MAC Rubywoo which I have wanted for absolutely ages since it has been described as the perfect red lipstick and has received of great reviews too.

This is a matte formulation lipstick therefore i was quite worried at first because my lips has a tendency to be very dry and chapped therefore i prepped my lips well before applying this lipstick. I used a Real techniques lip-brush in order to apply this more precisely to give the perfect shape. The formula is very nice and although it is a matte lipstick, my lips were not horrendously dried up after a few hours of wear. The red shade compliments my skin-tone very well making it appear whiter and i love the way that it makes my teeth whiter! The longevity of this lipstick is outstanding with no signs of bleeding even after several hours of wear. The colour tends to fade after eating and drinking but it doesn't seem to transfer onto the teeth which is a good thing because i find that other more moisturising dark lipsticks gets onto my teeth easily.

I think this is a great all-rounder matte red lipstick that every girl should own because it can instantly glam up your outfit or make your make-up look more sophisticated. I wish that i found this lipstick sooner because i really adore the consistency and longevity of it. I recommend this lipstick to you guys and i am planning to invest in similar red shades such as Russian Red.

What is your favourite MAC lipstick?
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