19 May 2012

~ Out with the old and In with the new ~

So for the past few years i have been through around 10 tubes of my holy grail lip-balm and i am not even exaggerating there seeing one gets used up quite quickly with my frequent usage. I have always had dry lips and a good lip-balm is always essential for me; i will take it wherever i go. The nivea essential has been my swear by product and i have been introducing and recommending it to many people. Its in a twist up stick form so its both convenient and hygienic and it's affordable too :)! BUT, casually shopping at my local supermarket, there was a 3 for 2 offer on all skincare and toiletries so i scanned the shelves where the lip-balms were. I knew i needed lip-balms because my nivea essentials was nearly finished again. I was going to buy the nivea essential again but next to it was this mint coloured tube that states 'soothe and protect'. I was up for trying something a little bit lighter because sometimes the nivea essential care can be a bit too rich and waxy and i do feel that it doesn't really nourish or treat my dry lips, but it does lock a layer of moisture on top. I think the 'Soothe and protect' is a litter bit more expensive, but the difference if not massive so it's still affordable. This one also has an SPF15 which is a little bonus and its kind of the perfect consistency, not too waxy and not too light. I was gutted that i didn't discover this sooner because it was a little bit better than my essential care one and because its less waxy or rich, the product takes a little longer to be worn down. I am a lip-balm addict and i am really picky with formulas, so i usually stick the ones that i know works for me and its not a common scenario where i find a new balm that i love and swear by.

What are the lip balms that you love and use all the time? 


  1. I'm not sure which Nivea lip balm I have tried, I think it was the light blue one. I may have to give these ones a go in the future, how you finding the soothe and protect one so far? x


  2. I love nivea lipbalms, but i've recently been using carmex and the body shop's lip butters. they are amazing :)

  3. I used to love Nivea lipbalms but lately I'm really into Yes to carrots lip butters!
    New follower from Italy :)

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  5. I love Nivea chap sticks! I use the regular essential care before I go to bed and during the day I use their hydro care =) I find the essential once a bit too rich for during the day but at night it's perfect! If my lips are in really poor condition I'll slap on some Vaseline before I hop into bed, works like a charm and the taste isn't as bad as many people assume lol


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