8 May 2012

~ InStyle magazine FREE nails inc polish ~

This month, when u purchase the 'InStyle' magazine, you will recieve a complementary Nails inc polish too. I must admit that i dont usually buy or read this magazine because i prefer Glamour and Cosmpolitan which i buy and read religiously every month. The nail polish attracted me to it and i thought that i would give this magazine a little read aswell to see if i liked it. The magazine was actually alright, but alot of the products featured were very high-end and luxurious which made me feel upset because there were alot of amazing products which i loved in there, but they costed way out of my price range. Despite the dissapointing magazine, where i would have probably prefered to pick up my usual magazine, the nail polish colour that i selected was gorgeous. There were three colours to choose from, a kind of nude colour, a light sea-shell pink colour, and a pebble blue. I selected the pebble blue one, because i found the colour to be the most unique and its a shade that i do not own at the moment in my nail polish collection.

I think the shade is called: Instyle bluebell, as it is stated on the label below the polish. This shade is very unique because the colour i find really difficult to define. Its not lilac, its not light blue and its not grey. It sort of looks a different colour in different lightings and the cool undertones i am loving too. Such a pretty pastel colour and i cannot wait to use it soon and i am sure it will go so well with alot of my outfits.
I apologize for the poor quality photo. I forgot my DSLR at my uni flat, so i guess my iphone would have to do for now. The colour of the nail polish is relatively true to real life. 

Hope you guys go grab yourself one soon~ x


  1. The colour is gorgeous! I need to hit the nearest store ASAP, so i can get my hands on this beauty :)

    Love, Ana

  2. I love the color! I wonder if I can get my hands on this here in the US.

  3. Hm, I wonder if they're offering this in Canada! The nail polish looks gorgeous and I will read pretty much any magazine.


  4. such a lovely colour! Great blog LV x

  5. i love it when magazines do this! looks like a beautiful colour.


  6. I searched so many of my local corner stores to pick up the blue nailinc. polish free with instyle! I love it. S.x x


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