17 October 2013


Over the years i have accumulated a bunch of primers in my make-up collection so i thought that it is a good idea to share a mini brief review on each one for you lovely readers. Firstly, i have combination-oily skin so i would like my primers to help with sebum control and make my make-up more long lasting.

Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer
This is a very jelly like type consistency and i was very interested in trying it out. I liked the small pot this product was packaged in so it was good for taking for travelling. I find this product to be nothing special and it has that very distinct silicone feel to it so some of you out there may not like it. It leaves the skin very smooth and it allowed my foundation to guide on it seemlessly. I do like this, but i find that you get too little product for your money and it can be used up very quickly.

L'oreal Studio Secrets Resurfacing Primer
I bought this product quite a while ago. Although i didn't love it, i didn't hate it neither. I find that the consistency of this is pretty thick and i usually have to warm up the product with my fingers before applying onto the face otherwise it would be too cakey and make my foundation more difficult to apply. A very good all rounder primer though if you are willing to make it work for you.

Shu Uemura UV underbase mousse
A very lightweight formulation which helps to brighten and even out skin-tone. It has a very high SPF which is great for use in the summer or on holiday. I find that the pump is very convenient to get an appropriate amount out for the entire face. It reduces the appearance of my pores and i find that it helps control my sebum levels too. A perfect primer for the summer or take on holiday due to its small packaging

The Body Shop mattifying primer
Another silicone based primer promising for that mattifying effect. Personally i find that this primer didn't really do it's job as well as i wanted it to. My oils came through regardless of whether i used this or not therefore i was a little bit let down. However, like most primers, it did make my foundation glide on easier and hid my pores very well. I personally like the body shop products but this just didn't work for me. Big thumbs down for this.

Laura Mercier foundation primer
This is a primer that stands out from the rest of my other primers. It is more of a lotion texture and it just melts into the skin really well to give a nice prepped skin ready for make-up. I just love the feel of this after application and i find that it doesn't emphasize my dry patches when i do have them. Due to the nature of this not being oil-free, i do need to blot and touch up my foundation a bit more requently.

No.7 Shine Free Primer
This product does it's job very very well and i think this deserves a big thumbs up. It mattifies the skin very well and it does control my oils very well throughout the day. I am overall impressed with this primer and i like using it on long days where i hardly have anytime to blot or touch up my foundation. One downside to this is that it does have some kind of drying effect on the skin and i find that it accentuated my dry patches if i had any, therefore i tend to avoid my more dryer areas when using this. Definitely a must have for oily skin individuals out there who is looking for a primer to control their oils.

Revlon Photoready Primer
Nothing too special about this primer. This is another silicone based primer but in a pump bottle which makes application a bit more easier. The texture is slightly on the thicker side and it does block up the nozzle after every use, so you will get a dried blob at the end of the pump nozzle which ends up you having product coming out out of your control. I will not repurchase this product.

GOSH Velvet Touch Line Perfector
A review i did a very long time ago, highlighted how much i didn't like this primer. This is a very balmy texture and i find that it just sat on top of my skin and made my dry patches on my skin look even worse than it is. It does give a nice smooth finish and hide pores quite well, but i didn't see anything special about this really. Disappointing product from GOSH because i do really love some of their products. Their eyeliners are amazing!

What is your favourite primer?
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15 October 2013



I haven't used a peel off mask since i was in my teenage years and was very intrigued by one from the boots botanics range. It was fun to use and simple in the sense that you didn't need to rinse your face afterwards and as a teenager, there wasn't much products for experimentation. I had a No. 7  voucher from a boots purchase a while back which meant that it was perfectly reasonable for me to have a snoop around the No.7 counters where i stumbled upon this mask which i thought sounded great. After my holiday, i find that my pores are a tad congested and i really wanted something that can clear it and make it appear in better condition therefore the inner beauty junkie in me made the purchase soon after discovering it.


I was very eager to use it and like the instructions say, i slathered a pretty thick layer onto my troublesome areas which included my forehead, nose and chin area. It was a thick black clay-like consistency and the smell was not as pleasant as i would have liked it to be. I waited for around 10-15 minutes to dry before i was able to start peeling it away and revealing refreshed and cleansed skin like it claimed to do. Not only was the mask quite difficult to peels off in one go, it also seemed to have no observable effect on the skin because it just looked exactly like my skin before applying this product. It was so fiddly to remove this mask that i did get quite annoyed with it and even wanted to just wash it off which kind of defeats the purpose of a peel off mask.


Overall, i am quite dissapointed with this product but i am happy that i didn't pay the full price for it. No.7 does good quality skincare in general in my opinion, but this product is a big let down. I still want to try a few more of their products from their skincare line so i hope my next product from them will be a good one! 

Have you tried any No.7 products?
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11 October 2013


On the bottle:
"Fresh feel foundation, weightless bare perfection SPF 18
A featherlight foundation that feels as light and fresh as water. Instantly fuses with the skin blending seamlessly to leave a silky, second skin effect.

Perfect bare skin look 
- Naturally even, shine free look
- Undetectable coverage
- Silky soft touch
- No make-up feel
- Non pore-clogging SPF 18"

According to the direction for use diagram on the back label, this foundation is best applied with fingers after shaking well to make sure the product is evenly mixed. I was drawn to this foundation because of the simple sophisticated frosted bottle and also because it was on the main display on the L'oreal stand. I was hooked when i felt the formulation of the testers and it just felt so light and watery unlike the standard foundations i have felt. This is very impressive in a sense that it comes out as a liquid but it transforms into a lovely silky consistency once you start blending it into the skin to leave a nice velvety look to the skin, almost like soft focus on the skin.


I personally have combination oily-skin so i sometimes prefer something light on the skin to prevent it getting to oily and also a mattifying product to help with that too. I find that this foundation although applies quite well and blends in easily, it clung onto my dry patches making it appear worse than it already is. Despite this downside, i find that it can easily be resolved by applying a primer before this foundation and all is fine. This foundation is extremely long lasting and it definitely has great oil control properties compared with some foundations i have tried. 


I would avoid this foundation if you have dry skin because it gives a very matte finish and it dries almost instantly. To be very honest, i wouldn't choose to use this foundation during the colder winter months because i prefer to use something a little bit more hydrating but i was very intrigued to try this. Maybe i will use this on days which i have long shifts and i need my make-up to be long lasting as this seems to have great longevity and wear. For the price, packaging and 20mls of product i can say that this is a very good quality foundation and will definitely recommend it to people to try. 

Have you tried this foundation yet? 
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