17 May 2012

~ Maybelline Color Sensational: The Popsticks ~

"Now Shine With A Hint Of Popsicle Tint
Fruit Kissed Colour Meets Just Liked Shine… So Sensational"

-  030 pink lollipop //  060 citrus slice //  080 cherry pop  -

Shopping around today, i popped into Superdrug for their 3 for 2 offers across all their cosmetics and i discovered these beauties on the Maybelline shelves. To be honest, i was originally going to purchase some L'Oreal caresse lipsticks, but i was so drawn to these that i forgot about them! These remind me of a lip product that i bought from Topshop a couple of months ago (Review HERE). These only had 5 shades to choose from and i chose these three shown in the pictures, which i thought was a nice range even though it is sold as a tinting product therefore pigmentation is not too strong.
Not only does the product look really pretty all crystallised and transparent, it is also very moisturising and hydrating on the lips adding a little hint of tint. However, these swatches above are 'heavily' swatches to get the colour pigmentation shown here and it is quite funny that the 'cherry pop' cherry actually comes out like a coral orangey shade and the 'citrus slice' which i was expecting to be a bit more tangerine came out as a baby pink? A bit confusing but i think these products would be perfect to slap on your lips during the summer since they are effortless to apply and the packaging is very sturdy. These retails for £7.19 but with the 3 for 2 offer at superdrug its a really good deal. Ohh, i also forgot to mention, that it smells gorgeous. Very fruity and sweet, kind of lick candy. These are delightful to use and i recommend these to most of you girlies out there who likes pretty product that smell nice too.

What do you think of these? Will you try them?


  1. Ooo i like the Citrus slice one :) Definitely will try it :) Thanks for the swatches..



  2. Ooo these looks so glossy!!
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  3. I wish the citrus slice was as pigmented as it looks. Cherry pop looks more like it should be citrus slice! :)

  4. These look good enough to eat :-)


  5. ah ah! I was going to write exactly the same as sarah jane!!! They look so fresh and almost yummy!


  6. OMG~ Those are so pretty! Thank for these amazing review!
    I love your blog. Wanna follow each other? LEt me know hun

    I would love to follow you back :)

  7. All the colours are so beautiful, they are the perfect summer shades! If i were to go to the beach, this would be my go to minimalist pop of makeup just to brighten me up a bit :)

    Lots of Love, Ana

  8. They're so beautiful!

  9. I've had my eye on these for ages. I really want to try the Pink Lollipop one.

    Great photos btw.
    Elle xx

  10. These look amazing, I love the look of citrus slice! x

  11. Love the look of these because they remind me of jelly :) But yes, they do appear quite sheer and the labelling is super confusing lol :p

  12. They look so pretty! I want to eat the orange one, it looks like jelly! Surprised how orange the 'cherry pop' has come out, does look lovely though xxx

  13. Oh wow, are these out now?? Will definitely be heading to Superdrug ASAP, they look stunning :D


  14. Colors look all so super awesome!!


  15. I would definitely try the cherry pop. These looks so cool. I love your blog so I was wondering if you should check out mines.


  16. I want these so bad. When I first saw them I fell in love. I wouldn't even care if they were total rubbish, they're so pretty. I just want to look at them :)

  17. Those colors are so summery and beautiful!! I will for sure try them out ^^ Thanks for sharing ! maybe we can follow each other ? :D

  18. Pink Lollipop is SO MY STYLE ♥♥♥♥♥ OMGGGGG ♥♥♥♥♥ beautiful photographs as always Ying ~ I have grabbed myself one of these in a makeup warehouse sales kind of thing, but it's no where as sparkly and pretty as yours!


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