27 May 2012

~ Nails inc: instyle bluebell ~

- (One coat of polish) -
Following up from the nails inc nail polish i received as a complementary gift, i finally had the time to use it on my nails when i took a break from revising for exams. I've never really tried Nails inc polishes properly before apart from the odd one i got from the Gossip girl limited edition (Review here), so i was excited to try this one out! The consistency was very creamy and i one coat was enough to create a nice opaque layer which saves so much hassle seeing as i hate waiting for my nails to dry in order to proceed with the second coat. I am delighted with this colour and i think that not only is it a colour that i don't usually sport, but it really brightens up my skin-tone and a really fun colour to have for the summer. It is simple and cute which goes with quite alot of outfits because it's neither too eye-catching or too dull and boring. The brush i wouldn't say it made the application any easier since it wasn't my usual preferred wide brush; it was a thin flimsy one which took a few more strokes to cover my nail. Nonetheless, the application process was very successful with minimal mistakes and the polish dried relatively quickly.
After my experience with nails inc polishes, i am pleased to say that i am happy with the formulation and the rapid drying of these, therefore i look forward to purchasing more nails inc polishes in due course.

Thanks for reading and i hope you have a great day!
- What do you think of nails inc polishes? and can you recommend me any nice shades? -


  1. I love this color, is so pretty! xx

  2. Fabulous colour, I really like this kind of cornflower blue. Gorgeous :)

  3. Damn girl your nails are perfect! That blue looks so pretty as well!

  4. Love it!

  5. Never seen this kinda blue as a nailpolish colour before, but I love it!


  6. I love the bold colour, very nice!


  7. What a lovely summer colour. I love it, think i'll need to try it for myself!

    Elle xx

  8. wow gorgeous color! :) great for summer!


  9. hey lady. thanks for the comment, you always leave great comments on my blog! I love this colour, and I don't normally care for blue nail polish. Oh and I went to sephora today to check out cactus flower, and I forgot how much I love exhibit a. I'm going to buy it when I go to the states. Im exercising extreme discipline and patience right now with a makeup ban haha!

  10. Love this colour! I love nail varnishes but usually just buy whatever is cheapest in the drugstore, however I think you may have converted me to Nails Inc... nothings better than applying one quick coat in a quirky summer colour!

    withkittyinmind.blogspot.com xxx

  11. perfect nails!


  12. Love that nail varnish!!!


    Becki x

  13. Your nails look gorgeous! Love the colour! :)


  14. Your nails are amazing, woah baby! I love this shade, gorgeous.


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