14 May 2012

~ Models Own: Indian ocean ~

I have a totally love hate relationship with models own nail polishes. They do the most gorgeous shades i've seen around in the market, but i just truly hate their formulas and consistency so much. I thought it was just the pastel shades that i bought in the past which had a problem, but to my disappointment this product was not any better. I decided to purchase this colour because i was blown away by the colour, it was like another one of those 'duo-chrome' nail polishes which i adore the looks off such as my all time fave Chanel peridot. Personally, when i ordered this, i did consider the possibility that despite the amazing colour, the formula would be a massive drawback. When i received the package through the post and the shipping was very swift, with the whole process only taking a few days in total. (I also bought the Hedkandi nail polish set too, will review later in an upcoming post) The packaging i would say it was poorly packed and my nail polish set came in a box which was a little bit crumpled at the bottle which i wasn't a happy bunny about because i think that the presentation and packaging of the product is very important! 
Back on the topic of this Indian ocean shade...It looked stunning in the pot and i just cannot wait to use it on my nails. I opened the bottle and oh dear, the smell was really strong. I can describe it as smelling like the paints you use to paint the walls! Surely this cannot be good for nails right? I'm not sure whether this is just a problem that is with me...but none of my other nail polishes smells this strong. Oh well, despite the smell being horrific and possibly harmful, the formula was very sheer and it took me 3 coats to ge the finish i wanted. It wasn't exactly bad to apply, but i wouldn't say it was very good neither. Overall, love the colour and effect it gives, but hating the actual nail polish itself.

Do you like models own nail polishes? and do u have a problem with the strong smell? x


  1. I've never tried this nail polish.. :) I should soon! <3



  2. Hello :) i love your blog and i have awarded you the Laine Blogger Award
    check it out on www.zoloriri.blogspot.co.uk ,keep up the great work xx

  3. Very sheer polish!!!
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  4. I've not tried Models Own, but I am definitely put off by strong smelling nail polishes :\ The colour is simply gorgeous though, very unique and special.

  5. Such a pretty colour! I have been a bit weary to try Models Own polishes in case their formula sucks, so unfortunately it seems this fear has been confirmed!


  6. Oooh this is a lovely colour, haven't seen this one before! I was looking at model's own polishes today but they had such a tiny selection in the Boots I was in I gave up. I've never tried their polishes before but the colours are just lovely. This one reminds me of mermaids (: xx

  7. The colour is so beautiful! However as you said, it is quite sheer..maybe a white/ baby blue base would do the trick? :)

    Lots of Love, Ana

    1. wow, you really know a lot about nail :) How comes i didn't think of this sooner! i will definitely try it out next time :)
      Thanks for the tip~xx

  8. This colour is sooo pretty

    Hi hun I nominated you for a blog award

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  10. Wow, I love the colour it's so pretty. Debating whether to buy after your review. I'm thinking if I do ill follow Ana Sofia's advice and hope it doesn't smell too strong.



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