30 May 2012

~ My new darker hair ~

Sorry for the lack of regular posts for the past few weeks, but it was because i was very busy for my final year exams and i have been so stressed out from all the revision and information cramming. However, it is great say that i have finally finished them all and i have more time to relax and also blog on a more regular basis. One of the major changes i have decided to do was to alter my hair colour to a much more darker brown. It is my graduation soon and my parents have been wanting me to go back to a darker shade of hair colour so i look more mature and sophisticated as opposed to my 'straw like' damaged hair like they referred it to. As usual, i used the Clairol nice n easy foaming hair-dye which i believe i have done a review on a while back when i dyed it to a lighter shade (Review here). 
I chose the shade '5 Medium brown' but i think the actual colour came out a bit darker than i wanted it to. My hair took forever to wash out where it took longer than usual for the colour to run clear when i was rinsing it out. I looked in the mirror and was so shocked since i wasn't used to seeing my hair so dark. I must admit that i do miss my milky light brown hair, but i like this darker colour too because it's a bit different and i think suits my age a little bit more. The darker hair also seem to make my skin look alot brighter and fairer too. Overall this is a big change for me as i have not had such dark hair for a long time now and it will take some time to get used to.

What do you think of my hair? Do you prefer the colour before or after?


  1. Very jealous as I think both colours suit you really well! I find it hard to decide so I will say either for me :D

    Amy x

  2. Both look nice but I prefer the darker hair :) Definitely a good choice for graduation, congrats on finishing uni! x

  3. Hurrah for finishing your exams, hope you enjoy your free time - you deserve it! :) I think the darker colour looks great, it looks really natural and flattering. But you wear both hair colours just as well. It's nice to change it up I guess :)

  4. Love your hair like this! xx

  5. I prefer in you, your darker hair becoz looks more healthy and cute!
    But you´re really cute anyway... God Bless you...

    I´m following you i hope if you ant follow me back!

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  6. Your hair looks stunning dark! I wish my hair was the same length as yours, so jealous!

    Amy xx

  7. I like this color better :)

  8. Gorgeous! Love this :)
    Trade hair with me? :P

  9. both colours really suit you! the dark is really gorgeous though :) x

  10. I love your new hair, its beautiful!



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