8 May 2012

~ Haul #4 ~

Another shopping day out means only one thing...another splurge on beauty products, even though i did try hard to refrain myself from buying things that i don't actually need and keep it to a limit. It was difficult as my student loan just came into my bank account and there were so many amazing products at the make-up counters to tempt me. I did however pick up three things in total which set me back some money. I just couldn't resist them, but to be fair the eyeliner and the eyeshadow primer i needed since my urban decay ones have finished for some time now and i have been meaning to buy new ones.

- [ NARS: Night Flight (Black with cobalt blue pearls) from the Night Series Nail Polishes. - £14 ] -
This caught my eyes straight away from their new night series nail polishes and i really wanted to buy all the different shades that were there. I attempted to paint my friends nails and it was a dream to work with. The colour was quite sheer so two coats were needed to get a full opaque coverage. The longevity of the polish is really good, with no signs of chipping up to a week. The price is really good for the amount of product you receive. 

- [ YSL: Dessin Du Regard Waterproof - Long Wear Eye Pencil in 'Black ink' - £19 ] -
I finished my Urban decay 247 liner in Zero and i have been meaning to repurchase it because it was so good and amazing to use. For the meanwhile i have been using gel liner with a brush, but i miss using a creamy eye pencil which will take less time, so i checked out the YSL counter and their waterproof eyeliner which came with a sharpener too! It was so pigmented and creamy which glided on my waterline like a dream. I honestly cannot believe i didn't discover this product sooner. I know that the price is very high for this product, but it can be justified by its quality and longevity of the product.

- [ NARS:  smudge proof eyeshadow base - £18 ] -
I have been wanting to try out this product for a long long time, and now that i have finished up my UDPP, i can try this one out which has had many hypes and good reviews on. I love the simple packaging and i can honestly say that, this product works and helps greatly with my eyeshadow lasting throughout the day on my extremely oily eyelids. Recommend it to any girl who has annoyingly excessive oily lids where eyeshadows just crease or slides off during the day! The product is also fragrance free and colourless which is a bonus :)

Thanks for reading and have you tried any of these three products that i purchased?


  1. Gorgeous nail varnish colour! :)

  2. That NARS nail colour is phenomenal! I also love the look of the eye pencil, did it stay on your waterline??

    Ela x


    1. yes it did stay on for most of the day, but near the end of the night, there was a little bit of smudging but it wasn't majorly horrible like a panda~ Hope that was helpful :)

  3. The Narsh nail polish looks absolutely amazing, I will have to track this down!

    Lovely blog x


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