22 February 2013

Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Lotion || REVIEW

"Introducing NEW Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Lotion SPF 20, a moisturizing formula for oilier skins. Creates a more even appearing skin tone. Protects skin with a high level UVA/UVB protection, while instantly brightening and clarifying the skins appearance " 

I got my hands on this product a while ago now when it was Clinique bonus time and i managed to get a whole tin of sample products to try out. I have always been interested in the 'even better' line of products from Clinique since i frequently have blemishes therefore uneven skin tone and pigmentation as a result. First time i dispensed this product was very strange, it was a very runny liquid formulation and very easy to apply all over the face. I really dislike the scent of this as it smells very artificial and medicinal to me which i'm sure that there are some people out there who doesn't mind it and might quite like the scent!

I find that the product left a greasy film on my face which made my application of foundation very difficult so while i was trying out this product, i stuck to a minimal foundation routine which was actually reasonably easy as i work as a student nurse and make-up has to be kept subtle! On days which i wore no foundation at all, the greasiness just gets worse and i end up having to blot every couple of hours or so because it looked so awful and the feel of it on my face was horrible.

Regardless, i wanted to hold up on trying this product until it ran out to give it a good go and hope that it will lighten my pigmentations on my face making my skin-tone more even. So in conclusion, i have learnt that this product is definitely not suitable for oily skin like mine. It is also not suitable for people who doesn't enjoy greasy products on their skin. Most of all, it didn't do anything to even out my skin-tone and i majorly disappointed even after using this regularly for several weeks now.

Have you tried any products from Clinique?
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17 February 2013

No.7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water || REVIEW

I'm pretty sure that many of you will have heard of and are familiar with the all so raved about Bioderma micellar water and how it is effective and gentle to remove your make-up. However, it is quite difficult to get hold of that product so i have found a kind of alternative to it which is readily available here in the UK. You may or may not have heard of this, but i only discovered this on the shelves when i was browsing around to pick something to use my No.7 voucher on. 

This solution is for Normal/Oily skin which sounds near enough perfect for my combination oily skin so i picked this up right away because the price wasn't too high and after the voucher, it was only £4 which was a complete bargain in my opinion. As much of a packaging adoring freak i am, i was drawn to this product by its clear simplistic plastic bottle that has an all so convenient pump with it to dispense product hygienically and effortlessly! The bottle is plastic too which is both lightweight and practical for my journeys and travels and the cap twists to open and lock which is handy to reduce to chances of any spillages and accidents. The product itself is basically very light as if it was just normal water that removes make-up and doesn't leave any residue at all. I am very impressed with this product because it removed my foundation very well and left my skin feeling very soft and supple to touch after. 

One thing you must remember is that the cap dispenses the product out with a bit of force so be careful with it otherwise it would go everywhere but the amount it dispenses in one pump is an adequate amount and i find that using 2 pumps is enough for my whole face. Also, never try using this product for the eyes although it may work for you but when i did, it stung my eyes a bit and i had to quickly rinse the product off.

Overall, very great product to remove make-up quickly and effortlessly without being too harsh on the skin. Inexpensive and a great alternative to the hard to get hold of Bioderma. When i finish this bottle, i will be re-purchasing this.

What is your favourite cleanser?
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9 February 2013

E.L.F Flawless Finish Foundation || REVIEW

When i qualified as a make-up artist, which was around June last year, i was excited to start on my kit and this was when E.L.F came out with this Flawless foundation range and i just couldn't resist. I picked the two lightest shade because the swatches of the colours online made them look quite natural and more universal. Well, when it came, i added them to my collection and i know as bad as it sounds, i forgot about them and they just sat in my drawer hidden away.

Recently, i returned home from university back to my hometime for a night out with my friends and silly me, i forgot to bring my beloved Lancome Teint idole ultra foundation back home, and in a panic i started digging in my drawers hoping to find something that could save me from going out barefaced and this was when i rediscovered the ELF foundation.

I quite like the look of the frosted bottle, although you have to be careful when choosing the shade because the glass distorts the actual colour but allows you to observe how much product remains in the bottle. I was so lucky in the sense that the shade 'porcelain' is a perfect match for me and it had a pleasant clean fresh scent to it. The foundation itself was quite thick but easily blended out and it also delivered a medium to full coverage. The finish was very dewy actually but i used a loose powder on top due to the nature of my oily skin. 

I would say that the foundation lasted fairly well on my skin which i was quite surprised about because it initially seemed so dewy looking. One thing which you definitely have to be aware of is it's high SPF properties which gave quite abit of flashback in photos you take during the night. I am aware that my Lancome foundation has high SPF too, but it always photographs very nicely, but this ELF foundation just makes me look a tad too light in colour compared with usual.

For the price of this foundation, i would recommend this for the daytime wear. Longevity is good and there is a nice range of colours to choose from. Another downside to this is that it is only available online which makes it difficult to pick a perfect shade for you therefore i recommend you looking at swatches on the internet.
Have you tried E.L.F products?
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3 February 2013

Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime beauty cleansing oil REVIEW

"Targets 8 skin concerns in one single step. Most advanced cleanser yet using 8 botanical origin oils to provide 8 outstanding skincare benefits:
Skin feels smoother 94%
Skin feels moisturised 92%
Skin looks more radiant 90%
Skin looks refined 92%
Skin looks revitalized 85%
Skin appears more translucent 90%
Skin looks more Supple 92%
Skin feels nourished 90%
* Consumer test on 49 Asian women using this twice a day"
150ml - £34
450ml - £68

I love the simplistic packaging that is always achieved for the packaging of Shu uemura products. I purchased this when i was in Hong Kong because i have always wanted to try out their cleansing oils and this  particular one was new on the shelves and i was drawn to it's claims and benefits. There are two sizes and i opted for the smaller choice because i didn't want to invest in a product that doesn't work for me. I use this product twice a day followed by my usual skincare that i use regularly.

First thoughts are that 3-4 pumps which is recommended would be too much product. I use only 1 pump which is enough in my opinion as the product spreads quite easily. I apply this all over my dry face and give it a good rub in. Eventually, i gradually add water which makes the product turn into a nice milky consistency and makes me feel that the make-up and dirt on my face is thoroughly washed off. What i like about this is how it left my skin feeling. My skin not only feel cleansed, but it felt soft, supple and nourished. This is so gentle that it didn't aggrevate my sensitive skin and although this is an oil, it did not make my oily skin any more oilier or clog my pores. 

I will definitely repurchase the full sized version of this when it is finished although i have noticed that the product does get used up quite quickly and everyday pump after pump, i see the products dissapearing right before my very eyes. In my opinion, the price for this product is really worth it for it's benefits and the way in which it makes your skin feels. I am not saying that i would agree with the claims made, but i do reckon it changed the condition of my skin making it feel much more replenished and hydrated. A bit thumbs up to Shu uemura for this product and i am very excited to try out the other skincare products by them! 

Have you tried any other cleansing oils?
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