29 April 2012

~ Diorshow heat curl REVIEW ~

When this was launched, my eyes lit up with excitement and i was sure that i would eventually purchase it sometime in the future. I finally got it the other day when i made my way to Selfridges because it was limited to the Dior counter there and i couldn't have got it at any other Dior counters. The lady serving me was very informative when introducing the eyelash curlers to me and i purchased it for £23. I know it is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a heated eyelash curler when i know full well that there are other brands e.g. panasonic, that produces a similar product with the equivalent function. I guess it is the packaging and the branding which has attracted me to it the most and shamefully i had the belief that a high priced product would achieve better results.

So the product claims to "stretch lashes to infinite dimensions" which sounds so tempting and almost too good to be true really compared with the conventional mechanical eyelash curlers. I was so excited to try it out when i got home. The box was quite big for accommodating the product itself and a part of me wondered whether it was necessary for it to be so large..Inside was a booklet of instructions with a variety of languages, a battery and the heated eyelash curler itself. The eyelash curler feels expensive and sturdy and i am pleased with the sleek black design of the product.
The product has two heat settings, (Heat + and Heat ++) which i really have no idea why it was necessary to have the two settings because surely most people would want the product to work to its full potential, hence will use the Heat ++ option more. It also has a clever mechanisms with the two dots at the back which should eventually turn to a green colour to indicate that it is ready to use. The product also boasts that it is safe and gentle to use on the lashes and can curl the lashes with ease. 

So here is my experience with the Dior heat curl and what i thought about it:
First of all, i regret buying this product so much and i think it is such a waste of money for what it does-Which is nothing. Disappointed is not even enough to describe my thoughts about this product. It did not make any difference to my lashes, no curl, no change in the looks of my lashes, nothing at all. I do not know whether this is just the 'faulty' batch which some people have spoken about around the internet community, but whatever it is, i am planning to return this as soon as possible!
Firstly, the dots at the back of the wand did not turn green which it is supposed to do when it is ready to use. I tried both the settings and waited for up for 20 minutes, but no response at all. I was angry when i realised that it didn't seem to be functioning properly! But i thought that it could be forgiven if it did the job and the heat sensor was just faulty. The wand seems to be warm to touch and it seemed promising to give me the most amazing curls......I was wrong in so many ways. I tried using it like a mascara brushing through my lashes. I tried holding it at the base of my lashes for a good minute or two, but nothing seemed to change the form of my lashes. My lashes did not curl or do anything. I feel so cheated by this and feel utterly disappointed with this. At first, i would have forgiven the fact that the back green lights did not change colour, but discovering that it had hardly any effect on my lashes is just unforgivable, given how much i paid for the product. I may aswell have just stuck with the mechanical ones which at least gives 'some' results.

Overall, i do not recommend you guys to buy this product. I am not entirely sure whether it is just my heat curl i got which is faulty, or it is the general product itself. I am definitley going to return this product. I would include pictures of my lashes before and after, but technically they look identical that i don't even want to waste time comparing the minor changes to probably one lash or two. Angry, frustrated and disappointed with Dior on this product. Mega Thumbs down!

Has any of you guys tried this product? and if you have, did you get it to work ok?

27 April 2012

~ All about my Hair ~

Hi there everyone~ I realise that my blog is lacking posts in the hair domain, so i decided to start off by informing everyone all about my hair and how i take care of it. Like a typical girly girl, i have always sported the long hair look and all my life, i have never had hair that was above my shoulder. I just love the versatility of having long hair as you can do so much with it and create different hairstyles. However, taking care of the mane can be quite tricky, especially now that there is a vast amount of ionic heated products and d.i.y hair-dye kits readily available to everyone. Most people inaccurately believe that i have extensions to give my hair extra length, but i have to break it out to them that its my real hair and it is just because i have many layers put in that it gives the illusion of having had longer extensions put in.

So, lets discuss about my hair in general. My hair is very fine and brittle. It is also greatly damaged and over-processed by many events of colouring. Normally when i leave it to naturally air dry, it looks really dry and knots will appear, but this can be disguised by me blowdrying it and styling accordingly with straighteners to achieve a much more polished sleek look. I understand that doing this is probably worse for my hair, but i just can't help it. 
I do try and use some methods to rectify my damaged hair problem and look after it properly to prevent further damage, but this can only last in the short term and the issue can only be solved when i go to the salon to get my hair trimmed. I use a combination of hair masks, reducing the amount of times i wash my hair with the use of dry shampoos and using other styling methods that does not require heat. My combination of oily skin type and having very fine hair just drives me insane because most of the nourishing products i use to treat my damaged hair weighs it down so much and it ends up looking heavy and limp and oh so unattractive. Here are some of the products that i have discovered that works for me and also some which are not so good...

(1) Shampoo and conditioners
These i find are really important when it comes to hair care and finding a good one may be quite hard. I tend to go for shampoos that are designed to be for fine hair so that it doesn't weigh it down too much. 
My top picks are:

- Herbel essences uplifting volume
- Tresemme 24 hour body
- Pantene aqua light

I recommend to AVOID: 
- Tresemme moisture rich shampoo
- L'oreal Elvive full restore shampoo & Conditioner

(2) Hair treatments
- L'oreal Elvive: Re-nutrition hair mask
- VO5 hot oil moisture soak Elixir
- VO5 miracle concentrate
- Kerastase Masquintense

(3) Hair Styling 

- Treseme heat defence spray 
- Umberto Gianinni- Grunge glamour tousled salt spray
- Vo5 miracle mist
-Tresemme instant refresh dry shampoo

There are other products which i recommend people with fine and oily hair to steer away from. I am going to list them and a brief description of what makes them so unappealing to me.

- Umberto Giannini Morning after shampoo ~ This absolutley didn't do anything to my hair except from making it smell nicer. Didn't mop up any grease and i am majorly disappointed with this product.

-Umberto Giannini backcomb in a bottle ~ Don't know if it's just me, but these products does not seem to be suitable for me and it doesn't work one bit. This didn't give me any volume regardless of how i used this. Really wanted this to work and i had high hopes for it, but it was one again a disappointing product in this line once again.

-Batiste nude dry shampoo~ The powder formula of the famous dry shampoo spray. The idea was pretty cool since you can dispense as much powder as you want and it is also better for the environment seeing that it wasn't in an aerosol can. It was so difficult to work with and rubbing the product in was harder work than expected. The whiteness of the powder remains and it was awful and messy to use. 

VO5 straight & smooth smoothing cream ~ This product was 100% a thumbs down for me. It was so greasy and weighed my hair down so much and i ended up having to wash my hair all over again! It was horrible. I attempted to give it another try with using just minimal products and despite it not weighing my hair down as much, it really did make my hair look greasy quicker than usual.

I hope this post was useful and i apologise for the pictures being just taken from google, but some of the products i do not own at the moment but i just wanted to share my thoughts on them. Hope you guys can share the products that you swear by and what you recommend <3

~*Images are from google*~

16 April 2012

~ Lancome teint idole ultra 24h REVIEW ~

Browsing around my local Lancome counter, the make-up artist introduced me to their newest addition to their foundation line - The teint idole ultra 24/7 which is perfect for my oily complexion. As i already purchased my Chanel perfection lumiere recently, i was a bit hesitant with buying the full sized product therefore i asked for a colour match and a sample bottle of the foundation. 
The next day, armed with my generous bottle of sample, i applied it all across my face and blended out and to my amazement, i thought it applied really well and gave an amazing finish to my complexion. I must admit, deep down i was thinking "Why did i get my Chanel foundation so soon?!". Even my friend complimented my make-up that day, saying i looked really nice and the foundation suits me and looks really natural (Note: She didn't know i was using a diff foundation) 

What the product claims:
- 24 hour wear and comfort
- Retouch free
- Divine perfection - SPF15
- Oil and transfer free foundation
- Sweat and friction resistance
- Without mask effect
- Suitable for all skin type, even sensitive,
- Dermatologically tested
- Non-Comdogenic

The coverage i would say is medium, but like most foundations, it is buildable to the intensity that you want. The product is a dream to work with as it doesn't set too quickly and gives you enough time to really work the product into your face without it drying and turning into a nightmare where the product just wont budge or blend nicely. I would say, once the product is set, it is 'non-transferable' as stated on its description and that is a positive attribute to have in a foundation seeing you don't want to get foundation marks on all your clothes, especially if your a big fan of white tees or dresses! In addition, when set, i feel that there is not a need for me to set my foundation since when i touch it, it feels matte and non-greasy like the finish that most foundation gives. The scent is nice, but not too over-powering which is a bonus because i don't really like the idea of placing fragranced products onto my sensitive skin in case of irritation. It controls oils very well throughout the day yet it is not drying at all which deserves a major thumbs-up from me because it's just what i've ever wanted in a product!

This foundation is also cheaper than a number of the high end foundations at £27 which i think is really good for the product quality and the finish that it gives. The packaging is in a tall slim bottle with frosted glass which not only makes it look sophisticated, but it is easy for travelling and throwing into your make-up bag without it taking too much space.This is really my favourite foundation as of now and i am so impressed by this foundation. Haven't really thought of any down-sides to this foundation as of yet because it is versatile and works well with any type of application, be it sponge, fingers or brushes. Cannot fault this foundation at all and i would recommend this to anybody who is on the hunt for an amazing foundation.

- Before -
 - After -

Hope this review is helpful and thank you so much for reading, have a nice day <3

13 April 2012

~ My M.A.C lipstick collection ~

Like most make-up obsessed girlies out there, theres always got to be a M.A.C lipstick you have somewhere in your collection! With their large arrays of colours and finishes, i really adore what M.A.C has to offer. I remembered when i purchased my first ever M.A.C lipstick 'Creme de nude' when i was 16, i was over the moon with it and using it just made me feel amazing! The scent of the lipsticks are vanillary and smells delightful to use too, im a massive fan of the scent as opposed to the YSL rouge volupte lipstick scents. Shamefully, over the years i have slowly built my collection of these lipsticks, which to some people may not be a lot, but to me it is quite a bit seeing that some colours i rarely pick up and use. All of the pictures below was taken in daylight and i believe that they are close to the true colours in real life.
The classic black bullet packaging is classic and never fails to impress. it is relatively sturdy and easy to fit inside your make-up bag or your clutch bag if your on a night out - The lipstick that i use the most often clearly shows that seeing the M.A.C logo has been worn off! So these are the colours represented, which i'm sure that some of you will be familiar with especially the really popular ones that have been raved about on beauty blogs and magazine. 
The colours that i have are (Left to Right):
- Viva Glam Gaga 2
- Viva Glam Cyndi
- Viva Glam GaGa
- Viva Glam Nicki
- Creme Cup
- Creme de Nude
- Plink!
- Hue

What is your favourite M.A.C lipstick?
Thank you for reading and i hope you have a great day~<3

11 April 2012

~ Shades of Green ~

My all time favourite colour is green because i feel that it is a positive and refreshing colour! Now that the sunshine is back in our lives in the UK, i feel that i can finally put these brighter nail polish colours in use. These are the nail polishes that i have collected over the years and i think that they are the perfect complementary colours to the current trends with the pastels and the bright colours. Unfortunately i do not have swatches on my nails, but i am just going to write down the colour shades and you can probably check them out in store or something but these colours are all my favourite shades. 

-[L-R]-    KIKO '343' //  KIKO '391'  //  Rimmel 045 'Misty Jade' // Revlon 028 'Minted'
- [L-R] -  BarryM 290 'Spring Green'  //  BarryM 290 'Spring Green' -OLDER VERSION //  O.P.I 'Gargantuan Green Grape'  //  Models own 'Jade Stone'

I hope this is helpful even though i haven't done proper swatched, but you guys should get the general idea of the looks of the colours, or you can google image them etc. I really don't know why the two barryM colours look different even though its the same shade. hmmm, very strange....that it seems to have changed colours.

Thank you for reading and i hope you have a great day! <3

7 April 2012

~ 7 Deadly Beauty Sins ~

This tag is really fun to do and i think that it is great to reflect on all your products and realise what you have that works or doesn't work. I enjoyed going through this and answering these questions and i encourage everyone to do it and share :)

1. GREED: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?
  • Most INEXPENSIVE - "The little green tin (aloe vera) lip therapy balm", purchased from superdrug at a low cost and i really think that this is better than the Vaseline that is loved by many. I use this on my dry lips as well as random dry patches which needs some attention.
  • Most EXPENSIVE - "The Clarisonic Pro", I received this as a gift and although it is expensive, it is worth it as it leaves my skin feeling amazing and helps in the absorption of my products after cleansing. There are many alternative cleaning products out there but i think that the Clarisonic is phenomenal and i think the price is justified.

2. WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What product has been the hardest to get?

+ YSL rouge volupte lipsticks, I love the packaging of these and the scent is lovely too, but i really do not like the consistency of these. It is way too creamy and it slips and slides alot regardless of how nice the colours look. I have tried to make them work but it always fails and i just get frustrated and turn to another more easily manageable lipstick in the end.

+ CHANEL perfection Lumiere. Upon purchase of this, i realised how drying this was on my skin and left patches and flakes which were very noticeable despite of my oily skin. I do love the scent of it and the coverage is flawless with a matte finish. I do love this in regards to the coverage and the overall finish it gives, but it is way too drying on my skin and sets a bit too quickly and i have to work very quickly with it. You can read my in-depth review here with pictures of before and afters HERE

+ I would have to say most asian skin-care products which i tend to have to purchase online off e-bay or something. One thing that i think UK lacks is sheet facial masks. They are just so convenient to use and i find it is so hard for me to get my hands on decent quality ones here in the UK

3. GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?
+ I wouldn't quite know what delicious means in the context of beauty products, but if it is in regards to scents, i would have to say the natural collection lipgloss in 'Rasberry Ripple' and ALL soap and glory products because they smell divine and yummy!

4. SLOTH: What beauty products do you neglect, due to laziness?
+ Benefit porefessional primer: I skip this when i am in a hurry in the morning and just apply my foundation immediately after my moisturiser.

+ Make-up remover: When i am so tired at night, i just whip my pack of make-up wipes out and rub at my eyes and face, even though i know it is bad for the skin especially around the delicate eye area.

+ Lip liners: With the invention of glossy lipsticks and lip butters, i sometimes neglect the lipliners as it is not essential and i simply forget in the morning. Lip liners can undoubtedly accentuate the lips, but sometimes i simple can't be bothered or in a rush.

5. PRIDE: What beauty products gives you the most self confidence?
+ ESTEE LAUDER pore refiner: Minimises my pores and makes my face look flawless whilst giving it an amazing smooth texture to touch. Boosts my confidence and doesn't make me as self conscious about my enlarged pores.

+ LANCOME hypnose waterproof mascara: My holy grail mascara which always gives me the most gorgeous eyelashes ever. It also holds my curl really well so i always enjoy my day knowing that i have long fluttery eyelashes that hasn't drooped.

6. LUST: What products did you lust after before you bought it?
+ NARS Laguna bronza: I spent ages deciding whether to purchase it or not since i already had the benefit's Hoola bronzer. But i finally forked out the money and bought it and i love it and kind of neglected Hoola now.

+ CHANEL Perfection Lumiere foundation: I've wanted this ever since it was launched and there was so much hype around it since it was meant to be a super foundation which incorporates features of the pro-lumiere and the matt lumiere. Lusted over this product for so long and when i finally purchased it, i had a love/hate relationship with it.

7. ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift?
+ I would like people to put some thought into the gifts they give to me because i think that no matter how expensive or great the product is, it may not be suitable for me. But regardless, i don't mind receiving gifts sets of perfumes or skincare products since i don't usually buy sets for myself, normally just the odd product and that.

So that is the tag completed! I tag everyone to do it as i love reading these :) Easter weekend is here so its time to relax and eat plenty of chocolate easter eggs <3

Happy Easter everyone!

Thank you for reading and i hope you have a lovely day <3

6 April 2012

~ Revlon Lip butter REVIEW ~

~ L-R:  Tutti Frutti   //  Cupcake  //  Sweet Tart ~

These are so worth the hype...and the wait if your in the UK like me. These lip butters have been anticipated for a long long time, ever since they were launched in the US and bloggers and beauty gurus were reviewing them and saying how much they loved them. So after lusting for these, i finally got my hands on 3 shades even though there were plenty more that i wanted, but i thought i should hold back and wait for a little while first.
First impressions is that i am loving the packaging, it has a kind of etched quilted pattern design which i am sure people are familiar with as the colorburst lipsticks have the similar design but in black. I adore the way that at the top of the lid, it is transparents so you can see the product colour at ease without physically getting it out the tube. 

These lipsticks retails at £7.99 and i believe this is an actual bargain for what they are and the finish they give. This lipstick promises to be a hybrid between a balm, gloss and also a lipstick which is a popular concept within the beauty market these days with the L'oreal version which are hot on the shelves aswell. These lipsticks are very moisturising, but not in a sticky or waxy way, they are really creamy and doesn't slip and slide that easily which is great! The colours are very sheer but it is highly buildable to achieve the desired intensity. I think regardless of the colours, these lipsticks are great 'everyday' lipsticks which you can just pop on and go. I am a true sufferer of dry chapped lips and my lip-balm has been following me absolutley everywhere i go, but after using these revlon lip butters, i found that my lips haven't been as chapped and my lip balm has been made temporarily redundant! 

So lets go on to talking about the three colours that i bought and what i think of them:

- Tutti Frutti -
As i have raved about in my other posts, this one is my favourite as it is a buildable orangey, reddy, corally colour and it complements my skin-tone very well. I love the fact that it doesn't look too overdone on the lips during the summer and it doesn't over power my eye make-up looks. Very pretty colour on the lips and adds some colour and vibrancy to the face, instantly makes you look more refreshed and energised.

- Cupcake -
This is a cool toned pink which i think the colour is similar to M.A.C's Viva Glam GaGa but in a more sheerer and balm form. Out of the three, this one is my least favourite, as it is a little bit more difficult to apply (i don't know why) as it comes out quite watery and doesnt blend well. It is a nice sweet colour, but i think it is a little bit too light for my skin-tone therefore i may need to use a lipliner underneath first. The colour does look really sweet and cute on the swatch on my hand though. 

- Sweet Tart - 
A deep candy pink colour which you can wear in a sheer fashion, or build it up for a more intense look. I think this colour can give you a very sweet look and i do recommend it for the summer days where everything is a lot more colourful and brighter. Amazing colour to own and i think it works with most skin-tones and instantly brightens your complexion and adds a hint of sophistication to any make-up looks.

Have you guys tried any of the Revlon Lipbutters yet? and if so, what is your favourite shade?

Thank you so much for reading and i hope you have a great day!


4 April 2012

~ Chanel Perfection Lumiere REVIEW ~

(I can't find a way of flipping the picture so the words are back to front)

Yes i have finally got this product after its been launched for quite a while now and i have been very indecisive with whether to purchase it or not. I adored my Matt Lumiere (it was in my last monthly favourites) and it is such a shame that they are discontinuing this line because it was just perfect for my complexion and controlled my oil very well and fairly long lasting. Anyway, after being matched up to my shade and given a sample from one of the Chanel make-up counters, i used it for around a week and i did enjoy it and the finish it gave was nice~ although i still preferred my Matt lumiere deep down, I felt that this foundation was a little bit heavier and dried out my skin a bit more and i ended up having flakey skin emphasised regardless of how much moisturising i did. It applied very well and it has a slight scent of roses which i personally like and hasn't irritated my skin, but probably not something which everyone particularly fancies since some may have sensitive skin and prefer fragrance-free products.

I purchased the full-sized of this at the cost of £36 which is justified as it is from a high end brand and with the amount of product, i know i can get a lot of uses from this since only a pump is needed for the coverage of my full face. As of the drying properties of it, i am sure i can overcome that since summer is arriving and i tend to get a little bit more oilier, so it may be a good attribute for the foundation to have! There is a large range of colours to match a variety of skin-tones from fair to dark and i feel that this foundation does not oxidise too much as opposed to other ones which definitely wins me over as some foundations i have used have made me look orangey after a few hours. The perfection lumiere provides good coverage although it dries very quickly so you have to blend immediately after application to create a smooth non-patchy finish. The longevity of this foundation is very good and i can go around 4-5 hours without feeling to need to blot my face or powder again. I would recommend you to grab a sample at your local counter to test this foundation out. It is a good foundation, but not good enough to be holy grail material for me as it doesn't entirely suitable for my skin-type.

Note: The pictures of my skin looks terrible, SLR cameras just reveals everything *sighs*
- Before -
- After -

I hope this review was helpful and thank you for reading, i hope you have a nice day <3

3 April 2012

~ March Favourites ~

A month has passed again and products are discovered, or rediscovered in some cases. Weathers have changed and spring has finally sprung with a bit of sunshine here in the UK. This month i believe that the most exciting release was the revlon lip butters after a long anticipated wait and i managed to grab myself three shades since i do not want to go overboard and be greedy buying all the shades.....though maybe some time in the future i shall invest in more hehehe.
So here are the products which have made it into my favourites of this month, you can just look at the picture above for a generalised idea of them, or you can proceed to read about the details on why i love them below: 

1. Clinique self sun body tinted lotion (Light/Medium)
Sun has been appearing and the legs should be prepped to make an appearance! finally, after the long cold winter months. This product is just amazing and i haven't touched any other tanning products since discovering this one. I apply a light layer during the night, wait for it to dry and sleep through the night with it and wash it off in the morning when i shower and it gives the most gorgeous natural tan ever with minimal streaking! Tip: exfoliate first before application and wait until properly dry, around 15 minutes at least, before allowing contact with clothes. Highly recommended product girlies! :)

2. E.L.F studio Kabuki brush
This is a rediscovery after sorting out my make-up storage and i felt how soft this was and decided to use it for setting my foundation with my M.A.C mineralise skin finish. So simple to use and can distribute an even and appropriate amount of product onto my face. The price of this brush is a bargain for it's quality and i do recommend people that hasn't got it to invest in one as it is just so useful and good quality!

3. Maybelline the falsies waterproof mascara
Bought this to try out as i cannot afford to constantly repurchase my Lancome mascaras which are really expensive and dries out very quickly since i use it almost on a daily basis! I chose the waterproof formulated one as i believe that only waterproof mascaras will hold my curls and not make them droop as i have found that most non-waterproof formulas does. This mascara definitely ticks all the boxes for me and it has made me feel so stupid that i haven't discovered it sooner. Nonetheless, i still kind of prefer my Lancome Hypnose because of the brush which is smaller and easier to use rather than this huge spoon brush which just makes a mess regardless of how well it works, i still have to clean up after! Does its job for half the price of the Lancome one, that is why this is in this months favourite products.
4. Body Shop Vitamin E facial spray
Due to the weather...OR my new Chanel perfection lumiere foundation (Will do a product review on soon), my skin has been pretty dry and patches around my cheek areas seem to have come about. I use this facial mist to moisturise throughout the day and relieve any dryness. The smell of rosewater is very calming and it is delightful to use. I also use it to set my foundation so that it doesn't look too cakey after applying my powder on top and it does a wonderful job in making my face look a bit more natural by restoring some kind of dewy glow.

5. Revlon Lipbutter: Tutti Frutti
Well well, it is no suprise that this has made it into my favourites. It is the lipbutters in general with their amazing formulas which is moisturising yet provides a sheer colour to your lips which is buildable according to the look you want to achieve. It is the shade 'tutti frutti' which is my favourite as i think this shade adds a pop of colour to my make-up especially with the pastel trends right now and it really does brighten my complexion and make me feel more vibrant and alive. I love it love it so much and i have been using it everyday since having it...kind of neglected the other shade i got, oops. 

6. Shu uemura UV under-base mousse 'Pink version'
Whacking this baby out again, i swear by using this product during the hot summery days. This make-up product is perfect for people who wants a more brightening complexion but doesn't want to use silicone based primer on the skin prior make-up. This foaming make-up base is pink coloured base which gives a suttle luminous sheen to the skin when applied and whats even better, is that it has a high spf of 30++ and it's light foam texture means that it glides onto the skin effortlessly. One downsize to this, like most foaming products, it is quite difficult to pump out the desired amount. For girlies who doesn't have much blemishes and want to go for the natural look, this should be enough to even out skin-tone without clogging up your pores :) perfect sunscreen with benefits!

7. Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturiser 'Nude'
As stated before, my Chanel perfection lumiere was quite drying on my skin so i have been alternating with this product when my skin is more on the better side and when i am just having a casual day. This tinted moisturiser is light and easy to apply, just slap it on and im ready to go. It gives a nice dewyness to my face although oil control is not particularly impressive, but theres nothing that a good primer can't sort out. More on the pricier side, but the finish it gives is really natural and its wonderful for the no make-up kind of make-up look. Gives a fresh finish during the hotter days and your face feels light and you even forget that your wearing any make up :) Its a bonus that it provides an SPF of 20 aswell.

8. Maybelline color tattoo 24hour eyeshadow 'Endless purple' 
Highly raved product in the beauty world and i have to agree with everyone and jump on the bandwagon again. This is greatly compared with the M.A.C paint-pots which i absolutley adore so when this much cheaper alternative came by, i jumped at the opportunity. I bought only the purple one to test for its quality and see if it works for my oily eyelids. It works wonders and i love love love it and i am going to purchase all the other colours aswell hopefully! It is really pigmented and easy to blend and work it. Nice base for eyeshadows to adhere onto, or it can simply be worn on its one. So simple to use and for the price, it is a total bargain! 

9. Chanel eyeshadow quad '08 Vanites'
I've always wanted one of these Chanel eyeshodow quads since like forever, so when i finally got this i was over the moon and used it constantly. I chose the purply shades since i lack purple coloured eyeshadows. Although the colours are not very pigmented and very shimmery/glittery, they were very easy to work with and blended like a dream to give a nice gradient eyeshadow look. The sponges provided works very well too, but i prefer to use my brushes since it is easier to apply and i don't have to deal with the small fiddly sponges! Love the colours and how buildable and blendable they are. Really worth the price and i love them!

10. Clinique lash power mascara (bottom lashes)
Finally, it is my long lost love for my clinique mascara which used to be my holy grail mascara before being replaced by my beloved Lancome hypnose right now. I have re-discovered this and have been useing it for my bottom lashes. It's small wand makes it perfect to grab my tiny lashes on my lower lashline and doesn't go everywhere like most of the big wanded mascaras. It is waterproof and sweatproof which is ideal for using it since i am a contact lens wearer and eyes tend to water when it gets dry later on in the evening. such a cute little trustworthy mascara and i am keen to try their bottom lash mascara which is made specifically for bottom lashes! 

So these are my beauty favourite round ups, Tell me what your favourites are? and whether any products you have re-discovered from your stash of make-up~

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2 April 2012

~ FOTD #2 Endless purple ~

Purple is a colour which complements most skin-tones and perfect for people who want to try out other colours other than the neutral earth tones. It gives a soft yet sophisticated touch to the make-up look without it looking too harsh. Summer is arriving soon and i think that a pop of colour will be appropriate and definitely will go well with the current trend with the bright colours. This look can be made more dramatic by bringing the colour higher up past the crease of the eye-lid, or it can be made more suttle for those who are are a bit apprehensive about the colour by applying only a light wash of colour instead, or even just using it as an eyeliner. Everyone should experiment with colours and this purple can be teamed up with earthy tones such as browns and grey colours to transform the look into a more daytime look appropriate for everyday.
Products used:
- Chanel perfection Lumiere
- NARS Laguna (only a small amount)

- Maybelline 24 hour color tattoo 'Endless purple'
- Chanel eyeshadow quad: 08 Vanites
- Maybelline the falsies waterproof
- Lancome Art liner
- E.L.F eyebrow kit

- Nivea essentials lipbalm
(With Flash)

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