4 May 2012

~ Save your M.A.C paintpots ~

Due to my M.A.C paint-pot being dried out and become very difficult to use, i have neglected it for the past months and have seriously contemplated on getting another one. I thought that it was the end of it's life and got disappointed that it lasted for such a short period of time. However, i discovered that the problem was the way that i was storing the product. I realised that the product dried out due to the fact that the oils have seeped to the bottom of the pot, leaving the upper layers of the product becoming dry. I decided to flip my paint-pot upside down to store for a couple of days and i was amazed to see great results. I wouldn't say that it recovered it to the original creaminess, but it has definatley improved in the consistency and was much more easier to use. I am back in love with my M.A.C paint-pot in 'bare study' and glad that i didn't have to repurchase~

Thanks for reading and i hope this has helped you out~ x


  1. That's a really nifty tip! Will keep it in mind, hopefully it works for other similar cream products that are stored in a pot as well. Glad you managed to save your Paint Pot rather than having to throw it out :)

  2. Very good tip :-)



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