7 May 2012

~ Product Hype #1 ~

After my disappointment with the expensive DIOR eyelash curlers (Read my review here), i decided to search for an alternative product that actually works. The first place that popped to my head was eBay where it is usually very easy to find cheap beauty products online, especially beauty tools. I searched for heated eyelash curlers and this product was one of the first ones that popped up. They were mostly from hong kong or china so i was kinda concerned with the quality of these, but i really wanted to try them out since learning that expensive products does not always guarantee that they will work efficiently...I ended up buying them for just £2.59 including shipping, which was crazy and just sounds too good to be true right? Well, it came to me quite quickly and the packaging although looks pretty flimsy and cheap, it had clear instructions on how to use it and look afte the product which i'm content with, seeing as it was only £2.59.
So the design was just a normal plasticky eyelash curler, but the pad can be heated up. The pad is heat sensitive, therefore when it is heated up properly and ready to use, it changes from a red colour to a clear colour, which i thought was very useful indeed. The simple mechanism was so easy to understand and all that was needed in a heated eyelash curler. I used it, and guess what? It worked like a dream! and i am not even exaggerating if i say that a few crimps, my short straight asian lashes immediately looked curled and viewable. It was so easy for me to achieve nice long lashes that can be seen after i applied a few coats of my mascara and i am definitely happy with this product. Perfect for short and sparse lashes, as well as stubborn straight lashes that are difficult to curl! Five Star product for a bargain. I purchased my eyelash curlers from HERE for £2.59~ check it out, and i think there are alternative colours to choose from too

What eyelash curlers are you currently using and will you be considering these to try?

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