22 December 2011

~Do you have Oily skin?~

I have always had oily skin type ever since my teenage years and i must admit that it wasn't nice to work with and keeping oil levels under control was just such a struggle. So here im just sharing some tips and products which i have found to be useful that worked for me and hopefully beneficial to all the readers here on my blog:

"What is classified as oily skin type?"
Individuals have overactive sebaceous glands which causes an excess of sebum (oil) to be secreted to give the characteristic shiny look on your skin. You can either be: (1) pure oily skin type which is excess oil on all parts of the face, or (2) combination-oily where you tend to only be oily around your T-zone area (Forehead and nose) and surrounding areas are dry.
Even though oily-skin is seen as a negative attribute with problems with enlarged pores, it does have its positive side where the skin tends to be firmer and less prone to ageing!

"How do i take care of my oily skin?"
Make sure you use wash your face twice daily to remove excess oil which can cause a build up of bacteria. Avoid using any soap-based or alcohol products which can over-dry or irritate the skin. I recommend using a cleanser which is either gel or water based as it doesn't leave that dry feeling after rinsing. 
Also, remember to remove all make-up before sleeping, it can clog up your pores and the oils you produce mixing with the make-up is not a nice thing to imagine!
~ Most important tip of course, is to use a moisturiser to hydrate the skin so your skin doesn't feel that it needs to compensate the deprived skin with producing extra oils, causing you to be even more greasy and shiny looking!

[ Recommended products: ]
- Origins zero oil product range (especially check out the toner and moisturiser)
- Shu Uemura Pure nu: oil in gel cleanser (quite expensive, but i swear by this product)
- Clinique anti-blemish foaming cleanser


*Images from google images*

"Oily Skin and Make-up?"
I think the most important tip for applying make-up which will last on your skin, is to ALWAYS use primer before foundation. I recommend using a primer which is specifically made for mattifying and controlling oil such as products that includes ingredients such as silica.
Mineral products are always very good for the skin as it doesn't clog up your pores and are usually better for the skin since it normally contains more natural ingredients.
Another must have product in your make-up bag are blotting tissues which can remove your excess oils during the day ( I recommend using this only once during the day as it can stimulate the skin to produce extra oil to compensate for the removal) - other options are to use blot powders which are designed to absorb the oils.
Eye make-up should be all waterproof and again, eye primers should be used before any eyeshadows. Glittery or shimmery eyeshadows should be avoided if possible as it may highlight the sheen on your face.

[ Recommended products: ]

- Chanel Mat Lumier foundation
- Elizabeth Arden mineral foundation 
- The body shop blotting tissues

*Images from google images*

Please feel free to ask any questions and i will try my best to answer :)
Thanks for reading

20 December 2011

~Soap&Glory LOVE!!~

I love christmas time!!! ~its when all the offers are on and amazing gift sets are available for purchase which will set you back a lot of money compared to usual. I spotted this bargain today and i HAD to buy it~ It was originally £60 but now its only £25!!! its soooo good :) since most of their products are expensive individually regardless of their 3 for 2 offer which is always on. This case includes everything which covers from your face to your feet :) most of all, i love the handfood after trying out a mini version which i purchased in my recent haul. This is available from Boots which i believe is out of stock online, but i there are many available in store! ~and u receive 100 advantage points aswell :)

There is a cardboard box inside containing the products, but once u take them out, the box can be discarded so you can just use the case for your own cosmetics :)
I love the drawstring bag which could keep all your cosmetics quite discrete so that when u open it, it doesn't all go on show. It also has a zip compartment at the top which is very convenient for carrying more delicate products.

Products include:
Clean On Me: Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel - 500ml
The Righteous Butter: Body Butter - 300ml
Pulp Friction: Body Scrub - 300ml
Face, Soap & Clarity: Fresh Facial Wash - 150ml
25 Off Your Face: Cleansing Wipes
Heel Genius: Foot Cream - 125ml
Hand Food: Hand Cream - 125ml
Mist You Madly: Fragrant Body Spray - 250ml
Sexy Mother Pucker: Lip Plumper In Candy Gloss - 7ml
Calm One, Calm All: Bubble Bath - 500ml.


14 December 2011

~Mini December Haul #2~

Benefit porefessional primer 22ml - £23.50

Soap & Glory 'Sit Tight' Firming Formula 200ml - £14.50

Nails inc.: The Blair Gossip Girl Collection - £20.00

Zero Oil: Pore purifying toner with Saw Palmetto & Mint 150ml : £16.00
A perfect world: Antioxidant cleanser with White Tea 150ml: £17.00

12 December 2011

~Haul #1~

~ x ~

- Soap & Glory: Hand Food - Mini version (non-greasy hand cream with Shea butter, macadamia oil and  marshmellow) 50ml ~ £2.35
- Simple: Kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser 125ml ~ £3.25
- Origins: Modern Friction (Natures gentle demabrasion) 125ml ~ £30.00
- Chanel: Chance Eau Fraiche 100ml ~ £66.00
- Garnier- Skin naturals: Simply essentials soothing 2 in 1 make up remover even waterproof make-up (For Face and Eyes) 200ml ~ £2.99
- Rimmel: Stronger nails 12ml ~ £4.59
- RimmelNail rescue - Save me 14 day nail hardening treatment 12ml ~ £4.59
- Barry M: Nail paint - Racing Green 10ml ~ £2.99
- Lancome: Hypnose waterproof 6ml ~ £21.00
- Lancome: Hypnose Drama Waterproof 6ml ~ £21.00
- L'oreal Paris: Lash renewal serum 7.5ml ~ £10.99

6 December 2011

~*Festive Christmas Nail Design*~

Heyy, so christmas is just around the corner and it's time to get into the festive spirit buy spicing up your nails with different designs rather than sticking to boring mono-colours~
Here, i've used a half-moon manicure design using the colours red and gold, since i think these two colours look great together and really does give a christmasy feeling!

It looks good with just the two colours, but i decided to add a bit more glam by layering another coat of glitter nail polish which, in a way reminds me of snowflakes that sparkles when it catches the light~ It's really pretty when it does!

(Note: Apologies for the dry cuticles~)

So here are the 3 nail polishes which i have used to create this nail design, although alternative nail polishes can be used instead :)

~ N.Y.C:  105 Lights-Camera-Glitter
~ Rimmel London: 030 Double Decker Red
~ Chanel: 531 Peridot

*And make sure you use a base coat to reduce the staining of you nails :) and use a topcoat to make your nail polish longer lasting*


21 November 2011

~ Chanel 513 Peridot! ~

After many months of wanting this nail polish, i finally have it! It is so expensive, but the Boots store was doing an offer which offered me extra points to go on my beauty rewards card if i purchased enough moneys worth of products. 

So the nail polish itself was £18 and it contains 13ml of product which should last for a very long time indeed. The packaging is very sturdy and very sophisticated like most chanel nail polishes. I only bought this Chanel nail polish since i do not know of any other cheaper alternative to this colour.
The colour is just amazing, it is a green - gold which reflects lights in different angles to give an illusion of a multicolour effect, kind of like the petrol oil spill on the ground. The colour looks good in the bottle but when you first apply it - it was quite disappointing as the colour was not as strong as expected, so layer number two is really needed to make it more opaque.
My initial thought of this is that the nail polish although was nicely pigmented, it was very prone to streaking from the brush itself which was annoying as i was expecting a high quality formula and brush considering the amount i paid for it. 

I do not regret buying this product as it seems to be very unique and the nail polish actually lasted me for 1-2 weeks without chipping at all (When one layer of top coat was applied on top). 
However, within a week or so purchasing this, i realised that there WAS a drugstore alternative. It is the new collection by 'ModelsOwn' which is called the 'Beetlejuice collection' which contains many different pearlescent colours just like peridot, including what seems to be exact dupe of it! i do not know the formula or consistency of it yet, but i will definitely purchase a couple to try since the colours are so pretty. Check out the new collection here~


29 August 2011

~ Favourite High-Street Facial wash ~

Both are from the Neutrogena: Visibly Clear range and i love them simply because they do not break me out and they are very gentle on the skin yet does it's job very well.
Neutrogena 2-in-1 Wash Mask
As a daily facial wash it claims to "reduce spots and keep your skin clear". I have finished the whole tube of it and i must say that it is indeed a good cleanser and left my skin feeling very refreshed and clear~ In conjunction with this product, i've been using other anti blemish products too since i've always had oily and blemish prone skin; so i cannot be sure that its down to this product which reduced my blemishes.

I would definitely repurchase this again because for the price, what you get is worth it. You get a lot of product and it can be used as a facial wash and a mask. The only downside to this is that sometimes its very hard to wash it all off completely since the consistency is very thick ( since it is meant to be used as a mask) so it tend to remain on some areas of the face.

Neutrogena pink grapefruit facial wash
I tend to use this facial wash in the morning because of its refreshing smell and the light gel consistency it has. It feels very pure and clean and leaves a nice moisturised feeling to the skin. I really like the fact that it has a pump packaging so its incredibly easy to dispense the product into the hand and I find that one pump of it is enough for the entire face
This product doesn't really lather up that well so however much u wash the face, that slimy consistency will remain until you wash it off thoroughly with water. Once again, this product did not break me out and it left my skin very soft and clean.

25 August 2011

~ Chanel Morning Rose Dupe ~

China Glaze: PINK-ROX-E 

( Two layers of polish with No Top coat )

I've been too slow this summer to get my hands on the Chanel Nail Vernis: Morning rose, which is the most gorgeous colour i've ever seen. However, after looking at nail polish swatches on blogs around the internet, i have discovered a similar colour to it and it wasn't as expensive too. 

It has a similar pink shade and like the Chanel one, it contains fine micro gold pigments which makes the nail polish look so different and more dimensional compared to standard nail polishes.
I truly love this nail polish and its become my new fave colour to wear on my nails. 

The consistency of it is much like OPI formulas and it was quite runny and not thick like some polishes. The brush was moderately sized but would be better if it was larger. The colour was very sheer yet buildable and the fact that it states that it contains hardeners is just an extra bonus. 
Great Polish, Great colour, Highly Recommend this.


23 August 2011

~ Lipsy London Dress + inspired Nail Design ~

BarryM Nail Paint: 291 - Cobalt blue
BarryM Nail Paint: 47 - Black

Lipsy Panelled Strapless Bodycon dress ~ RRP £55
I needed a dress for going out for my friends birthday, so after browsing around; i came across this lipsy dress which i was attracted to because of the colour and the style. I love how its not too short and its perfect for my height and body shape. The dress itself provides a lot of control and hold; which serves its purpose as a Bodycon dress i guess, but in my opinion, the black bandages material is a bit too stiff so when you move around, the material bunches up in the middle~
One negative aspect of this dress is the Sizing - I got this in a size 10 which just about fits, but when i tried on the size 12....it was ridiculously too big. Overall, i like this dress and definitely worth the price and very slimming and enhances your silhouette. 

~ Mini Dorothy Perkins and New look Haul ~

Navy Twill toggle Cape ~ £69.99 
- Dorothy Perkins

I got 10% off since i had my student discount! its such a cute coat and it has popper buttons as well as the cute toggle fastening detailing. It also has a detachable hood which is perfect for winter rainy days~ I got it in a size Small which fit perfectly even though i did originally pick up the medium one, but when i tried it on, it was way too big. Very comfortable and the material is very good quality!

Strappy Ankle Cowboy Boot~ £24.99
- New Look
Good sturdy material yet comfortable. I love the detailing on these ankle boots because it makes it look very modern and it compliments and completes most outfits. Very comfy to walk in since it has a little heel aswell ~ so its not entirely flat which can sometimes cause discomfort. The price is very good for these too since designs like these from elsewhere would probably cost alot more. Very happy with this purchase and definitely going to be one of my favourite footwear during the autumn time!

16 August 2011

~ Clinique Bonus Time!! ~

Originally i needed to re-purchase my mascara from clinique so i popped down to Boots and i realised that they were doing bonus time so there were certain gifts when u buy up to 2 items or more.
I bought:

- Clinique Self Sun body tint lotion (Light/Medium)
- Clinique Lash power mascara (Black)
- Clinique Anti-Blemish Soap bar

(Click to enlarge pictures)

AND i ended up with all of these.......

Yes, lots of free samples and nice make up bag and a nice tin :D i was so happy! I'm looking forward to trying out these and i will write a review on them soon on this blog. Not only did i get all these products for free, i also received points towards my boots card for buying the products which wasn't so bad i guess ^^

8 August 2011

~ My Scaffold Piercing ~

So around a week ago i went to have my ear scaffold piercing done because i thought that it looks very unique and suits my ear shape quite well. A few years ago, i was really into ear piercings and had multiple of them on each year~ but due to laziness and loss of interest in putting all the earrings in; most of them have closed up.

I have had before a cartilage piercing and that was painful and sore even after a few months, but it eventually healed and i could change the jewellery, so i was a bit hesitant about getting this scaffold piercing done, since its 2 piercings through the cartilage and then placing a bar through.

So this is what my ear looked like with the piercing:

(This photo was taken around 1 hour after the procedure)
~ Jewellery i have in: Titanium 1.6 x 34 ~

D e t a i l s  of   t h e   e x p e r i e n c e :

I went to a reliable and experienced Tattoo and piercing studio as i know that they can be trusted and the piercer there would know what they were doing. Initially, i wanted my piercing to be on my left ear~ but after close examination, the piercer said that it wasn't suitable because my cartilage was too thin and didn't curve round enough to support the bar. However, she said that my right ear was very suitable for the piercing, so i was happy with that and went ahead.
- I had to sign a form to give permission for them to go ahead with the piercing.

She used a cocktail stick to show me the angle that the bar would be inserted to confirm with me. Next she told me to lay down on my side while she got the equipment ready. At this point, i was really nervous and just wanted it to be over asap!
Ok, so she told me to take a deep breath and as i breathed out~ she inserted the needle through the top of my ear first. To my surprise, it actually didn't hurt that much~ i would give it a pain rating of 3/5 for that~ a slight discomfort and i felt pressure on my ear. Next she went onto pierce the second hole~ and i must admit that this one hurt a little more than the first, maybe because all the blood will be already rushed to the ear from the first piercing. Pain rating for second hole would be 4/5~ still bearable and not the most painful i've experienced. 

Everybody's pain tolerance varies, so my pain ratings are just from my experience~ The bar was inserted and i looked in the mirror, and i was pleased with the results.
Overall, for the piercing i paid £40 which included the titanium barbell which i thought was really worth it, knowing i know i can go back anytime if i have any problems with it. The piercer was also very nice and went through all the aftercare information and gave me advice to ensure the healing process goes accordingly~

After 2 or 3 days, there was practically no more discomfort and burning sensation but still tender to touch and sleep on. The piercer informed me that the piercing would take approximately 12 weeks to be fully healed.

30 July 2011

~CLAIROL: Nice' n easy Colourblend foam Hairdye review~

So recently i had a haircut and my roots were appearing and i did not like it since my layers are shorter so it is more noticeable. I usually use the "Liese bubble hair colour: Milk Tea Brown" but as its an asian product it is very expensive to buy and ship to the UK so i tried an alternative which is in fact very similar to it. CLAIROL: Nice' n easy Colourblend foam Hair dye: 8A Medium ash blonde

This hair dye works just as well, but the only difference is the texture of the hair after you wash it out. This hair dye dried out my hair and it felt really rough and brittle after washing it out, but the gloss conditioner kind of helped a little bit. I am happy with the results it has given me as it covered my roots up evenly and it was only a fraction of the price of the Liese hair dye as i can purchase it locally.
I will repurchase this dye as it is very convenient since it is in the form of foam so it was very quick to apply and saturate the hair. The hair colour was not perfect compared with the box, but then again my hair is darker and asian hair will colours differently from other hair types i believe. 

So here are some pictures of the results:

BEFORE: (only minor roots actually, but still unattractive)

(No Flash)

--- x ---

(With Flash)

(No Flash)

--- x ---

(With Flash)

~Mini Haul: INGLOT~

This freedom palette layout i've been wanting for ages and i have finally bought it with all the colours that i hand picked myself. I chose a coral shade blush and 3 neutral eyeshadows so that this palette can be used on a daily basis. 
The quality of these are just very impressive as they are highly pigmented and the product was very soft and comes out as a fine powder. It came to a total of £25.20 which i thought was an absolute bargain for the product quality! i will be purchasing from them again very soon. 
I also bought a DUO eyelash glue since when i asked for the price, they said that it was £7 which is so much better than M.A.C which sells them for £10 so i might as well purchase from INGLOT instead :)

28 July 2011

~Nude Lipsticks obsession~

                             1       2      3      4     5     6      7

(Left to Right)
1. Rimmel moisture renew lipstick: 700 Nude Delight
2. E.L.F mineral lipstick: Natural Nymph
3. Revlon Matte lipstick: Nude Attitude
4. Revlon colour burst lipstick: Soft Nude
5. M.A.C  lipstick: Hue (glaze)
6. M.A.C viva glam lipstick: GAGA II
7. YSL rouge Volupte : 02 sensual silk

+ D e t a i l s +

1. Rimmel moisture renew lipstick: 700 Nude delight
☆ 4 stars rating

It is such a pleasure to apply this lipstick. It has an amazing consistency and was very moisturising. The colour on the lips is very true to the lipstick itself and had a good colour payoff. The price of this is a bargain for the quality of this lipstick.
It also has a very nice fresh scent and amazing modern purple packaging. However, this lipstick does not last very long as it is on more of the creamy side compared to a matte.

2. E.L.F mineral lipstick: Natural Nymph
 3 stars rating
This lipstick is a very cool tone nude. Like the Rimmel lipstick, it is very soft and creamy so its easy to apply. It is very moisturising and has a good colour pay off. The price is also extremely reasonable for the product itself and since its a mineral product, it is good for the lips as it doesn't contain too much harsh chemicals. The only downside i personally think is the packaging, not only does the container feel very cheap and light, it takes up alot of space and very chunky compared to other sleek lipsticks. The mechanics of the lipstick is also flawed, as its very stiff when trying to twist the lipstick up to use. 

3. Revlon matte lipstick: 001 Nude attitude
 3 stars rating
First of all, this lipstick melted after 2 days of purchase so i wasn't happy about that at all considering it was a matte lipstick and not a creamy formula. Regardless, i still like the colour as its more of a warm nude and is suitable for most skin tones. The lipstick is very drying since its a matte finish and the product sits in the fine Lines; so a lip-balm and smooth exfoliated lips are essential. Packaging is a nice matte round container with a handy clear top to reveal the colour of the product which is very helpful. Price is reasonable for the product itself but make sure that its kept in a cool dry place to avoid it melting

4. Revlon colorburst lipstick: Soft Nude
5 stars rating
This lipstick definitely is worth my 5 star ratings. Gorgeous colour and its also very moisturising and pigmented. It is very easy to apply and convenient for touch ups as its a low maintenence lipstick. The price is good for the quality of the lipstick and the exquisite packaging is just a bonus. The only thing i hate about this lipstick, is that this shade is not available in the UK (Why not?! @.@) I had to order this off eBay online but it was so worth the wait. My favourite drugstore nude lipstick to date after Rimmel's nude delight which is readily available for me.

5. M.A.C lipstick: Hue (glaze)
★ 5 stars rating
Another 5 star lipstick, but i class this as my high-end favourite since it's approximately double the price of the Revlon colorburst. Very nice trademark M.A.C vanillary scented lipstick and was easy to apply. It is a warm-toned nude with a pretty pinky under-tone to it, which makes it a nice gentle everyday lipstick which will match most make-up looks. The lipstick is also very buildable as it's semi-sheer compared to matte or lustre finishes, so therefore easy for touch up's. I can't think of any downs to this lipstick yet so it deserves the high rating.

6. M.A.C: Viva Glam: GAGA II (lustre)
☆ 4 stars rating
A recent purchase of mine and even though i like the colour in the tube, i seem to be reaching for other nude lipsticks more often. Same as the 'Hue' M.A.C lipstick, it has a vanillary scent to it but it was more pigmented as its a lustre. I'm not too sure about the colour on my actual lips as it looks a bit too dark for me and i'm used to lipsticks with a warmer pinky or coral under-tone. The lipstick quality itself was still very good and i'm sure the colour will work for others a bit more. 

7. YSL rouge Volupte: 02 Sensual Silk
☆ 2 stars rating
Most expensive lipstick out of the 7 nudes i have but i disliked this regardless of the nice colour swatches. Firstly, i do not like the consistency of it because it was too creamy and was very prone to slipping around on my lips but was very moisturising. This was a very cool toned nude so it may not be suitable for everyone, so i highly recommend people trying it on before purchasing it. I despised the scent! it was a kind of 'melon' scent which i am not a big fan of. This lipstick is very nice, but the formula is far too soft for my liking and the shade is not very versatile and i cannot wear it on its own without a lipliner to help it stay. 


So that is all peoples~ Thank you so much for reading and hope my post has helped you =)
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