17 August 2015

Zoeva Rose Gold face brushes

After lusting over this rose gold brush set by Zoeva for over a year, I am ecstatic to say that I have finally recieved them as a graduation present from my lovely boyfriend. This luxurious set of brushes are definitley worth the wait and I have been using them every day and my other brushes has been neglected and starting to collect dust. I have purchased brushes by Zoeva a while back (reviewed here) and I was impressed by their quality therefore I know that these brushes will not dissapoint.

So this 8 piece brush set by Zoeva brushes not only won me over by the beautifully asthetically pleasing design, but the fact that they came in a gorgeous handy pouch that all the brushes can be housed in and makes it easy for travelling around. I found that the variety of the brushes included are sufficient for everyday use and I didn't need to grab other brushes whilst doing my makeup unless I'm doing heavy makup and smokey eye which of course I would need the help of other brushes too. 

The brushes are very sturdy and feels great to use as the bristles are soft and feels comfortable against my skin. They are easy to clean and the white brushes do not stain as easily as other brushes that I own. The pouch is a perfect size for on the go and its leather interior makes it very easy to clean too. I highly recommend this set of brushes as the price is justified by the beautiful 8 brushes that you get. I actually am thinking of getting the eye brush set too but I think I may hold back for a little while.

Have you tried any brushes by Zoeva?


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