16 May 2012

~ My Current Skincare 2012 ~

So my skincare routine changes according to my skin's requirements and also because i always enjoy trying out new products, and returning eventually back to my holy grail products if they do not work well with my skin. It is recommended that you change your skincare products throughout the seasons, as it is quite obvious that during the cold winter months, you would need more moisturising products to compensate for the dry and dehydrated skin due to the cold weather as opposed to during the summer, where more emphasis would be placed on sun protection. So this post is to share the products that i am using and the routine that i adopt right now.
So for starters, i do own a Clarisonic Pro and even if it can be used for daily skincare routine, i choose to use it only twice a week, due to the fact that i feel that it is a little too abrasive for my sensitive skin and i like my skin to take a break from the harsh exfoliating from the vibrating brush. If you have normal skin, i am sure that the clarisonic may be used daily because not only does it make your skin feel so deeply cleansed and leave it soft to touch, i feel that it also makes products absorb into the skin a lot better or quicker than usual.

The cleanser that i am currently using at the moment is:
ORIGINS - A perfect world: Antioxidant cleanser with White Tea  (£17 for 150ml)
"This perfect foaming face wash is formulated with nature's antioxidant White Tea. In a pre-emptive sweep, dirt-grabbing minerals combined with the gentle, skin-compatible cleansing action reach deep to help detoxify and free skin of harmful impurities. Skin is perfectly clean, smoothed and refreshed"
I first tried this as a travel sized product i received complementary to my toner that i bought online from them. At first i was a bit skeptical because i always have a fear of face washes breaking me out or clogging up my pores. However, not only does this product smell amazing and fresh, it actually cleansed my face very well without leaving it all dry and stiff like most face washes does. The texture of this is kind of creamy like a lotion, but a little definitely goes a long way. I wet my face and slowly lather around a 5p sized product onto my face and it does foam a little but not too much that it's overwhelming. I would recommend this to people who have skin similar to mine, or is quite sensitive, because this face wash is very gentle, cleans without dehydrating and most importantly, leave your face feeling soft and supple ready for absorbing your serums and moisturisers. I use this face wash for both day and night.

The Toner that i use for daytime only is also from the Origins brand:
ORIGINS- Zero oil: Pore purifying toner with Saw Palmetto & Mint £16 for 150ml
• Pores appear tightened and refined
• Promotes a matte appearance
• Leaves skin comfortable and refreshed"
This is the second bottle that i repurchased because i loved it so much. I use it as part of my morning cleansing routine because i feel that it can be quite drying and mattifying which i don't think i really need throughout the night. This product has a strong mint scent and leaves my skin tingly and clean. I think that this product does play a part in reducing the oils produced by my face throughout the day and my make-up seems to stay put a little bit better. Not sure if it is placebo, but this product does what it claims and amazing to use. I think that only oily-combination skin should use this product, because it may be a little bit too drying for normal or dry skin. The solution is quite strong, but it didn't irritate my sensitive skin and it wasn't too harsh so it's tolerable. I am not sure if i will be purchasing another bottle of this, since i would like to try out other products, which may be a little less drying and gentler on the skin.

The moisturiser that i use is:
NIVEA visage daily essentials - oil free moisturising day cream SPF8 - 50ml for £6
"Moisturises and regulates shine for a fresh skin feeling, suitable for oily and combination skin"
I don't tend to spend too much on moisturising creams due to the fact that my skin already has enough moisture from my oily-ness and i find that many products just makes me even more shinier and i realised that it was better to skip the moisturiser step. However, some days my skin is a bit drier due to the windy and rainy weather so i may need a little help and i have found this moisturiser which is very light and perfect for that lightweight moisture that doesn't feel too heavy that it clogs up your pores! The price of this was quite affordable too and it is readily available at most drugstores. It gets absorbed in no time and has a light refreshing scent to it which is a pleasure to apply on the face. I recommend this to people who has oily skin like me and want to find a moisturiser which is not too heavy or rich.

The extra treats that i use as part of my skincare are:
1. ESTEE LAUDER idealist pore minimizing skin refinisher - 50ml for £52
"This fast-acting serum delivers our most dramatic skin resurfacing benefits-more efficiently than ever before. With Idealist, your skin looks and feels like your ideal skin: Virtually pore-less, unbelievable soft and smooth and incredibly clear and even toned."
I bought this product due to the hype and so much positive reviews there were on it. As an individual with oily skin for the past 10 years or so, i've always suffered from enlarged pores which i'm so unhappy about so when this was raved about, i was determined to try it. To be honest still, apart from it being a primer, i really haven't noticed anything different in the appearance of my pores. I kind of regret buying this product as it doesn't do anything greater than a regular silicone based primer and i sometimes feel that it is way too rich for my skin and wonder if it would 'clog up' my pores rather than minimizing them. I must say that it does refine the skin and make it look like it is in better condition, but thats all i can say about it. If you have the extra money to spend, by all means try it out since you do get an awful lot of product/primer for the price.

2. ESTEE LAUDER advance night repair - 50ml for £54
"Woman & Home: Best Beauty Icon - Turn Back the Clock 2011
InStyle Award Winner 2011, She Magazine 2011: Best Night Cream, Stylist Skincare Awards 2011 Winner, Evening Herald Beauty Awards 2011: Best Night Serum, Top Sante Glow Awards Winner 2011. 30 years of innovation. Inspired by groundbreaking DNA research.Use it every day for a significant reduction in the appearance of major signs of visible ageing. Skin looks smoother, younger, more radiant and healthy."
Another highly advertised product and won many awards etc etc. I do believe this product is worth its expensive price. It has absolutley changed the texture and feel to my skin. When i apply it at night, it is easily absorbed and doesn't leave that greasy feel like other serums. In the morning when i feel my skin, it feels like it's in so much better condition and so soft to touch as if its been rejuvenated. I am not even exaggerating, this product is amazing what it does to your skin. Not sure if it's a bit heavy for my skin type because sometimes i do tend to get a few pimples on my forehead, so i may have to limit my use on it. This also helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. I am 21 right now, so i think it is a great time to start preventing the signs of ageing! This is a luxurious product and definitely a massive treat for the skin.

Have you used any of these products? And what is your swear-by skincare product?


  1. I want the Estee Lauder night repair too much! LV x

  2. Cool! I've wanna try origins a perfect world cleanser.

  3. So eager to try the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, I've heard quite a few raves about it! My skin definitely needs a miracle product :p

  4. Thanks for the review. I've tried a couple products by origins, I had really high hopes for them and they ended up being kind of meh. Maybe I ll try out the cleanser you're using. Have you tried their green tea moisturizer?

  5. Couldn't agree more about the Advanced Night Repair, it leaves my skin feeling so plump and soft!!!

    forthefashionfaithful.blogspot.co.uk :)


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