1 October 2016


I found this amazing offer on Cultbeauty.com where they are offering a customisable box that includes their bestseller products and better still, you are able to pick your shades and formulation tailored to your own needs. I couldn't get this fast enough so a few clicks later, I checked out with this box of wonders and I will share with you my first impressions of these products now that I have tried them all out now.


19 August 2016


It is not easy finding the perfect moisturise when it comes to my combination-oily skin so I was so excited to think that I have finally found 'The one'. This lightweight liquid texture is "infused with Goji berry extracts and lemon balm oil to leave skin healthy and hydrated". This is inspired by Korean beauty experts and I find that this particular product is different from any other moisturisers I have tried in the past.

3 July 2016


Beeing an avid user of makeup setting sprays over the past years, I think I can confidently say that I have found the perfect duo that I will ever need in my makeup kit. Being a combination oily skin girl can make it difficult finding the perfect finish foundation which does the oil control but compromises on the glow but these are the answers to my problems and totally changed my life. I have given up my favourite MAC fix+ and also my Urban decay allnighter after discovering these which are also a more affordable option.


12 May 2016

Brand Focus: NYX Cosmetics

NYX was a brand which I have been lusting over for quite some time as it was difficult to get hold of in the UK. However, I am now so happy they Selfridges and larger boots store now have these in stock! I managed to pick up a handful of product to try out and so far I have been impressed by them.


21 April 2016


Working as a nurse means that it is vital for me to find products that are long lasting throughout my tedious and somewhat draining shift without having to touch up. I find that these products have worked well for me and helped me look half decent after the long shift. 

31 January 2016

Lip Liners by Kiko

I am always overwhelmed by the range of products that Kiko stores offer and I totally fall in love with their good quality products with such reasonable price tags. This store offers products that closely resemble some of those on the higher brand shelves which I love as I can get the same type of product for a fraction of the price. Recently I have fallen for the whole lip liner craze and matte lips therefore I wouldn't pass the Kiko store without making a purchase. To be very honest, I wanted all the colours and quite alot of the shades in the lip liner ranges were beautiful. However, I have to constrain myself and be good by picking out a couple of standout shades: A nude and a nice wearable pink colour.

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