10 June 2012

~ My new Ted Baker Shoes~

I have been in love with these shoes ever since they were released! However, during the past months i didn't purchase them just yet seeing that the weather was still quite cold and wet therefore these would not have been suitable at all. Recently there has been some wonderful weather and i thought that it was about time to cave in and buy these gorgeous cute pumps from Ted baker. As i was a student, i would be entitled to a 10% student discount at 'office' shoe store, but they never ever have my size in stock so i was a bit frustrated and disappointed every time. Then, after exams, my mummy and i went shopping and i walked into the actual Ted baker store and asked the sales assistant for my size and she immediately got a pair for me to try. It was all boxed up in this cute little plastic box and as i was trying them on, she told me that they smelt like watermelons too! To be honest, i didn't really want to sniff the shoe in public, therefore i just took her word for it. As you can see, they are a jelly-like material so they are insanely comfortable to wear and i just fell in love with them on my foot so i just had to purchase them. My mum was being generous and paid for them as a post-exam present which was very sweet for her.
So the shoes, they are quite low on the sides so if your not a fan of shoes like that, then this isn't for you. The bows at the front can twist and rotate-which can be a positive or a negative aspect i guess. The price it retails at is £45 which i think can be justifiable for the quality and the cute design of them, although i am sure you can find many similar dupes of these across the market. I am in love with the gold plaque at the back embossed with Ted Baker logo which adds a bit more luxury and elegance to the shoes. They are the most comfortable pumps i have worn and i am sure that they will look amazing in the summer when teamed with a cute summer dress or shorts. The only bad thing is that you really cannot wear black tights with these because they will look a little strange. They also do this shoe in several other colours - the white one looks really nice but i know that it will get dirty very quickly, therefore i opted for the safer option with the black colour. Soon, i am planning to invest in the flip-flops too because they are so pretty and cute!

What do you think of these shoes? Will you buy them?


  1. that's really sweet of your mum, i find scented shoes a little strange but those are definitely a cute pair of shoes! ;D


  2. Your shoes are adorable!

  3. These are so cute! I recently bought some pumps too, I love them because they're so easy to style :)

  4. Really adorable cutes, love the feminine, cute bow! I think you choose well, black is so versatile :) I don't think they'd look strange with black tights at all. Glad to hear that they're comfortable to wear, always the first requirement for me of any shoe :)

  5. Wow, these are so adorable! I've never really been into shoes that much and I tend to just stick with a pair of plimsoles, some heels and some flats but I can't get over these! The only problem I would have with these are the low sides, as I have a few problems with my feet.

    The box is gorgeous too, far better than a cardboard box! :)

  6. i bought these exact shoes the other day! they are amazing, i love them and i saw it ELLE they were the must-have for this summer, so happy i'm not the only one who adores them
    hope you can check out my blog x

  7. thanks a lot for your comment sweety <33
    those flats are too cute:) i'd also love a pair with a big bow like yours:) the weather now is crazy! one day it's beautiful and sunny and the other is rainy... hmm very undpredictable.
    lots of love xx

  8. Very stylish and seems to be an excellent product. Gonna buy this and thanks for sharing. Get home beauty tips here http://beautytips-home.blogspot.com

  9. They are SOOO cute!
    Really like those



  10. love your flats! They look so cute :)

  11. Omg those flats are to die for! Im a huge flats person!

    Im a new follower!


  12. Love!


  13. Id buy them theyre totally cute,fab wee blog too!

  14. My gosh these are so pretty :)
    I'm a new follower and wanted to say hello,


  15. ADORABLE! I tried these on in two colours but they didn't suit me at all, I was so gutted because they're such cute shoes.


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