9 June 2012

~ Lancome Hypnose doll eyes Waterproof Mascara REVIEW ~

I got my hands on it finally. I've always wanted to try out this mascara ever since it was released. However, i have always been drawn back by its non-waterproof formulation. It is essential that a mascara is waterproof for me because of my watery eyes and my dead straight lashes that are really stubborn. If i use a normal mascara, my lashes would be weighed down and no matter how much curling i do prior or after the application. I remembered when i discovered how waterproof formula worked, it was the best thing in my life!
Anyway, back to discussing this mascara. The wand is very unique and different from other mascaras offered in the market (that i know of). It is tapered with a narrow tip and a wide base. This shape allows you to achieve a winged out effect with longer lashes on the outer edges which claim to give an illusion of elongated and enlarged eyes, much like a doll hence the name of the mascara. I have always been a fan of Hypnose waterproof mascara so i thought i would try out this doll eyes mascara to see if it lives up to my favourite mascara's standard and whether a change in the brush would make my application easier.
Firstly, i would have to say that the brush is really nice to work with, especially with the tapered narrow side as i could now reach my little tiny lashes on my inner corners of my eyes which is so great and something that i can never do with my current hypnose mascara. The formulation i thought was a little bit drier compared with the Hypnose and when you pull the wand out of the tube, a lot more of product comes out on the wand. Despite the tapered wand making it easier to apply mascara onto my inner lashes, i found that this was counter-balanced by the wide base which made it much more difficult to precisely apply mascara to my outer lashes! I just cannot win with this mascara at all. I have a love hate relationship with this tapered wand and i found that this mascara did not hold the curl of my lashes as well as the hypnose waterproof.
Overall, i think that girls with normal average long lashes would find this mascara a dream to use and work with since i have heard of so many positive reviews from people already. However, if your lashes are straight, stubborn and short, i recommend you to use the hypnose waterproof instead because the formulation is much better and gives slightly better results. Maybe it is because i had so much expectations from this mascara that i was a little bit disappointed in it and really wanted it to be better! 

What is your favourite mascara?
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  1. Thanks for the review, my friend has told me about this one and i've been wanting to try it! I have too many mascara's at the moment to move on to a new one.
    The wand is very cute, it's a shame you can't get your outer lashes. To hold your curl, why don't you apply waterproof mascara to your base first, then the doll lashes mascara? I do that all the time, my curls always hold, even in the rain :) .
    To be honest, i've used hypnose before and it NEVER held my curls at all, but it wasn't the waterproof version, maybe that's why... I prefer Dior show, that holds curls well. Poor us and our short straight lashes :(

  2. I've read so many negative reviews about this! x

  3. I am a big fan of the original Hypnose.

    I just followed you on twitter x

  4. nice! new follower,follow me back if you like :)


  5. I do like mascara wands with a tapered shape, the one I use is L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D. I didn't even realise there was a difference in terms of how a mascara can hold curl if it's waterproof or nonwaterproof. I really want to try a waterproof mascara now :) Your lashes look lovely with this mascara, you definitely can't tell you have short or straight lashes!

  6. This is a really great review, the packaging looks great it's just a shame the product was a bit disappointing, really want to try Lancome products :)


  7. wow that mascara is out of this world!! your lashes look fake lol :))


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