18 June 2012

~ Body Shop Vitamin-E gentle facial wash REVIEW ~

"Vitamin E gentle facial wash - Creamy skin-caring daily cleanser with built-in antioxidant protection. Rinses away make-up and impurities. ALL SKIN TYPES" - £7.00

Recently, my skin-type has taken a little turning where my oily complexion has changed to a rather dry and dehydrated no matter how much water i drank, therefore i decided i should start investing in a facial wash which is more of a creamy consistency and rich in moisture. I was shopping with my friend and when we went in the body shop, the recommended me this one as she thought that it is very gentle and works very well with her skin leaving it soft and clean without over-stripping the skin from the natural oils. Given that the price of this wasn't too extortionate, i purchased it in the hope that this would help with the dry patches that i have been getting on some areas of my face which is very annoying when applying make-up because the product clings onto the area and emphasises it. The product is in a squeeze tube form which is matte to touch which i like, because it means it won't slip and slide in the shower that easily and provides you with a firm grip. I also like the simplistic pale pink colour of it too and the tube is tall and slim so it is much more convenient to pack when you travel around compared with other face washes that are bulky such as my previous origins one. 

When it came round to using it, i was delighted by the softly scented product that i only needed a tiny amount for my whole face. The consistency was a bit thicker than what i usually experience but once i rinsed off the product, i really felt a sense of hydration to my skin and left it soft and supple, although it may just be placebo to be very honest with you. This product didn't break me out which is a positive point for me seeing that my skin is very picky with products and has a tendency to have big break-outs if the product is not correct. I have been using this facial wash for a couple of weeks now and i must say that it has helped with my dry patches without it being too greasy for my skin. I love the packaging, i love the smell and also it is so much easier using it with my clarisonic because this foams up slightly into a lather as opposed to my usual gel cleansers that doesn't. 

I really recommend this product to people who have oily-combination skin, because i think that it is very good at providing adequate moisture required without being too greasy. I think that this is also excellent in hydrating tired out or dull skin because when you wash the product off, you immediately feel that your skin is clean and soft without it feeling dry. For a body-shop product that is affordable compared with other expensive brands, it is excellent and really does it's job well. It is gentle and doesn't contain harmful chemicals and the best part of it all, is that it is animal-cruelty free since the body shop is highly against animal testing which is slowly becoming a big issue nowadays. 

So what is your favourite facial wash?


  1. Hi,nice blog,lovely review.
    I wonder if you would like to follow each other:).


    Happy blogging!

  2. I love Neutrogena for my dry skin :)


  3. Hmm... I was thinking about buying this! ;D


  4. The Body Shop's Tea Tree facial foam wash is actually pretty great too :D

  5. Just came across your blog...been wanting to read a review on a body shop cleanser!
    thanks for the review...I shall definitely try it

    great post...and great blog!

    jayj x.


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