28 June 2012

~ NARS: night flight nail polish REVIEW ~

Night Flight - Black with cobalt blue pearls ~ £14 for 15ml
I bought this nail polish a while ago which i featured in one of my haul posts a few months back. I never got round to doing a post about it so i feel that this nail polish deserves a review of its own. As usual, i love the packaging which features that rubbery smooth cap and glass bottle as with all their other foundations etc which makes the brand feel more sleek and luxurious. I bought this colour because it was such a lovely shade which is very unique and interesting since I haven't seen anything like it before. It is a pretty midnight blue colour with alot of different coloured sparkles within it such as silver and purple flexes. Please tell me if you know of a dupe for this colour, as i will be so upset when this dries up or if it runs out...

The formulation is very impressive. It is very opaque and applies smoothly. It also dries relatively quickly which is very good for those who doesn't have the patience to wait till it dries completely before doing anything. One coat is enough to get the desired colour which shows how pigmented and high quality this nail polish is. However, the brush is quite thin and i do prefer a flatter and wider brush for a easier application...but i guess this Nars one does its job. The price is also quite high for a nail polish as with other high-end brands but i think that it is definitely worth the money! It looks so sophisticated on my nails and i feel that it also complements and brightens my skin tone :) If your looking for something a little more expensive and luxurious for your nails, then i do highly recommend this nail polish since i am aware that Nars nail polishes tend to vary in formulation and consistency across the different shades. 

What is your favourite brand of nail polish?


  1. it's not an exact dupe, but it reminds me a little of MUA's polish in shade 1! x


  2. 1 coat!? That is very impressive 8)

    My favorite brand is either essie or opi (not original at all)!

    xx Veronica

  3. didn't know nars had nailpolishes but this shade is amazing and I'm impressed that you are wearing only one coat!


  4. This is an amazing shade, I can't believe its so opaque in just one coat, lovely and pigmented :)

  5. Hey! Just to let you know that I've nominated you for The Liebster Award, to find out more, head over to my blog http://jennimystyle.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/liebster-blog-award.html x

  6. What a great shade! I'm glad that the quality etc are top notch. Might look into it, thanks for sharing!! x

  7. thats a really nice shade. remindsme of a starry sky :D -LovingSunshine

  8. what a stunning shade!! my favorite brand of nail polish... hmm... I love Sinful Colors and OPI, they never disappoint!!

  9. Very sophisticated shade, I like the sound of the different coloured shimmer :) I've not tried any NARS polishes but sounds like they're fantastic quality.

  10. omg this nail polish color is so pretty and mesmerizing! my fave nail polish brands would have to be opi, essie and deborah lippmann(wish these were a bit cheaper though. Hope u can check out my blog if u have time too =)

    xoxo <3

  11. Woaw, this is such a gorgeous colour! I may have to look into this now... :) xxx


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