12 June 2012

~ Bourjois 1 second polish remover REVIEW~

" It's magic power? All you need to do is dip each finger into the sponge, twist and remove. Nail polish is instantly removed without the need for cotton wool"
So i purchased this a while ago and i have used this a fair few times so i can give you guys my opinions on this. For £4.99 from boots, you cannot exactly fault this product and it does it's job. I wouldn't say that it lives up to its 1 second removing standards, but i would say a few seconds? but maybe thats because i usually have so many layers of nail varnishes on. This innovative design is definitely mess free and very convenient too which is what i like about it and wondered why such product hasn't been released until now. The scent of the product is 'Strong' with a slight hint of fruity smells, but it doesn't smell that pleasant to be honest with you and make sure you use this in a well ventilated area because when i use this, sometimes it gives me a headache.
The bottle design itself is pretty cute and sturdy so thats a positive point because you can store it in most places and is very easy to use. However, this is where it goes downhill....I used glitter nail polish.
I have read that glitter polishes doesn't work well with this product but i used very ultra fine sparkle polish, hardly even glitter and it was just a nightmare! Bits of the sponge started tearing off and it was awful and i had no option but to try and be as careful as i can at removing all the varnish off my nails seeing as i didn't have any normal nail polish remover. Now that i have learnt my lesson, i will never use this nail remover when i use sparkly or glittery polishes and it seems that this cannot simply replace the conventional nail polish remover and some cotton wool. I then thought how on earth will i be able to use this if i paint my toes? It was a bit silly of me to think that this product will be holy grail and i will never have to fuss with cotton wool and pouring polish remover out of bottles. Overall, this product is good and does its job and it is definitely a new and unique product in the market and i appreciate the sturdy packaging and reasonable price, but it cannot replace the usual method of removing nail varnish i'm afraid and i think after the novelty has worn off, i will return to the standard nail polish removers.

Have you tried this product? What do you think of it?

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  1. I really love this polish remove, but I feel the same as you that it won't replace good ol' cotton wool, I think it works out to be quite expensive :(


  2. I really want to try this, as I hate removing nail polish, always takes me forever, especially with glitters xxx


  3. this sounds useful, but too bad it doesn't work with glitter and toes ;(


  4. This is a good idea especially for quick removal! I agree with the glitters it such a pain trying to get it all off!! xx

  5. I have never used any of these sponge in jar type nail polish removers. They seem so dodgy lol. I just understand how they work! But nice post.

  6. Lol I didn't think of the problem if you wanted to remove nail polish from your toes! That's terrible that bits of the sponge started coming off when you used a glitter polish :S I've generally heard quite good reviews about this product, even though it might not remove nail polish in one second as promised. I do think it would be a bit funny just sticking your finger into it, but the novelty would be enough for me to want to try it out hehe :)

  7. huh, I've never heard of that before lol



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