27 June 2012

~ Quick tips for when you are in a rush! ~

So this post is dedicated to girls who prefer to get that extra snooze in the morning but then regret it when you are finally up due to the fact that you are faced with the insane rush of getting ready and everything seems to go wrong! So after you've finished your essential bathroom routine it is time to get ready and to be fair, there just is not enough time to spend doing your make-up or hair properly. Yes, i am always in a constant rush from over-sleeping or i forget to set my alarm, so i kind of learnt how to deal with it and make the most of the time i have left and i want to share some quick tips for you girlies:

1. Splash cold water on your face. This not only wakes you up, but it also increases blood flow to your skin and hence prevents water retention and leaves your face less puffy.

2. No time put on your usual liquid foundation? Just put on your favourite primer and if you still feel you need a bit of coverage, i recommend using powder foundation because your less likely to get streaks. I normally brush on my M.A.C mineralise skin finish natural because it provides a medium coverage just enough so i can walk out the house without feeling bare.

3. Eyebrows are also essential to frame your face, so less fuss with the brush and the eyebrow kit or gel products, use a pencil eyebrow pencil instead since it is precise and easy to put on without having to be accurate.

4. If your eyes are bare without eyeshadow, just use a neutral brown eyeshadow and apply with your fingers and smudge it out gently. This will give you a haze of colour and it wont look rubbish because you've smudged it out with your fingers so no harsh edges!

5. To make you feel more awake and less ghastly, put on a tinted lipbalm if you want so you can also hydrate your lips too :)

6. Right, onto hair? not having a good day? you can either tie it up in a bun since you cannot fault that. But what bout the girls that hate putting their hair up...like me. I just spritz a bit of sea salt spray onto the hair and use the hairdryer to heat up my hair and style it into a messy kind of bed head look and maybe finish off with a clip for my fringe.

7. Depending on how much time you have left, maybe some eyeliner? You can use pencil kohl liners, but some of you make like the liquid eyeliner for more precision therefore you can use the hairdryer on the cool setting to blast the liner so it dries quicker and avoids printing.

Thats all for now :) And i apologise for the lack of frequent posts, but i have been busy with interviews and sorting a few things out for my graduation. 
Stay beautiful <3

- Do you have any tips for when your in a hurry? -


  1. I would also recommend using dry shampoo if you are in a rush!
    Loved these tips Ying :)

    xx Veronica


  2. i use mac mineralize skin finish natural when I'm in a rush too. i throw my hair in a bun, but i'll never forget blush and mascara. they make such a huge difference in how awake u look

  3. If I'm in a rush I always skip eyeshadow - since I always use neutrals it doesn't tend to make that much of a difference for me! By the way, I think I'm in love with your cushion!


  4. I found this very helpful and interesting, looking forward to more posts from you. Loving your blog, Hun.

    Newest follower :) xx

  5. i am always pressing 'snooze' button on my phone alarm, and always end up in a rush for work^^
    nice tips! :)
    btw good luck for your interviews and graduation~~

    lovely blog, new follower x


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