4 June 2012

~ Me vs Micabella cosmetics ~

Most of you shopper-holics out there may have noticed a make-up stand in shopping centres where their workers desperately try and grab your attention in any possible way....? Yes, the 'Micabella' cosmetic stand. Oh dear, i was casually enjoying my shopping trip where a lady came up to me and started talking about their brand. She was so lovely that it was difficult to walk away, since it was rude to walk away when she was still yapping on about the brand which did not leave me any room to speak. She then lead me to the make-up counter and sat me down (This was when i knew i fell for it, dear lord i will be there for ages and i was glad i wasn't in a hurry). Horrifically, she removed all of my foundation, my favourite Lancome foundation where i applied perfectly in the morning with my primer etc etc. I did not want to imagine what my face looked like without my cover up and especially in a busy shopping centre, i just wanted the ground to swallow me up and i was so angry at myself for giving the lady the opportunity to do this. She toned my face after removing my make-up and moisturised and everything. Then she matched me up with their 'mineral powder foundation' which was apparently 100% minerals, no chemicals or silicones and all the bad stuff. She dispensed a little bit on a piece of tissue and started off by using a small brush to dap at my blemishes, using the product as concealer. After, she used a large fluffy brush to buff into my skin. I wasn't expecting too much to be honest with you since mineral foundations doesn't tend to give me the amount of coverage that i want.

BUT, this is where the amazingness happens...She gave me the mirror and i was wowed. I looked in the mirror and the finish was absolutley amazing and was just so different to my usual liquid foundations and the feel of my skin was as if i had nothing on. It wasn't heavy or cakey and most of all, it didn't accentuate my dry patches in any way. Just a simple flawless finish that looked like i had no or minimal make-up yet covered up my pores nicely. I have always been loving mineral make-up because it claims to be better for the skin and allow it to breathe etc. I used to use my elizabeth arden one where you grind however much you need and i adored it but i never really repurchased it ever-since i've discovered the chanel mat lumiere, therefore i needed a new mineral powder foundation for the upcoming summer where i prefer a lighter face in the boiling weather.
The shock horror came...thinking that this is just a normal make-up counter, surely the price would be less than the big brands out there such as Laura Mercier, bobbi brown etc..but i was wrong. She told me it was £45 but you get a free brush and a free eyeshadow. Woahh, i wasn't expecting that. I really loved the foundation and i did not want the brush anyways since it was average quality and i had many brushes at home anyways. The mineral eyeshadow didn't tickle my fancy too because its such a hassle to work with! I asked her if i can just get the foundation and how much it would be. She was reluctant at first, still trying hard to sell me the brush and eyeshadow too, but eventually she sold just the foundation to me for £35 which was better considering the brush and eyeshadow would have been no use to me anyways.

Overall, the foundation was excellent and the finish it gave i cannot fault and i know i will be using this foundation alot therefore the money was well spent. However, i really hated the selling strategy adopted by the workers because it puts me under alot of pressure and stress even though i understand that they are just trying hard to sell products to customers so they get commission, but still, its unnecessary! On the one hand, i am glad that i discovered a great product, but on the other hand i reckon that the price is a little bit too high and the sales associates are too pushy and rude. It's such a shame because their products are actually not too bad, but sometimes the sales puts people off because they seem too desperate.

Has anybody had experienced with Micabella? if not, would you ever try out the products?


  1. I've never tried any of their products. Every time I see them, I always walk as fast as I could as if I'm in a hurry! LOL It's hard to just walk away cos you're right it's rude. Hehe. But that's quite expensive though. Even more expensive than MAC.. :/ I would try it if they give me a sample..hehe ;)


  2. I would steer clear from this brand, the sale assistants have been known to be really rude and the products have given a lot of my friends allergic reactions, and it's really expensive! Glad it's worked out for you though:)


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