27 June 2012

Blog Sale :)

Hey everyone :) Blog sale time! <3
Over years of spending my money on cosmetics, i realised that there are many products in my ever growing collection which i do not use anymore mostly due to the fact that that the products didn't work for me, or didn't complement my skin-tone or skin-type very well. So i thought that instead of these just collecting dust, i should sell them to people that can actually get some usage out of them. The pricing i think is reasonable according to the RRP of the product and also the remainder of it and the quality it is in. I have tried to provide the most information that i can and also many pictures for reference.

* This is an ongoing blog sale therefore i will be constantly updating with new stuff :) Keep checking back regularly*
Click here to see if you are interested in any products, or via the tab at the top. All information can be found there~x

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