5 June 2012

~ My post-exam haul~

Upon finishing my last exam, i was determined to catch up on my well deserved shopping which has been lacking due to revision. So this post will be mainly comprised of picture that i took of the stuff and hopefully i can review them in due course to tell you how i got along with them. I hope you enjoy seeing what i picked up and i apologise that this post is very picture heavy!

~First destination: The Body Shop~
+ Mandarin & Tangelo Scented Candle (£10)
+ Vitamin E gentle facial wash - (£7)
+ Seaweed pore-cleansing facial exfoliator - (£8)
+ Lipliner - Rosey Red - (£8)

~Second Destination: M.A.C store~
+ Paintpot - Rubenesque - (£14.50)
+ Lipstick - Speed Dial (Cremesheen formula) (£13.50)

~ Other stores~
H&M Body splash - White ginger + Drops of orange (£1.99 each)

+ Yankee Candles: Midsummers Night + Sparkling Lemon (£18.99 + £15.99)
+ Lancome Galateis Douceur cleanser 200ml - (£21.00)
+ Bourjois 1 second nail polish remover - (£4.99)

New Look: Kelly brooke collection bag (£19.99)

- Do you have any of these items? And what did you buy recently? -

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  1. I love those Body Shop candles!!

  2. Great purchases! I know how you feel- its so nice to finally go shopping again after stressful exams! Good luck with your results :)
    The body sprays look perfect for keeping in your handbag and i love the yankee candles! Im currently burning Bahama Breeze :)

  3. I love Yankee Candles, I have a big caramel one in my room but I actually find it to be quite sickly haha!

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog, Im following u too now, nice work!

  5. That's a lot of pretty things, dear! The bag looks really cute.

    I'm following you. Follow back, pretty please? (:


  6. Haha you definitely did some damage there. Congrats on finishing your exams. cute bag too :)

  7. Congrats on finishing your exams! Those H&M Body Splash perfumes sound really nice, I'll have to look out for them!


  8. Yay! Another fellow british blogger! :) Hope your exams went well! I know the feeling, I too went shopping right after my last exam! Some great products you got there, I love the Body Shop. The lipstick colour is so pretty, and your bag is adorable! xX

  9. I never knew the Body Shop sold candles! Will have to check them out! Congrats on finishing your exams! xx

  10. Oooh, Rubenesque looks so pretty. I've wanted to get a MAC Paint Pot for quite a while :) I've heard lots about Yankee candles and how awesome they smell. Really want to get my hands on the Bourjois nail polish remover as well, taking my polish off is such a chore and that one seems like it'd be really effective :)

  11. I wish I had money to have a post exam shop, I spent far too much on revision food, oooops! I love the sound of the sparkling lemon yankee candle and speed dial is such a lovely shade xx

  12. wonderful products. i'm so in love with mac.
    kisses to you, wish you a fantastic weekend.
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  13. Oooh great haul, the candles look amazing :) LOVE your blog! x

  14. This haul looks amazing, you got some really great products. I might get my Speed Dial out more as I thought how lovely it looks, sort of neglected it lol.


  15. this haul is amazing!!
    lovely blog

  16. Wow you have bought lots of good things :) It's so good to go out and treat yourself whe nyour exams are over! Good luck on your results

    Tanesha x


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