29 April 2012

~ Diorshow heat curl REVIEW ~

When this was launched, my eyes lit up with excitement and i was sure that i would eventually purchase it sometime in the future. I finally got it the other day when i made my way to Selfridges because it was limited to the Dior counter there and i couldn't have got it at any other Dior counters. The lady serving me was very informative when introducing the eyelash curlers to me and i purchased it for £23. I know it is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a heated eyelash curler when i know full well that there are other brands e.g. panasonic, that produces a similar product with the equivalent function. I guess it is the packaging and the branding which has attracted me to it the most and shamefully i had the belief that a high priced product would achieve better results.

So the product claims to "stretch lashes to infinite dimensions" which sounds so tempting and almost too good to be true really compared with the conventional mechanical eyelash curlers. I was so excited to try it out when i got home. The box was quite big for accommodating the product itself and a part of me wondered whether it was necessary for it to be so large..Inside was a booklet of instructions with a variety of languages, a battery and the heated eyelash curler itself. The eyelash curler feels expensive and sturdy and i am pleased with the sleek black design of the product.
The product has two heat settings, (Heat + and Heat ++) which i really have no idea why it was necessary to have the two settings because surely most people would want the product to work to its full potential, hence will use the Heat ++ option more. It also has a clever mechanisms with the two dots at the back which should eventually turn to a green colour to indicate that it is ready to use. The product also boasts that it is safe and gentle to use on the lashes and can curl the lashes with ease. 

So here is my experience with the Dior heat curl and what i thought about it:
First of all, i regret buying this product so much and i think it is such a waste of money for what it does-Which is nothing. Disappointed is not even enough to describe my thoughts about this product. It did not make any difference to my lashes, no curl, no change in the looks of my lashes, nothing at all. I do not know whether this is just the 'faulty' batch which some people have spoken about around the internet community, but whatever it is, i am planning to return this as soon as possible!
Firstly, the dots at the back of the wand did not turn green which it is supposed to do when it is ready to use. I tried both the settings and waited for up for 20 minutes, but no response at all. I was angry when i realised that it didn't seem to be functioning properly! But i thought that it could be forgiven if it did the job and the heat sensor was just faulty. The wand seems to be warm to touch and it seemed promising to give me the most amazing curls......I was wrong in so many ways. I tried using it like a mascara brushing through my lashes. I tried holding it at the base of my lashes for a good minute or two, but nothing seemed to change the form of my lashes. My lashes did not curl or do anything. I feel so cheated by this and feel utterly disappointed with this. At first, i would have forgiven the fact that the back green lights did not change colour, but discovering that it had hardly any effect on my lashes is just unforgivable, given how much i paid for the product. I may aswell have just stuck with the mechanical ones which at least gives 'some' results.

Overall, i do not recommend you guys to buy this product. I am not entirely sure whether it is just my heat curl i got which is faulty, or it is the general product itself. I am definitley going to return this product. I would include pictures of my lashes before and after, but technically they look identical that i don't even want to waste time comparing the minor changes to probably one lash or two. Angry, frustrated and disappointed with Dior on this product. Mega Thumbs down!

Has any of you guys tried this product? and if you have, did you get it to work ok?


  1. Thank you for this post! I am a fan of the Diorshow mascaras and when I saw the title of this post it made me already start thinking about buying it, but after this review definitely re-considering! So thank you, have saved me a big chunk of money for another mascara :)

    Steph @ Stephie in Wonderland

    1. i haven't tried diorshow mascaras yet because im not sure if they're waterproof and my lashes need the waterproof formulas to hold the curl >_<. I cant wait to go get my money back for this product x

  2. sorry to hear this product was such a flop but i'm so glad you posted so I know not to invest a cent in it!

  3. It's a shame it did not work, but this just comes to show that the most expensive products may not always be of best quality! Great review, i will make sure to stray away from it while shopping hehe :) <3

    Love Ana,

  4. wow what a horrible disappointment! I've tried heated eyelash curler before and they've never worked for me, but I would have thought one by Dior would work???

  5. Oh wow. So disappointing & such a bad look for Dior!




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