27 April 2012

~ All about my Hair ~

Hi there everyone~ I realise that my blog is lacking posts in the hair domain, so i decided to start off by informing everyone all about my hair and how i take care of it. Like a typical girly girl, i have always sported the long hair look and all my life, i have never had hair that was above my shoulder. I just love the versatility of having long hair as you can do so much with it and create different hairstyles. However, taking care of the mane can be quite tricky, especially now that there is a vast amount of ionic heated products and d.i.y hair-dye kits readily available to everyone. Most people inaccurately believe that i have extensions to give my hair extra length, but i have to break it out to them that its my real hair and it is just because i have many layers put in that it gives the illusion of having had longer extensions put in.

So, lets discuss about my hair in general. My hair is very fine and brittle. It is also greatly damaged and over-processed by many events of colouring. Normally when i leave it to naturally air dry, it looks really dry and knots will appear, but this can be disguised by me blowdrying it and styling accordingly with straighteners to achieve a much more polished sleek look. I understand that doing this is probably worse for my hair, but i just can't help it. 
I do try and use some methods to rectify my damaged hair problem and look after it properly to prevent further damage, but this can only last in the short term and the issue can only be solved when i go to the salon to get my hair trimmed. I use a combination of hair masks, reducing the amount of times i wash my hair with the use of dry shampoos and using other styling methods that does not require heat. My combination of oily skin type and having very fine hair just drives me insane because most of the nourishing products i use to treat my damaged hair weighs it down so much and it ends up looking heavy and limp and oh so unattractive. Here are some of the products that i have discovered that works for me and also some which are not so good...

(1) Shampoo and conditioners
These i find are really important when it comes to hair care and finding a good one may be quite hard. I tend to go for shampoos that are designed to be for fine hair so that it doesn't weigh it down too much. 
My top picks are:

- Herbel essences uplifting volume
- Tresemme 24 hour body
- Pantene aqua light

I recommend to AVOID: 
- Tresemme moisture rich shampoo
- L'oreal Elvive full restore shampoo & Conditioner

(2) Hair treatments
- L'oreal Elvive: Re-nutrition hair mask
- VO5 hot oil moisture soak Elixir
- VO5 miracle concentrate
- Kerastase Masquintense

(3) Hair Styling 

- Treseme heat defence spray 
- Umberto Gianinni- Grunge glamour tousled salt spray
- Vo5 miracle mist
-Tresemme instant refresh dry shampoo

There are other products which i recommend people with fine and oily hair to steer away from. I am going to list them and a brief description of what makes them so unappealing to me.

- Umberto Giannini Morning after shampoo ~ This absolutley didn't do anything to my hair except from making it smell nicer. Didn't mop up any grease and i am majorly disappointed with this product.

-Umberto Giannini backcomb in a bottle ~ Don't know if it's just me, but these products does not seem to be suitable for me and it doesn't work one bit. This didn't give me any volume regardless of how i used this. Really wanted this to work and i had high hopes for it, but it was one again a disappointing product in this line once again.

-Batiste nude dry shampoo~ The powder formula of the famous dry shampoo spray. The idea was pretty cool since you can dispense as much powder as you want and it is also better for the environment seeing that it wasn't in an aerosol can. It was so difficult to work with and rubbing the product in was harder work than expected. The whiteness of the powder remains and it was awful and messy to use. 

VO5 straight & smooth smoothing cream ~ This product was 100% a thumbs down for me. It was so greasy and weighed my hair down so much and i ended up having to wash my hair all over again! It was horrible. I attempted to give it another try with using just minimal products and despite it not weighing my hair down as much, it really did make my hair look greasy quicker than usual.

I hope this post was useful and i apologise for the pictures being just taken from google, but some of the products i do not own at the moment but i just wanted to share my thoughts on them. Hope you guys can share the products that you swear by and what you recommend <3

~*Images are from google*~


  1. thanks for sharing. your hair looks fabulous!!! i like to use my straighteners also, even if it probably does make it worse. i just use hair treatment to keep it from getting more damaged before straightening it.


  2. Really good post, thank you for those honest opinions, Ive been meaning to go and buy some new hair products, and this will definitely help me in my hunt;)

    -Amanda xx


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