6 April 2012

~ Revlon Lip butter REVIEW ~

~ L-R:  Tutti Frutti   //  Cupcake  //  Sweet Tart ~

These are so worth the hype...and the wait if your in the UK like me. These lip butters have been anticipated for a long long time, ever since they were launched in the US and bloggers and beauty gurus were reviewing them and saying how much they loved them. So after lusting for these, i finally got my hands on 3 shades even though there were plenty more that i wanted, but i thought i should hold back and wait for a little while first.
First impressions is that i am loving the packaging, it has a kind of etched quilted pattern design which i am sure people are familiar with as the colorburst lipsticks have the similar design but in black. I adore the way that at the top of the lid, it is transparents so you can see the product colour at ease without physically getting it out the tube. 

These lipsticks retails at £7.99 and i believe this is an actual bargain for what they are and the finish they give. This lipstick promises to be a hybrid between a balm, gloss and also a lipstick which is a popular concept within the beauty market these days with the L'oreal version which are hot on the shelves aswell. These lipsticks are very moisturising, but not in a sticky or waxy way, they are really creamy and doesn't slip and slide that easily which is great! The colours are very sheer but it is highly buildable to achieve the desired intensity. I think regardless of the colours, these lipsticks are great 'everyday' lipsticks which you can just pop on and go. I am a true sufferer of dry chapped lips and my lip-balm has been following me absolutley everywhere i go, but after using these revlon lip butters, i found that my lips haven't been as chapped and my lip balm has been made temporarily redundant! 

So lets go on to talking about the three colours that i bought and what i think of them:

- Tutti Frutti -
As i have raved about in my other posts, this one is my favourite as it is a buildable orangey, reddy, corally colour and it complements my skin-tone very well. I love the fact that it doesn't look too overdone on the lips during the summer and it doesn't over power my eye make-up looks. Very pretty colour on the lips and adds some colour and vibrancy to the face, instantly makes you look more refreshed and energised.

- Cupcake -
This is a cool toned pink which i think the colour is similar to M.A.C's Viva Glam GaGa but in a more sheerer and balm form. Out of the three, this one is my least favourite, as it is a little bit more difficult to apply (i don't know why) as it comes out quite watery and doesnt blend well. It is a nice sweet colour, but i think it is a little bit too light for my skin-tone therefore i may need to use a lipliner underneath first. The colour does look really sweet and cute on the swatch on my hand though. 

- Sweet Tart - 
A deep candy pink colour which you can wear in a sheer fashion, or build it up for a more intense look. I think this colour can give you a very sweet look and i do recommend it for the summer days where everything is a lot more colourful and brighter. Amazing colour to own and i think it works with most skin-tones and instantly brightens your complexion and adds a hint of sophistication to any make-up looks.

Have you guys tried any of the Revlon Lipbutters yet? and if so, what is your favourite shade?

Thank you so much for reading and i hope you have a great day!



  1. I have all 3 of these shades and I love them xx


  2. Your post prompted me to go get more of these lip butters. haha I had been wanting some, but this was the last straw. They all look great on you!

  3. really want to try these lip butters! heard so much great stuff about them! thanks! x


  4. Tutti Fruity looks so nice! I haven't actually tried them yet, but now I've seen this I really want Tutti Fruity!
    :) x

  5. I want these so bad but unfortunately you can't buy Revlon products in my country :( they just look so nice!

  6. Your review on them is great. I've read so many good reviews on them but just can't ever get myself to buy them; even though I constantly promise myself that I would. I'm making a new promise to get them this week, no excuses. I really love the Tutti Fruitti and sweet tart on you; they're soo pretty!


  7. I am still resisting these!

    I have tested them in stores but I just think they are really not going to be what I like. The Maybelline Colour Sensational is so much better! haha, but Colour Sensational is a true lipstick... not meant to be sheer at all.

    I recently got Dior Addict Extreme and Rouge Coco Shine which really reminds me of Revlon lip butters. =PPP

  8. I really, really need to get my hands on these! They look amazing! xoxoxo

  9. Tutti Frutti looks gorgeous on you! I bought a whole bunch of these recently and I like most of them. My favs are Peach Parfait (except the glitter), Cherry Tart and Sweet Tart.

  10. Tutti Frutti is my favourite shade too! I agree, it can be a beautiful subtle every day colour or a stark orange lip! xx


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