3 April 2012

~ March Favourites ~

A month has passed again and products are discovered, or rediscovered in some cases. Weathers have changed and spring has finally sprung with a bit of sunshine here in the UK. This month i believe that the most exciting release was the revlon lip butters after a long anticipated wait and i managed to grab myself three shades since i do not want to go overboard and be greedy buying all the shades.....though maybe some time in the future i shall invest in more hehehe.
So here are the products which have made it into my favourites of this month, you can just look at the picture above for a generalised idea of them, or you can proceed to read about the details on why i love them below: 

1. Clinique self sun body tinted lotion (Light/Medium)
Sun has been appearing and the legs should be prepped to make an appearance! finally, after the long cold winter months. This product is just amazing and i haven't touched any other tanning products since discovering this one. I apply a light layer during the night, wait for it to dry and sleep through the night with it and wash it off in the morning when i shower and it gives the most gorgeous natural tan ever with minimal streaking! Tip: exfoliate first before application and wait until properly dry, around 15 minutes at least, before allowing contact with clothes. Highly recommended product girlies! :)

2. E.L.F studio Kabuki brush
This is a rediscovery after sorting out my make-up storage and i felt how soft this was and decided to use it for setting my foundation with my M.A.C mineralise skin finish. So simple to use and can distribute an even and appropriate amount of product onto my face. The price of this brush is a bargain for it's quality and i do recommend people that hasn't got it to invest in one as it is just so useful and good quality!

3. Maybelline the falsies waterproof mascara
Bought this to try out as i cannot afford to constantly repurchase my Lancome mascaras which are really expensive and dries out very quickly since i use it almost on a daily basis! I chose the waterproof formulated one as i believe that only waterproof mascaras will hold my curls and not make them droop as i have found that most non-waterproof formulas does. This mascara definitely ticks all the boxes for me and it has made me feel so stupid that i haven't discovered it sooner. Nonetheless, i still kind of prefer my Lancome Hypnose because of the brush which is smaller and easier to use rather than this huge spoon brush which just makes a mess regardless of how well it works, i still have to clean up after! Does its job for half the price of the Lancome one, that is why this is in this months favourite products.
4. Body Shop Vitamin E facial spray
Due to the weather...OR my new Chanel perfection lumiere foundation (Will do a product review on soon), my skin has been pretty dry and patches around my cheek areas seem to have come about. I use this facial mist to moisturise throughout the day and relieve any dryness. The smell of rosewater is very calming and it is delightful to use. I also use it to set my foundation so that it doesn't look too cakey after applying my powder on top and it does a wonderful job in making my face look a bit more natural by restoring some kind of dewy glow.

5. Revlon Lipbutter: Tutti Frutti
Well well, it is no suprise that this has made it into my favourites. It is the lipbutters in general with their amazing formulas which is moisturising yet provides a sheer colour to your lips which is buildable according to the look you want to achieve. It is the shade 'tutti frutti' which is my favourite as i think this shade adds a pop of colour to my make-up especially with the pastel trends right now and it really does brighten my complexion and make me feel more vibrant and alive. I love it love it so much and i have been using it everyday since having it...kind of neglected the other shade i got, oops. 

6. Shu uemura UV under-base mousse 'Pink version'
Whacking this baby out again, i swear by using this product during the hot summery days. This make-up product is perfect for people who wants a more brightening complexion but doesn't want to use silicone based primer on the skin prior make-up. This foaming make-up base is pink coloured base which gives a suttle luminous sheen to the skin when applied and whats even better, is that it has a high spf of 30++ and it's light foam texture means that it glides onto the skin effortlessly. One downsize to this, like most foaming products, it is quite difficult to pump out the desired amount. For girlies who doesn't have much blemishes and want to go for the natural look, this should be enough to even out skin-tone without clogging up your pores :) perfect sunscreen with benefits!

7. Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturiser 'Nude'
As stated before, my Chanel perfection lumiere was quite drying on my skin so i have been alternating with this product when my skin is more on the better side and when i am just having a casual day. This tinted moisturiser is light and easy to apply, just slap it on and im ready to go. It gives a nice dewyness to my face although oil control is not particularly impressive, but theres nothing that a good primer can't sort out. More on the pricier side, but the finish it gives is really natural and its wonderful for the no make-up kind of make-up look. Gives a fresh finish during the hotter days and your face feels light and you even forget that your wearing any make up :) Its a bonus that it provides an SPF of 20 aswell.

8. Maybelline color tattoo 24hour eyeshadow 'Endless purple' 
Highly raved product in the beauty world and i have to agree with everyone and jump on the bandwagon again. This is greatly compared with the M.A.C paint-pots which i absolutley adore so when this much cheaper alternative came by, i jumped at the opportunity. I bought only the purple one to test for its quality and see if it works for my oily eyelids. It works wonders and i love love love it and i am going to purchase all the other colours aswell hopefully! It is really pigmented and easy to blend and work it. Nice base for eyeshadows to adhere onto, or it can simply be worn on its one. So simple to use and for the price, it is a total bargain! 

9. Chanel eyeshadow quad '08 Vanites'
I've always wanted one of these Chanel eyeshodow quads since like forever, so when i finally got this i was over the moon and used it constantly. I chose the purply shades since i lack purple coloured eyeshadows. Although the colours are not very pigmented and very shimmery/glittery, they were very easy to work with and blended like a dream to give a nice gradient eyeshadow look. The sponges provided works very well too, but i prefer to use my brushes since it is easier to apply and i don't have to deal with the small fiddly sponges! Love the colours and how buildable and blendable they are. Really worth the price and i love them!

10. Clinique lash power mascara (bottom lashes)
Finally, it is my long lost love for my clinique mascara which used to be my holy grail mascara before being replaced by my beloved Lancome hypnose right now. I have re-discovered this and have been useing it for my bottom lashes. It's small wand makes it perfect to grab my tiny lashes on my lower lashline and doesn't go everywhere like most of the big wanded mascaras. It is waterproof and sweatproof which is ideal for using it since i am a contact lens wearer and eyes tend to water when it gets dry later on in the evening. such a cute little trustworthy mascara and i am keen to try their bottom lash mascara which is made specifically for bottom lashes! 

So these are my beauty favourite round ups, Tell me what your favourites are? and whether any products you have re-discovered from your stash of make-up~

Thank you so much for reading and i hope you have a great day <3


  1. The Chanel quad looks stunning xx


  2. Great favourites ! Love your blog , just followed .



  3. I am using the same mascara at the moment, very good. I just discovered your blog.


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