4 April 2012

~ Chanel Perfection Lumiere REVIEW ~

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Yes i have finally got this product after its been launched for quite a while now and i have been very indecisive with whether to purchase it or not. I adored my Matt Lumiere (it was in my last monthly favourites) and it is such a shame that they are discontinuing this line because it was just perfect for my complexion and controlled my oil very well and fairly long lasting. Anyway, after being matched up to my shade and given a sample from one of the Chanel make-up counters, i used it for around a week and i did enjoy it and the finish it gave was nice~ although i still preferred my Matt lumiere deep down, I felt that this foundation was a little bit heavier and dried out my skin a bit more and i ended up having flakey skin emphasised regardless of how much moisturising i did. It applied very well and it has a slight scent of roses which i personally like and hasn't irritated my skin, but probably not something which everyone particularly fancies since some may have sensitive skin and prefer fragrance-free products.

I purchased the full-sized of this at the cost of £36 which is justified as it is from a high end brand and with the amount of product, i know i can get a lot of uses from this since only a pump is needed for the coverage of my full face. As of the drying properties of it, i am sure i can overcome that since summer is arriving and i tend to get a little bit more oilier, so it may be a good attribute for the foundation to have! There is a large range of colours to match a variety of skin-tones from fair to dark and i feel that this foundation does not oxidise too much as opposed to other ones which definitely wins me over as some foundations i have used have made me look orangey after a few hours. The perfection lumiere provides good coverage although it dries very quickly so you have to blend immediately after application to create a smooth non-patchy finish. The longevity of this foundation is very good and i can go around 4-5 hours without feeling to need to blot my face or powder again. I would recommend you to grab a sample at your local counter to test this foundation out. It is a good foundation, but not good enough to be holy grail material for me as it doesn't entirely suitable for my skin-type.

Note: The pictures of my skin looks terrible, SLR cameras just reveals everything *sighs*
- Before -
- After -

I hope this review was helpful and thank you for reading, i hope you have a nice day <3

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