22 December 2011

~Do you have Oily skin?~

I have always had oily skin type ever since my teenage years and i must admit that it wasn't nice to work with and keeping oil levels under control was just such a struggle. So here im just sharing some tips and products which i have found to be useful that worked for me and hopefully beneficial to all the readers here on my blog:

"What is classified as oily skin type?"
Individuals have overactive sebaceous glands which causes an excess of sebum (oil) to be secreted to give the characteristic shiny look on your skin. You can either be: (1) pure oily skin type which is excess oil on all parts of the face, or (2) combination-oily where you tend to only be oily around your T-zone area (Forehead and nose) and surrounding areas are dry.
Even though oily-skin is seen as a negative attribute with problems with enlarged pores, it does have its positive side where the skin tends to be firmer and less prone to ageing!

"How do i take care of my oily skin?"
Make sure you use wash your face twice daily to remove excess oil which can cause a build up of bacteria. Avoid using any soap-based or alcohol products which can over-dry or irritate the skin. I recommend using a cleanser which is either gel or water based as it doesn't leave that dry feeling after rinsing. 
Also, remember to remove all make-up before sleeping, it can clog up your pores and the oils you produce mixing with the make-up is not a nice thing to imagine!
~ Most important tip of course, is to use a moisturiser to hydrate the skin so your skin doesn't feel that it needs to compensate the deprived skin with producing extra oils, causing you to be even more greasy and shiny looking!

[ Recommended products: ]
- Origins zero oil product range (especially check out the toner and moisturiser)
- Shu Uemura Pure nu: oil in gel cleanser (quite expensive, but i swear by this product)
- Clinique anti-blemish foaming cleanser


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"Oily Skin and Make-up?"
I think the most important tip for applying make-up which will last on your skin, is to ALWAYS use primer before foundation. I recommend using a primer which is specifically made for mattifying and controlling oil such as products that includes ingredients such as silica.
Mineral products are always very good for the skin as it doesn't clog up your pores and are usually better for the skin since it normally contains more natural ingredients.
Another must have product in your make-up bag are blotting tissues which can remove your excess oils during the day ( I recommend using this only once during the day as it can stimulate the skin to produce extra oil to compensate for the removal) - other options are to use blot powders which are designed to absorb the oils.
Eye make-up should be all waterproof and again, eye primers should be used before any eyeshadows. Glittery or shimmery eyeshadows should be avoided if possible as it may highlight the sheen on your face.

[ Recommended products: ]

- Chanel Mat Lumier foundation
- Elizabeth Arden mineral foundation 
- The body shop blotting tissues

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Please feel free to ask any questions and i will try my best to answer :)
Thanks for reading


  1. MAC blot powder = oily skin sorted :D
    just came across your blog and am really enjoying it, great posts! x

  2. Thank you!!! i've been looking for face product reviews with people who has combination skin! do you still use these products up till now? or do you also use different products depending on the season? again thanks so much :3 please keep updating!!


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