28 July 2011

~Nude Lipsticks obsession~

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(Left to Right)
1. Rimmel moisture renew lipstick: 700 Nude Delight
2. E.L.F mineral lipstick: Natural Nymph
3. Revlon Matte lipstick: Nude Attitude
4. Revlon colour burst lipstick: Soft Nude
5. M.A.C  lipstick: Hue (glaze)
6. M.A.C viva glam lipstick: GAGA II
7. YSL rouge Volupte : 02 sensual silk

+ D e t a i l s +

1. Rimmel moisture renew lipstick: 700 Nude delight
☆ 4 stars rating

It is such a pleasure to apply this lipstick. It has an amazing consistency and was very moisturising. The colour on the lips is very true to the lipstick itself and had a good colour payoff. The price of this is a bargain for the quality of this lipstick.
It also has a very nice fresh scent and amazing modern purple packaging. However, this lipstick does not last very long as it is on more of the creamy side compared to a matte.

2. E.L.F mineral lipstick: Natural Nymph
 3 stars rating
This lipstick is a very cool tone nude. Like the Rimmel lipstick, it is very soft and creamy so its easy to apply. It is very moisturising and has a good colour pay off. The price is also extremely reasonable for the product itself and since its a mineral product, it is good for the lips as it doesn't contain too much harsh chemicals. The only downside i personally think is the packaging, not only does the container feel very cheap and light, it takes up alot of space and very chunky compared to other sleek lipsticks. The mechanics of the lipstick is also flawed, as its very stiff when trying to twist the lipstick up to use. 

3. Revlon matte lipstick: 001 Nude attitude
 3 stars rating
First of all, this lipstick melted after 2 days of purchase so i wasn't happy about that at all considering it was a matte lipstick and not a creamy formula. Regardless, i still like the colour as its more of a warm nude and is suitable for most skin tones. The lipstick is very drying since its a matte finish and the product sits in the fine Lines; so a lip-balm and smooth exfoliated lips are essential. Packaging is a nice matte round container with a handy clear top to reveal the colour of the product which is very helpful. Price is reasonable for the product itself but make sure that its kept in a cool dry place to avoid it melting

4. Revlon colorburst lipstick: Soft Nude
5 stars rating
This lipstick definitely is worth my 5 star ratings. Gorgeous colour and its also very moisturising and pigmented. It is very easy to apply and convenient for touch ups as its a low maintenence lipstick. The price is good for the quality of the lipstick and the exquisite packaging is just a bonus. The only thing i hate about this lipstick, is that this shade is not available in the UK (Why not?! @.@) I had to order this off eBay online but it was so worth the wait. My favourite drugstore nude lipstick to date after Rimmel's nude delight which is readily available for me.

5. M.A.C lipstick: Hue (glaze)
★ 5 stars rating
Another 5 star lipstick, but i class this as my high-end favourite since it's approximately double the price of the Revlon colorburst. Very nice trademark M.A.C vanillary scented lipstick and was easy to apply. It is a warm-toned nude with a pretty pinky under-tone to it, which makes it a nice gentle everyday lipstick which will match most make-up looks. The lipstick is also very buildable as it's semi-sheer compared to matte or lustre finishes, so therefore easy for touch up's. I can't think of any downs to this lipstick yet so it deserves the high rating.

6. M.A.C: Viva Glam: GAGA II (lustre)
☆ 4 stars rating
A recent purchase of mine and even though i like the colour in the tube, i seem to be reaching for other nude lipsticks more often. Same as the 'Hue' M.A.C lipstick, it has a vanillary scent to it but it was more pigmented as its a lustre. I'm not too sure about the colour on my actual lips as it looks a bit too dark for me and i'm used to lipsticks with a warmer pinky or coral under-tone. The lipstick quality itself was still very good and i'm sure the colour will work for others a bit more. 

7. YSL rouge Volupte: 02 Sensual Silk
☆ 2 stars rating
Most expensive lipstick out of the 7 nudes i have but i disliked this regardless of the nice colour swatches. Firstly, i do not like the consistency of it because it was too creamy and was very prone to slipping around on my lips but was very moisturising. This was a very cool toned nude so it may not be suitable for everyone, so i highly recommend people trying it on before purchasing it. I despised the scent! it was a kind of 'melon' scent which i am not a big fan of. This lipstick is very nice, but the formula is far too soft for my liking and the shade is not very versatile and i cannot wear it on its own without a lipliner to help it stay. 


So that is all peoples~ Thank you so much for reading and hope my post has helped you =)

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