17 August 2011

~ Clinique Bonus Time!! ~

Originally i needed to re-purchase my mascara from clinique so i popped down to Boots and i realised that they were doing bonus time so there were certain gifts when u buy up to 2 items or more.
I bought:

- Clinique Self Sun body tint lotion (Light/Medium)
- Clinique Lash power mascara (Black)
- Clinique Anti-Blemish Soap bar

(Click to enlarge pictures)

AND i ended up with all of these.......

Yes, lots of free samples and nice make up bag and a nice tin :D i was so happy! I'm looking forward to trying out these and i will write a review on them soon on this blog. Not only did i get all these products for free, i also received points towards my boots card for buying the products which wasn't so bad i guess ^^

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