6 December 2011

~*Festive Christmas Nail Design*~

Heyy, so christmas is just around the corner and it's time to get into the festive spirit buy spicing up your nails with different designs rather than sticking to boring mono-colours~
Here, i've used a half-moon manicure design using the colours red and gold, since i think these two colours look great together and really does give a christmasy feeling!

It looks good with just the two colours, but i decided to add a bit more glam by layering another coat of glitter nail polish which, in a way reminds me of snowflakes that sparkles when it catches the light~ It's really pretty when it does!

(Note: Apologies for the dry cuticles~)

So here are the 3 nail polishes which i have used to create this nail design, although alternative nail polishes can be used instead :)

~ N.Y.C:  105 Lights-Camera-Glitter
~ Rimmel London: 030 Double Decker Red
~ Chanel: 531 Peridot

*And make sure you use a base coat to reduce the staining of you nails :) and use a topcoat to make your nail polish longer lasting*


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