6 January 2014


I personally adore products that has that lash enhancing or growing factors therefore i was in a mad rush to make this purchase when i noticed that they do a waterproof formulation. I have to have waterproof mascara because of my short and fine eyelashes as normal formulation doesn't hold the curl as nicely. This mascara claims to volumise and lengthen whilst nourishing the lashes in order to make them grow.

I found that the brush is quite large making it difficult to apply onto my lashes (Maybe girlies out there with longer lashes might find it easier) As you can guess, it was a total nightmare when it came to my bottom lashes. After one coat, my lashes did start to droop a little bit which was quite disappointing really as at this point i still haven't achieve the pretty lashes i had hoped for. Second coat just made it worse like how i expected because my lashes was now heading south - as you can see by the image above. My perky lashes i wished for was non exsistent and i was majorly dissapointed. Not only was the formulation quite heavy and the brush too large for easy application, it was quite clumpy and didn't look that nice overall.


I have only used this once and i haven't used it since because i was so horrified that i returned straight away to my trusty Lancome hypnose wp mascara (my holy grail). I cannot say much about it's lash lengthening effects because i haven't used it long enough to experience that. I think this mascara is more suitable for girls with longer and stronger eyelashes and I do not recommend it to girls with short stubby lashes like mine~ it is a total nightmare to use. However, these are just my opinion on this mascara therefore what doesn't work for me might work for you although this mascara only scored a 2.9/5.0 on makeupalley. This was a waste of my £10, dissapointing product from Revlon my beloved drugstore makeup brand.

What is your favourite drugstore mascara?
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  1. It's a shame you didn't get on with this :( I think the Boots Natural Collection mascara for £1.99 is really good for bottom lashes, it's a relatively thin wand.
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  2. A blogger friend of mine also disliked this. She has beautiful long lashes, but found this hard to use. xx


  3. Thank you for the review. This product looks okay - and therefore I will pass. I'm more interested in your "holy grail" though.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  4. Will be staying away from this for sure xx

  5. The packaging looks pretty but it's sad it didn't work well.

    恵美より ♥

  6. It's such a shame it didn't work well for you :( I've always wanted to try this, but maybe I won't now. I love maybelline for mascaras, I find there's a different wand/type for everyone's liking.

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  7. some people like this quite a lot but it guess it didn't quite work for you. with asian lashes, we really need something that will up the oomph and length!
    A Beautiful Zen


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