28 January 2014


 The Body Shop Nutriganics : Drops of youth

Being a skincare addict i feel that my vanity had space for a new skincare product which i have been wanting to try out for a while now. This little miracle 30ml glass bottle is well packaged and i find the design of the bottle to be quite simplistic and emphasize the organic attributes of this product. This product is a youth enhancing concentrate with plant stem cells which helps to achieve smoother-looking skin. At the back of the bottle, it claims that 99% of the ingredients are from natural sources and organic farming which is a bonus for me as i like my skincare products to be as natural as possible.

So i use this product after my toner and before my serum. This is an emulsion kind of product that is used to boost the effects of the products that you apply onto the face afterwards. The consistency of this product is a very lightweight and application is so easy as it just melts into the skin and gets absorbed almost instantly. For those of you girlies that have used the infamous 'hydraluron' moisture boosting gel; this drops of youth concentrate leaves a similar feeling onto the skin - kind of like a thin layer on the skin but not in a greasy sort of way. I have read around the internet and alot of people has compared this product to the Lancome Genefique which is really expensive in my opinion therefore i am glad that there is a cheaper alternative to it.


As you can probably have sussed out by now, i do not have fine lines or wrinkles just yet so i cannot comment on whether this has helped with any of those concerns, but i have found that it has made my skin softer to touch and i have had less dry patches overall. I really enjoy adding this product into my skincare routine as it is so lightweight and including this extra step in my routine was definitely easy peasy. One negative thing that i have to say about this is the flawed pipette/pump system which works so poorly and dispensing the correct amount of product is sometimes a mission. The button at the top is very stiff and drawing up the product is quite difficult - thumbs down to the design but i am glad that the product works well for me. 


Have you tried any body shop products yet?
Have a great day Girlies :)
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  1. I love Body Shop products, would love to try this! I'm such a fan of their exoliating cleansers :)

    Josie xoxo
    Fashion Mumblr

  2. Honestly I have never used Body Shop products before, I should check them out ^^
    Looks very good!

    恵美より ♥

  3. I have a lot of fine smile lines, so maybe I'll try this out to try to make those less noticeable. *A*
    Thank you for the review! I love TBS products; the one we have always has some sort of promotion or sale going on! I'll see if I can find it next time I go. 8D


  4. you have a great blog! mind to check out mine? maybe we can follow each other :)


  5. oh that one sounds awesome. i have to check the body shop near me. their skin care is awesome.


  6. Lovely review! Shame about the design but the product itself sounds good! Like how it's almost all-natural too. Thanks for sharing! =) Really like your blog too btw- having lots of fun reading your posts! xx

    Beautee Beauty


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