11 October 2013


On the bottle:
"Fresh feel foundation, weightless bare perfection SPF 18
A featherlight foundation that feels as light and fresh as water. Instantly fuses with the skin blending seamlessly to leave a silky, second skin effect.

Perfect bare skin look 
- Naturally even, shine free look
- Undetectable coverage
- Silky soft touch
- No make-up feel
- Non pore-clogging SPF 18"

According to the direction for use diagram on the back label, this foundation is best applied with fingers after shaking well to make sure the product is evenly mixed. I was drawn to this foundation because of the simple sophisticated frosted bottle and also because it was on the main display on the L'oreal stand. I was hooked when i felt the formulation of the testers and it just felt so light and watery unlike the standard foundations i have felt. This is very impressive in a sense that it comes out as a liquid but it transforms into a lovely silky consistency once you start blending it into the skin to leave a nice velvety look to the skin, almost like soft focus on the skin.


I personally have combination oily-skin so i sometimes prefer something light on the skin to prevent it getting to oily and also a mattifying product to help with that too. I find that this foundation although applies quite well and blends in easily, it clung onto my dry patches making it appear worse than it already is. Despite this downside, i find that it can easily be resolved by applying a primer before this foundation and all is fine. This foundation is extremely long lasting and it definitely has great oil control properties compared with some foundations i have tried. 


I would avoid this foundation if you have dry skin because it gives a very matte finish and it dries almost instantly. To be very honest, i wouldn't choose to use this foundation during the colder winter months because i prefer to use something a little bit more hydrating but i was very intrigued to try this. Maybe i will use this on days which i have long shifts and i need my make-up to be long lasting as this seems to have great longevity and wear. For the price, packaging and 20mls of product i can say that this is a very good quality foundation and will definitely recommend it to people to try. 

Have you tried this foundation yet? 
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  1. oh, must definitely give it a try.

  2. I prefer hydrating foundations too, but this does sound good for those who are after a matte finish (i like this on nights out). The bottle is nice, very unusual for drugstore brands - I like it!! x

  3. I haven't picked this up yet, but everyone has been saying how good it is, so I really want to! I might wait til the summer to get it though after what you said :)
    Eleanor x


  4. This looks amazing!! I've have heard so much things from this!!! Thanks for the review!!



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