15 October 2013



I haven't used a peel off mask since i was in my teenage years and was very intrigued by one from the boots botanics range. It was fun to use and simple in the sense that you didn't need to rinse your face afterwards and as a teenager, there wasn't much products for experimentation. I had a No. 7  voucher from a boots purchase a while back which meant that it was perfectly reasonable for me to have a snoop around the No.7 counters where i stumbled upon this mask which i thought sounded great. After my holiday, i find that my pores are a tad congested and i really wanted something that can clear it and make it appear in better condition therefore the inner beauty junkie in me made the purchase soon after discovering it.


I was very eager to use it and like the instructions say, i slathered a pretty thick layer onto my troublesome areas which included my forehead, nose and chin area. It was a thick black clay-like consistency and the smell was not as pleasant as i would have liked it to be. I waited for around 10-15 minutes to dry before i was able to start peeling it away and revealing refreshed and cleansed skin like it claimed to do. Not only was the mask quite difficult to peels off in one go, it also seemed to have no observable effect on the skin because it just looked exactly like my skin before applying this product. It was so fiddly to remove this mask that i did get quite annoyed with it and even wanted to just wash it off which kind of defeats the purpose of a peel off mask.


Overall, i am quite dissapointed with this product but i am happy that i didn't pay the full price for it. No.7 does good quality skincare in general in my opinion, but this product is a big let down. I still want to try a few more of their products from their skincare line so i hope my next product from them will be a good one! 

Have you tried any No.7 products?
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  1. aw disappointing! it actually sounded promising too due to the name XD ive tried many peel masks they hurt so much whilst peeling them off ><"


    1. haha~ i was expecting it to hurt alot when i end up peeling this off..but it did nothing at all and didn't hurt. Very disappointing from No.7 :(

  2. Aw I got so excited because of the name, great post though ,I love honest posts!! New follower x

  3. I've never used No.7 products before but this one seems really good

  4. I've seen this in Boots too, its No7's version of the Brazilian "herbal conk mask". The Brazilian one is far better, and they sell them on eBay for like £1. There's loads of videos on Youtube too, but most are in Spanish.


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