8 September 2013


We have had a great couple of months of summer with some very lovely sunshine and warm weather so  the last thing i want is to apply a heavy coverage foundation to my face. I purchased this mineral powder a while ago but i found that the shade wasn't really as well matched to my skin as i thought therefore i banished this to the back of my make-up drawer. However, i dug this back out to give it another try and this time, it was no problem at all, maybe because i was too picky back then) Anyway, this is a loose lightweight mineral powder which i have heard lots about on the blogosphere so i was interested to try it out. I used to use the Elizabeth Arden one, but i find that the packaging is too large and clunky so i opted to try a different brand.


I was using this religiously for 2 weeks non-stop and i can definitely see an improvement in the condition of my skin. I have had less break-outs and my pores seem to look less clogged. This foundation is lovely to apply and it buffs very evenly and effortlessly onto the face to give a light coverage to even out the complexion. I usually have to pair this with a concealer depending on how nice my skin is for the day and how much coverage i want. I have combination oily-skin and i find that this foundation lasts relatively long, around 4-5 hour before i feel that i need to blot and touch up. Another great thing that i have to say about this, is that it doesn't give a very matte and powdery finish but rather a nice subtle healthy glow to the skin. You must remember to apply an SPF base underneath this foundation, because i feel that SPF 15 is not enough for the summer and it is essential to protect against the UV rays to avoid wrinkles and darkspots. Overall it looks light and effortless on the skin and i really enjoy using this for that healthy summer look paired with a nice blush or bronzer. I use the Zoeva powder brush to apply this which i find gives amazing results and i will definitely repurchase this product when i run out.

Have you tried any mineral powders? 
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  1. I'm a huge fan of Laura Mercier. I use her tinted moisturizer religiously.
    New follower xx


  2. I've heard mixed reviews about how this breaks people out! I am very curious about it though, I really love Laura Mercier products.

  3. Seems very lovely, I've never tried a mineral powder xx

  4. I love powder foundation for summer :) That one seems lovely! xx

    // Inês Paúl //

  5. I've never tried mineral foundations but have heard heaps of good things about this. I'm on a hunt for my summer foundation!

    à la foliee

  6. Love this stuff! I wore it all summer long as my foundation and it's just the best xx

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  7. I haven't used any of Laura Mercier's products but thanks for the lovely review! ^__^


  8. I'm scared to try mineral powders but this looks amazing! Great review :)

    Gemma x

  9. really want to try this! thanks for sharring!



  10. I have a couple of LM products and I think they're good quality. Great review and thank you for sharing! X

  11. My mum currently uses this and she really loves it - I used to swear by a L'oreal mineral powder foundation so I'm really tempted to try this out x

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