11 September 2012

~ How I Get Volume in My Fine Hair ~

Usually on normal days, i don't really care about my hair being a bit flat and limp. However, on special occasions or when i am on a night out i prefer to sport a more voluminous hair-do. I do believe that i spend alot of time and effort to achieve such effect because not only do i have really fine hair, i also have very little of it and it is very hard to get the look i want. I have found that excessive backcombing and hairspray does help, but the effect is not as long lasting as i want and sometimes it cane leave it looking like a bit of a greasy mess to be honest.

After experimenting with numerous hair products, filtering out the ones that weighed my hair down or simply does not work at all, i have found the ultimate duo that works best to allow me to achieve a more textured voluminous look to my hair. At first i didn't think much of the Tresemme volumising mousse when i bought it because at a reasonable pricing and not a product that has been raved about much. The LUSH big shampoo however, i have heard alot about from magasines and bloggers so i kind of had the idea that it worked when i purchased it.

So for starters, lets talk about the LUSH big shampoo, it has a salt/gel consistency which is very strange given the fact that it's not the same as your conventional shampoos that feel much more on the creamier side. It smells lovely and refreshing which is very good as i prefer my products to smell good rather than scentless. I use one generous scoop and i use water to lather it up before applying onto my scalp. I emphasise on the roots of my hair rather than all my hair because i know that this is quite drying and can't be good for the hair. Results can be seen when the hair is dried and it instantly feels more texturised and i love it as i have always had very fine hair which looks limp and lifeless all the time. I finally have textured and much more thicker looking hair.

The Mousse really makes the effect more noticeable and i use this in conjunction with the big shampoo when i have a special occasion to go to and i want the best of my hair, or i use it when i just use a normal shampoo to achieve a good blow-dry that provides some lift and volume. Either way, this mousse is simple to use, just apply onto damp hair and after drying your hair, you can feel your hair more thicker and voluminous.

I really recommend these two products for those girls out there with very fine and limp hair because i can honestly say that these really helped me with styling my hair and adding more life into my hair. However, i really dont advise you to use these everyday because i do feel that they have a tendency to strip your hair of natural oils and can be quite drying for your hair therefore try to limit these products to certain days when needed, especially when using the LUSH big shampoo. 

What is your holy grail hair product?
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  1. Hey Ying! Hope you're doing well :) This post is super helpful, I know my friends and I have trouble getting volume. My hair is SO flat >:(

    Definitely interested in the Lush Shampoo!

    xx Veronica


  2. I've never tried any of the hair products from Lush, this sounds lovely though :) x

  3. I have the mousse for the exact same purpose, but I'm definitely going to check out this shampoo! Hadn't heard of it before stumbling across your blog! Xx


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